How to fix HP Laptop won’t turn on issue?

Your HP laptop might have been working fine the last time you used it. But all of a sudden, when you press the power button on your HP laptop, it might not turn on. This issue may make you a bit stressful. But having a few initial checks would help you find out the cause for the problem and will let you make the decision. Usually, your HP Laptop won’t turn on when there are certain issues with the power supply, laptop’s hardware components, or with the display of the laptop. 
Follow the below methods, if your HP laptop doesn’t turn on.

Method 1: Examine the Laptop Battery and Power Supply.

If the power source on your HP laptop is faulty, then your laptop won’t turn on when you press the power switch, and the issue may be with the battery or the power cord that is used to charge your laptop battery. To check the power issue, carry out the below steps.

  1. Completely remove the battery from your HP laptop.
  2. Connect your HP laptop to the power supply. Make sure the wall outlet to which you are connecting the power cord is functioning.
  3. Plugin the power cord adapter to your laptop and try to turn on your laptop.
  4. If the laptop turns on, then you have found out the cause for the issue. It is the battery of your laptop, that is worn out.
  5. So, replace the damaged battery with a new battery suitable and recommended for your laptop model.
  6. If the laptop doesn’t turn on even with the battery removed and direct AC power supply, then check the power cord for any damage.
  7. If the power cord is damaged, then replace the power cord and try to turn on your HP laptop by charging the battery using the new power cord.
  8. If your laptop doesn’t turn on even after charging the battery with a new working power cord, then you can confirm that your battery is of no use, and hence you can replace it.
  9. Till you purchase a new battery for your HP laptop, you can use your laptop with the AC power supply. 

Method 2: Examine and replace the CMOS Battery.

Solved: HP Laptop won’t turn on issue. If the HP laptop you are using is very old, then you might consider replacing the CMOS battery of your laptop. The CMOS battery stores all the BIOS settings that are used for booting your laptop. So try and check by replacing the CMOS battery. If that doesn’t work, then proceed to the next check.

Method 3: Examine the issues with the Display

When your HP Laptop won’t turn on, you initially go and check the power supply to your laptop. The battery and the power adapter are working fine. But if the display doesn’t turn on and shows nothing, then the issue is with the display of your HP laptop.
Follow the below instruction to proceed to check your HP laptop’s display.

  1. Make sure that no other display devices like projectors, or monitors are connected to your laptop. If any device is connected to your laptop, then disconnect them.
  2. If you hear the sound of your laptop’s internal fans rotating, and if the power LED on your laptop is on, then turn off all the lights in your room and check whether you can see anything on display. It is because, if there is any fault with the brightness of the laptop display, you may not see anything in normal daylight.
  3. If you are able to see a faint image on your laptop screen, then laptop screens inverter may have failed. So consider replacing it.
  4. You can also try to adjust the brightness of your laptop display.
  5. If you don’t see even a faint image on the display, then connect another monitor to the laptop. If the display is fine on the other monitor, then the LCD panel on your laptop may be faulty. So replace it.
  6. If nothing is displayed on the other monitor connected to your laptop, then your laptop’s motherboard may be damaged. So fix it with the help of a professional.

Method 4: Disconnect the External Devices.

When you try to turn on your HP laptop with external devices connected to it, sometimes, the BIOS may try to boot from the external device. So your laptop may not turn on. 

  1. If an external device like USB drive, memory card, CD/DVD is connected to your laptop, then remove it and try to turn on your laptop again.
  2. Now, if your laptop turns on, then the issue was because of the external device.

HP Laptop won’t turn on

Method 5: Hard Reset.

If none of the earlier said methods work in your favor, then try resetting your HP laptop. The steps to hard reset your laptop are as follows.

  1. Check whether the laptop is turned off.
  2. Disconnect the external devices from the laptop.
  3. Remove the laptop’s battery and charger.
  4. Now, to hard reset your laptop, press and hold the power button on the laptop for 30 seconds.
  5. After that, connect the power adapter to the laptop and turn it on.
  6. Now, Insert the battery into your laptop.
Reset the HP Laptop

Method 6: Check the newly installed hardware.

Fixed: HP Laptop won’t turn on issue. If you have installed any hardware on your laptop recently, then if the new hardware was not installed properly, your laptop may not turn on.
So remove that hardware and reinstall it on your laptop.

If the issue persists with your laptop after going through the methods said above, and your laptop is an old one, then it is better to look for a new one in the market.