How To Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 10?

When your laptop faces problems like OS corruption, malware intrusion, and missing program or application, you can reset the laptop to the default factory settings. Performing the reset erases the device settings and data. See that you back up the essential data before you go on to reset your laptop. Continue reading to know how to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 10.

Reset in the Settings window

  1. Click the Start icon on the desktop and select the Settings icon.
  2. After that, select Update & Security and choose the Recovery option on the left side panel.
  3. Now, click the Open Recovery Settings button and move to the Reset this PC section.
  4. Select the Get Started button, after which a list of recovery options will appear on the screen.
  5. Finally, select Remove everything to clear all the system settings, erase the system files and preinstalled apps, and reinstall the system software.

Reset on the sign-in screen

  1. Now, select the Start icon and then click the Power icon.
  2. The different power options will appear on the screen.
  3. Press the Shift key and click the Restart option.
  4. Now, the laptop will restart and display a blue screen with some options.
  5. Below Choose an option, select the Troubleshoot menu and then click Reset this PC.

How To Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 10

Hard reset on the laptop

  1. Shutdown the laptop. In case you cannot shut down, then take out the battery from the laptop.
  2. Now, reinstall the battery and follow the below steps.
  3. You can find the NOVO button beside the power button on the laptop keypad.
  4. Use a pin or unbent paper clip to hold the NOVO button until the Novo Button Menu appears on the screen.
  5. Choose the System Recovery option and select Troubleshoot.
  6. Next, click the Reset this PC menu and select Remove everything.
  7. If the system prompts for the password, enter it and click Continue.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and perform the factory reset.
  9. We have seen how to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 10