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How to Reset HP Laptop BIOS Password?

In most of the laptops, you could find a small battery that is fixed to the motherboard that will help in maintaining the memory when the computer is turned off, and it is the CMOS. This is where the BIOS password is stored. The BIOS password will protect the laptop with an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized use of your computer.

There a quite a few methods using which you can reset HP Laptop BIOS password and they are given in the following section.

Reset HP Laptop BIOS Password

Method 1: Remove The CMOS/ Battery

  1. The best way to locate the CMOS battery on your HP laptop is by referring to the product’s User Manual.
  2. You can also refer to the web to find out the location of the CMOS battery on your laptop.
  3. When you have found out the location, turn off your laptop and remove the AC adapter from the laptop.
  4. Now follow the instructions on the user manual and remove the laptop chassis.
  5. Gently remove the CMOS battery from its slot and hold it aside for 6-10 minutes.
  6. Doing this will erase the CMOS settings and the password.
  7. Now install the CMOS battery back into its slot, turn on the laptop, and enter the BIOS setup.

Method 2: Reset The Password Using Master Password

  1. This is one of the simplest methods to reset HP laptop BIOS password.
  2. Turn off or restart your HP laptop.
  3. When the screen turns up and turns black, press the F10 button continuously until the BIOS setup page is seen.
  4. Now, enter the password incorrectly for at least 3 times and you will receive the System Disabled message along with a code.
  5. Now, take out another working laptop, open a browser on it, and enter the URL bios-pw.org.
  6. Enter the given code and click the Get Password button.

Method 3: Clear Bios Password By Using Bios Password Reset Utility

  1. You can download the HP BIOS reset utility from the Internet.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the downloaded file and install the utility.
  3. Take out an empty USB flash drive and insert it to the laptop.
  4. Open the extraction folder, locate and double click on the file that reads USB Image Tool.
  5. Select the USB device from the left side of the windows pane.
  6. Locate and click the Restore button.
  7. Select the file that reads HPBR-WIN32 and click the Open button.
  8. You will get the message asking, ‘Do you want to restore the image.’
  9. Click the YES button and reboot the computer.
  10. Open the command prompt, type DOS and press the Enter button.
  11. Type the number shown on your laptop to reset HP laptop BIOS password.