How To Fix Windows 7 Boot Problem?

When you find out your Windows computer is showing you an error message even before the compute turns on completely, then the boot sector of the Windows 7 computer has been compromised or damaged, corrupted, or has missing files. The boot section is a small part of your Windows computer that is created when you are about to format the hard drive. It consists of some codes and data that help with the BIOS control of the startup process. The boot sector also runs the Master Boot Record (MBR), which has the disk signature, the disk partition table, and the small bits of code called the Master Boot Code.

Carry out the steps given below to perform how to fix Windows 7 Boot.

how to fix Windows 7 Boot

Method 1: With CD or Disk

  1. Make sure the Windows 7 computer is turned on.
  2. Insert the Installation CD into the CD drive.
  3. Now Restart the computer (Start > Restart).
  4. When the Windows 7 computer reboots, press any key on the keyboard to boot from the CD/DVD.
  5. Make sure you select the proper Date & Time, the Language, and the Keyboard.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. You can then click the Repair your Computer button located on the bottom left corner of the window.
  8. Select the Operating System and click the Next button.
  9. Click the Command Prompt option from the System Recovery Options window.
  10. When the Command Prompt opens, you have to enter the command bootrec.exe.
  11. Press the Enter button.

Method 2: Without CD or Disk

  1. Reboot the Windows 7 computer.
  2. When the Windows 7 logo appears on the screen during the reboot process, press the F8 button.
  3. The Advanced Boot options page will open on your computer.
  4. Select the option Repair Your Computer.
  5. Press the Enter button.
  6. The System Recovery Options window will open. Select the Command Prompt option on the screen.
  7. When the Command Prompt opens, enter the command bootrec /rebuildcd.
  8. Press the Enter button to run the command.
  9. Now how to fix Windows 7 Boot issue should be fixed on your computer.