How to Fix Not Implemented Error in Outlook

Certain issues with the Microsoft Outlook are very tough to handle. One such is to Fix Not Implemented Error in Outlook. When users try to Send/Receive operation or initiate a Reply/ Reply All/ Forward operation on your Windows system, this issue displays on the system. The reasons for the issue are faulty Outlook Add-ins, error in Send/Receive Settings, improper integration of Outlook with Anti-virus program, damaged outlook profile , outlook installation and corrupted outlook PST files. Follow the solution below to resolve the issue.

  •   Corrupted add-ins stop the working of Outlook. Disable the installed add-ins. Start Outlook in safe mode by entering the command outlook/safe in your Windows ‘Run’ dialog box and type Enter. Wait till the list of add-ins disabled screen displays.
  •   Navigate to Outlook options-> Add-ins-> Go. Wait till the dialog box displays. Uncheck all add-in names disables. After a while, try to send/receive or reply/forward and examine if it works. If it works, enable the add-ins one after the other to fix not implemented error in outlook.
  •   Outlook stores the preferences and personal Send/Receive settings in a file referred as SRS file. Corruption of the file may be one of the main reasons for the issue. Reset all SRS files by recreating it. Go to the folder. Rename the files and then restart Outlook to recreate the files.

fix not implemented error in outlook

  •   Installed anti-virus in the system configures or scans all emails sent/received. This may lead to delay, hanging or interruption of the send/receive process. Disable the anti-virus software for a while is the apt solution to fix not implemented error in Outlook.
  •   If the Outlook account is messed up, the issue occurs. Navigate to the Control Panel and click the Mail option. Select the Show Profiles option. Select the Add button option to create a new profile on the next screen as it configures the account automatically.
  •   In certain cases, improper installation of the MS office package may lead to the issue. So, re-installing the Office resolves the issue. Go to the Control panel in your Windows system. Click Uninstall Programs. Click the Microsoft Office icon and select Change.
  •   Click the Repair icon and select Continue. After uninstalling, reinstall it to resolve the issue. A Corrupted PST file can be one of the reasons for the issue. Repair Corrupted files to solve the issue. Outlook contains an inbuilt inbox repair utility using the ScanPST.exe file.
  •   Locate and find corruptions using this Outlook PST file. It is inbuilt within the Office Installation folder and run by double-clicking on it. Use this tool to resolve the issue. Open and run it to solve the PST files or use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool to Fix Not Implemented Error in Outlook.