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How to fix the Hinges on LG Gram 15.6 Laptop

If the hinges of your LG Gram 15.6” is loose or broken, you can quickly fix it with simple techniques. Proceed with the steps given below to fix the Hinges on LG Gram 15.6 display.

  1. If your LG laptop is under warranty period, you can take it to to the retailer to repair it freely.
  2. If not, remove the plastic screw covers with the help of a tweezer. 
  3. Open the lower case by removing all the screws at the bottom pad with a small screwdriver. Insert a pick between the clips on the corners, and slowly remove the lower case.
  4. Tighten the hinge screws using a screwdriver and place the lower case back to the laptop.
  5. If any parts of the hinges are broken, fix it with a proper glue and tight the screws.
  6. Refix all the screws and close the laptop cover.
  7. Once you are done with fixing all the screws, your laptop hinges will be tight and firm.

Fix the Hinges on LG Gram 15.6