How to Reset Microsoft Account Password

Resetting in Online

  •    To access your Microsoft Account, it is necessary to type the username and password . After logging into the Account, you can access the Xbox services,, etc.
  •    If you lost or forgot the account password, it is necessary to reset it or change it on a regular basis. The process of Reset Microsoft Account Password resets other accounts too.

reset microsoft account password

  •    Prior to typing the account password, examine if the Caps Lock is in on state. The password and user-name are case-sensitive. Any mistakes in them can lead to this issue.
  •    Move to the website from the system o laptop. Type the email address of the account that is currently in use. Select the reason to reset the password and choose Next.
  •    You can see captcha(list of characters) on the screen. Type the characters in the box given below. Keep a note that they are case-sensitive. Choose a method to reset microsoft account password.
  •    If you choose to send the password to the mail account, select Email me a reset link. The email will be sent to the contact email address mentioned previously during account setup.
  •    Check the email account and select the password link provided. If your choice is to send to send a code to the phone number. Choose the Send a code to my phone option.
  •    This option sends a code to your cell phone number associated with the Microsoft Account. You will receive a text message or phone call that contains the code. Click Send Code.
  •    After receiving it, enter the code and press Submit. Type the new password and then re-enter it. Select the Next option. Now, you can log in to the account using the new password.

Resetting on Windows 10 PC

  •    If you do not remember the Windows 10 password, you may not be able to access the system. There are various methods to recover or reset microsoft account password. Follow the steps below.
  •    If you have multiple accounts for your laptop, try to access it with the other account. On the other account, choose the I forgot my password option that is displayed.
  •    Enter the captcha(various characters) you view on the screen. On the Recover your account screen, Enter the characters you see and choose the Next option to start the process.
  •    Remember that they are case-sensitive. If there is any error during typing, you are required to type it again. You can choose two methods to send the code for resetting.
  •    You can get the code either as a text or email message on the verify identity screen. If your choice is mail, a reset link will be sent to the alternative mail address.
  •    If your choice is text, enter the last four digits of the phone number and then select the Send code option. Once you receive the code as text or email message, select Next.
  •    Type a new password and re-confirm it on the reset your password screen. Choose the Next option. If the password strength is weak, it is necessary to choose a new one.
  •    This resets the new password. Choose the Next again option to revert to the sign-in account screen. If you are unable to reset the password, clean install Windows 10 again.
  •    Use the Windows Password Reset Disk to recover the lost or forgotten Windows password. This helps to reset microsoft account password. If you are in admin account, change it easily.
password reset in windows 10