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How To Run Recovery On Hp Laptop Windows 10

When you are facing issues with your HP laptop running on Windows 10, you can perform a recovery action to bring the system to the previous state when there was no problem. Performing a recovery can change the system settings and may even result in data loss. So, it is important to back up the necessary files before running recovery.
There are different ways to perform the system recovery on an HP laptop. Read more on how to run recovery on a Windows 10 HP laptop.

Sometimes, the HP Recovery Manager may not work. In such a condition, visit the official HP website and download the latest HP Recovery Manager software. Install the software and access it again.
Try the methods given below to perform a system recovery.

How To Run Recovery On Hp Laptop Windows 10

Method-1: Use HP Recovery Manager without affecting the files

  1. Close all the running programs and files on the desktop and refresh the system.
  2. Shut down the laptop and remove all the peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, external storage drives, headphones, etc., connected to it.
  3. Now, switch on the laptop and then search for ‘recovery manager’ on the desktop using the search bar.
  4. If the system prompts you to enter the Administrator password, then enter it to continue.
  5. When the User Account Control dialog box pops up, select Yes to open the Recovery Manager window.
  6. In the Help section, click the Windows System Reset menu.
  7. After that, a blue screen appears with the caption “Choose an option,” select Keep my files.
  8. Following that, the system prepares for the system reset.
  9. Read the instructions under Your apps will be removed and click Next.
  10. The reset warning message appears on the screen. Read it, select Next to go through the instructions, and click the Reset button.
  11. Follow the guided instructions to complete the recovery process successfully.

Method-2: Use HP Recovery Manager

  1. Open the Recovery Manager window on the laptop using the steps mentioned in the previous solution. 
  2. Next, select Windows Recovery Environment under Help and click OK when the confirmation message appears.
  3. In the next step, Choose an option screen appears and select Troubleshoot.
  4. Below Troubleshoot, you can find three different options, choose Recovery Manager.
  5. When the System Recovery screen appears, select ‘Recover without backing up your files’ and click Next.
  6. After that, read the guidelines given below System Recovery and continue with the recovery.
  7. Once the recovery preparation progress status bar shows up, wait until the process completes.
  8. Now, click the Continue button to restart the computer and proceed with the recovery.
  9. The computer restarts many times. So, wait for the entire process to finish.

Method-3: With recovery files on media

  1. Remove the other devices or peripherals connecting to the HP laptop.
  2. If you have a bootable CD or USB drive, insert the CD or connect the USB drive to the laptop.  
  3. Shut down the system and again turn it on.
  4. Immediately, hit the Esc key multiple times until the black screen appears.
  5. Under the Startup menu, there are different options assigned to a specific key. Press the F9 key to select the Boot Device Options menu.
  6. Go on to press any key to boot the system from the connected recovery media.
  7. Following that, press Enter to select the boot device. A CD/DVD or USB drive.
  8. Next, the Recovery Manager screen shows up, choose a language from the list and click OK.
  1. On the Select an option screen, choose Factory Reset and click Next.
  2. Then the Recovery Manager Welcome screen appears, select an option to continue with the system recovery.
  3. The system preparation progress shows up on the screen when the system asks if you have any additional recovery disc, insert if you have, otherwise, select Skip.
  4. When the recovery preparation completes, disconnect the USB drive, in case it is recovery CD/DVD, click Continue.
  5. After that, the Software Installation screen appears, wait until the system recovery and installation process completes.