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How to Install Sophos Antivirus on Ubuntu?

Sophos antivirus is a free antivirus software for Linux computers. One of the main features of the antivirus is that it has an on-access, on-demand, and scheduled scanning for all Linux based servers and desktops. The Sophos antivirus also has the Live Protection feature that will have all the suspicious files scanned in real-time through SophosLabs. The Sophos antivirus supports Linux OSs 64-Bit versions. The primary requirement is that it needs a minimum disk space of 1GB RAM. It is also compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems.

We will now be walking through the steps to install Sophos antivirus on Ubuntu.

  1. The very first step to follow is, you need to download the Sophos antivirus software for Linux from the official Sophos antivirus page.
  2. The compressed .tgz file will be downloaded to your Ubuntu computer.

Install Sophos Antivirus on Ubuntu

Now you have to open the Terminal Window and then enter the following commands as follows:

  1. Type ls next to the sudo prompt and press the Enter button.
  2. Now, to go to the downloads section, enter the command cd downloads and press the Enter button.
  3. Again, you will have to type ls and press the Enter button.
  4. Now, you have to take the contents of the .tgz file and then replace the file name with the name as given in the command: 
  5. tar -xvzf sav-Linux-free-9.tgz
  6. Use the ls command to see the contents of the extracted file, then press the Enter button.
  7. Enter cd sophos-av and press the Enter button to open the subdirectory.
  1. Now make use of the following command to run the installation:sudo sh ./install.sh.
  2. Press the Enter and scroll down the page to type Y for confirmation of the installation.
  3. You will also be prompted to select the type of update you want for the Sophos antivirus software. Type to get the updates from Sophos directly.
  4. You will then be questioned to select the type of file for installation. Select one of the following options: Free (f), Supported (S). Type S and press the Enter button.
  5. You will then be prompted if you want a proxy to handle Sophos. Type N and press the Enter button.
  6. The how to install Sophos antivirus on Ubuntu is now complete.