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How To Fix A Mac That Won’t Shut Down?

If you are facing problems on your Mac and can’t shut down your device, proceed with the steps that are given below to know how to fix a mac that won’t shut down issue.

How To Fix A Mac That Won't Shut Down?

  1. Check whether you have closed all the running applications on your Mac device before shut down.
  2. Go to the Apple menu and select the shutdown option from the displayed list.
  3. If you are warned about a countdown, click Skip or press the Command key.
  4. Wait for about five minutes to initiate Shut Down by Mac.
  5. If the process fails, verify the Dock for any app alerts that are bouncing.
  6. Sometimes, you may have tried to close your Mac before saving your document.
  7. You can save the Word document and try to shut down again.
  8. Make sure not to select Cancel when prompted to save the document.
  9. In some cases, you won’t be able to shut down your Mac device if the cursor is frozen.
  10. Under such cases, there are other ways to shut down your Mac.
  11. Press the Power button on the Mac device and hold it for a few seconds.

  1. When the dialog box appears, select the Shut Down option.
  2. If you don’t find the dialog box, press the Control key simultaneously while tapping the Power button.
  3. This process will force shut down Mac.
  4. If you have an Eject key on your keyboard, press and hold the Eject key and Power button together to force shut down.
  5. When the light goes off, you will hear a wiring and clicking sound.
  6. Turn on the Mac device after a few seconds.
  7. If an app always causes the shut down issue, update or reinstall the app.
  8. Unplug any connected devices from the Mac if the issue persists.
  9. Go to App Store and perform Software Update to resolve the issue. If you need any further information regarding how to fix a mac that won’t shut down issue, click the call button.