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How To Get Rid Of Laptop Virus?

Laptops are prone to virus attacks as computers since they all run on operating systems that are vulnerable to virus attacks. Thus, the virus removal methods are also the same as the computer. Know how to get rid of laptop virus by reading the below-mentioned steps.

Some of the common symptoms of a virus infected laptop are:

  1. The processing speed of the laptop becomes very slow.
  2. Sometimes the applications launch automatically.
  3. Too many pop-ups.
  4. The hard drive noise is loud and constant.

Run the Windows system on Safe mode

  1. Click the Start icon and press the Shift key while you click the Restart icon.
  2. Now, the system restarts and the blue screen appears.
  3. Select Troubleshoot under Choose an option.
  4. Following that, choose Advanced Options and then click the Startup Settings menu.
  5. Follow these steps we can execute that how to get rid of laptop virus.

get rid of laptop virus

Erase the temporary files

  1. Once the system restarts in Safe mode, select the Windows Administrative Tools menu.
  2. Choose the Disk Cleanup option.
  3. In the next window, under Files to delete, tick the checkbox of Temporary Files and the other options you have to delete and select the OK button.
  4. When the system deletes temporary files, the system’s processing speed will improve.

Remove suspicious files using the Command Prompt

  1. Open the Command Prompt window on your laptop.
  2. Input the command lines and press the Enter key after each line.
  3. Drive_letter: (Drive_letter is the drive letter which you want to scan)
  4. attrib –s –h *.* /s /dir
  5. The drive files and folders will appear in a list, from which you can check for any suspicious files.
  6. Type del file_name in the Command Prompt and press Enter. The file_name is the name of the file you wish to remove from your laptop.
  7. By using these steps we can execute that how to get rid of laptop virus.