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How To Reset HP Chromebook laptop?

Factory reset or master reset is a process of clearing all data and restoring your system to the default settings. This process is also performed as a part of troubleshooting. If your Chromebook stops working for reasons unknown, you can perform the factory and see how to reset HP Chromebook laptop as the final troubleshooting method. You can also factory reset your HP Chromebook if you’re selling it or wish to use it as a new one.

Reset HP Chromebook Laptop

Before you factory reset, make sure to take a backup of all important data stored on your HP Chromebook, because as said above, during this process, all your data will be removed permanently.

Now, use the following steps to factory reset your Chromebook.

  1. Move the cursor towards the taskbar and click the Status bar.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Scroll down the Settings window.
  4. Click the Show advanced settings option under the Users section.
  5. Navigate to the Powerwash section and click the Powerwash button.
  6. Click the Restart button on the Restart your device dialog box.
  7. Once your HP Chromebook has been restarted, perform the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the factory reset process.

In case you’re unable to sign in to your Chromebook device, then there is an alternative way to factory reset your Chromebook.

Using the buttons on the keyboard:

  1. Make sure that your Chromebook is displaying the sign-in screen.
  2. Now, locate the Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and R buttons on your Chromebook’s keyboard and press them all at the same time.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click the Restart option.
  4. On the displayed box, click the Powerwash option followed by Continue. Perform the on-screen prompts.
  5. Once the Chromebook has been restored to factory settings, again, set it up by following the on-screen instructions.

That’s it! Now, we discussed here how to reset HP Chromebook laptop has been factory reset successfully.