How To Remove Lenovo Laptop from Docking Station?

A Docking Station enables you to use a portable computer as a desktop computer. You can connect the laptop and the other peripherals to a docking station to use the laptop as a desktop computer.
The docking station setup and the removal of the same have to be done carefully. Follow the below steps to remove Lenovo laptop from Docking Station it is connected to.

remove Lenovo laptop from Docking Station

Method 1: After Turn Off the Laptop

  1. First, unlock the system lock key of the docking station.
  2. See if the Advanced dock is unlocked and is in the horizontal position. Now, continue undocking.
  3. Shut down the laptop and then remove the peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, etc. connected to the docking station.
  4. Also, disconnect the network cable (Ethernet) from the station.
  5. Find the Eject request button on the docking station and press it. The laptop slightly raises from the station.
  6. Now, hold the Lenovo laptop using both the hands and remove it from the station.

Method 2: Without Turn Off the Laptop

  1. If you have to undock your laptop from the docking station without turning it off, use the following steps.
  2. After opening the system lock key, press the Eject request button on the left end of the docking station.
  3. Another way to eject the laptop is to click the Start icon on the desktop, and select the Eject PC menu.
  4. Next, the docking indicator light flashes and goes off. If it is still on, then the laptop has not ejected properly.
  5. Check if the Eject Inhibit indicator light turns off. Following that, the Eject Ready indicator light turns on.
  6. In case the ejection does not take place properly, close all the running programs on the laptop and disconnect the peripherals connecting to the docking station.
  7. Remove the laptop, holding the laptop with the two hands.
  8. The remove Lenovo laptop from Docking Station using eithout turn off method successfully completed here.