How to Install Windows 8

install windows 8
  •   Create a back up of the files in the system. Store all the information on an external device such as USB drive. The driver should have a free space of 16 GB.
  •   If you already have a software CD to install Windows 8, place it on the system’s disc drive. If it is unavailable, copy the files from CD to USB.
  •   Reboot the system- Open the Start option. On the screen, select the Power icon. On the menu, select the Restart option that displays in the pop-up menu.
  •   Press the BIOS key continuously. The BIOS key can be F2, ESCAPE or DELETE key. View the start up screen and then reboot the system.
  •   On the Boot Order section, make use of the arrow keys to move to the Advanced or Boot tab section. The option varies based on the laptop models or OS version.
  •   Choose the file type as CD drive or USB CD drive. Based on the inserted external drive, select your option. If the Removable Storage is selected, move to the next step.
  •   Ensure that there are no additional USB drivers inserted in the laptop to install windows 8. If any, detach it from the system. Navigate the drive to the top of the boot list.
  •   If you have selected the CD option, press the ‘+’ key till the selected option is at top of the boot list. Make the necessary changes in the BIOS page by selecting Save.
  •   Exit from the BIOS setup and choose the language, time and keyboard settings that displays on the screen after booting. Select the Next option.
  •   Select the Install now option. Type the product key on their respective tab to install Windows 8. The key contains 25-character code. Select Next to move to the next step.
  •   Tick on I accept box to the terms and condition mentioned on the screen. Select the Accept or Next option. Select the Custom Install Windows 8 only option.
  •   This option is chosen to avoid the download of unnecessary software or applications. It displays under the Which type of Installation do you want tab.
  •   Select Drive options(Advanced). Remove the existing information from the laptop. Select Unallocated space-> new-> Apple-> Next. Wait till the installation completes.
  •   At the time of the installation process, multiple restart process occurs. After installing the OS in the system, login into the main screen easily.

How to Download Windows 8

windows 8
  •   If you need to install Windows 8 operating system, it is necessary to download the operating system from this website. It is available as ISO image file.
  •   Get the installation media file either on a USB flash drive or a DVD. To download it, ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  •   Examine if there is sufficient storage available on a system, USB or external drive for the download. Examine if there is at least 4GB free space to create media.
  •   Check if the laptop meets the system requirements. Processor- 1 GHz or faster, RAM 1 GB(32 bit) or 2 GB(64-bit), hard disk space-16 GB(32-bit) or 20GB(64-bit).
  •   While installing the Windows operating system for a laptop for the first time, use the product key to install windows 8 initialization process.