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How To Fix Windows 7 Startup Issues? – Instant Solution

If you are struggling with the Windows 7 startup problem, then the common suggestion would be to use the Startup Repair tool. But the repair tool would remove or overwrite some of the system files, which could create more trouble. The tool is not equipped to remove the virus or fix the software issues. So it is better to try some other solutions. Read more to know the methods to fix the Windows 7 startup issue.

Windows 7 startup issue

Method 1: Use the boot CD/DVD

  1. You can try to boot the system from the Windows installation CD. For that, insert the CD and restart the computer.
  2. Now, enter into the BIOS Setup window.
  3. When the system restarts, press any key to boot from the CD. If not, the device would restart normally.
  4. The loading boot files progress status will appear on the screen.
  5. Wait till the loading process gets completed.
  6. Now, the Install Windows window will appear.
  7. Set the Language, Time and currency format, & Keyboard or input method and finally click Next.
  8. On the next screen, select the Repair your computer link at the lower-left end.
  9. The System Recovery Options window will open up, and the system will search for the boot files
  10. When the boot installation file appears, select it and click Next.
  11. Under Choose a recovery tool, select the Startup Repair option. Now, the system will scan for the available repair tool.
  12. The system would try to repair the Windows 7 files causing trouble.
  13. Click Finish when the repair process gets completed.
  14. Following that, restart the computer and check if the Windows 7 startup issue has been resolved.

Method 2: Turn off automatic reboot

  1. Restart the Windows 7 computer and hit the F8 key many times when the Windows logo appears on the screen.
  2. When the boot options window appears, navigate to the Automatic restart menu and disable it.
  3. Now, press the Enter key to start the system.

Method 3: Scan the drives

  1. Scan the drives and the system for viruses or any other threat.
  2. Open the Settings window, select Troubleshoot, and choose Advanced options.
  3. Next, select the Command Prompt option to open it.
  4. Input the below command and press Enter.
  5. chkdsk /r
  6. Finally, restart the computer and check if the Windows 7 startup issue has been solved or not.