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How to Play DVD on Laptop?

In general, you need to have a built-in optical drive or external DVD player to play DVDs on your laptops. Without any media player, you cannot read the CD-ROM. On desktops, you have a built-in CD/DVD drive. Apple stops the manufacturing of an in-built CD drive for its laptops since 2013. But the last manufactured Apple laptop-the Macbook Pro Retina legacy is currently available for purchase. If you wish learn how to play DVD on laptop, follow the below-mentioned steps.

For Windows

  1. You need to upgrade the Windows 7 operating system version to the latest version (Windows 10).
  2. It is because Microsoft announced that the Windows DVD Player app is no longer supported for Windows 7 OS.
  3. For Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, the Windows Media Center does not include if you update from the previous OS versions.
  4. After completing the upgrade, Windows will download the DVD Player automatically.
  5. If not, download it from the Microsoft Store.
  6. It is available for subscription.
  7. If you wish to install a free media player, download the apps such as VLC media player, 5KPlayer, Kodi, or Daum’s Pot Player.
  8. Once you have inserted the CD into the CD/DVD drive on the laptop, the media player app will automatically run the video once you confirm the default media player.
  9. Else, click the Start menu and type the media player name in the search panel.
  10. Give a double-click on the media player icon from the displayed result.
  11. Use the control buttons such as Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, and Rewind available on the bottom of the screen to play the video.

How to Play DVD on Laptop

For Mac

  1. If you are using the latest Mac laptops, you will find that it comes without any CD/DVD drives.
  2. Therefore, connect an external CD/DVD drive to your Mac and load the CD-ROM.
  3. Make sure that you have downloaded the media player app that is compatible with your Mac laptop.
  4. If you have not installed any media player apps, the DVD cannot play on your Apple laptop.

How to Play DVD on Laptop for Mac