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How To Unlock A Chromebook Laptop?

In the Chromebook laptops, the authentication is based on your Google account password. Each time you turn on your Chromebook laptop, you will be prompted to enter your Google account password to sign in.
While you are away from your Chromebook, it is safe to lock the Chromebook screen. If you set a PIN to lock the screen, then you have to enter the same to unlock as well. Also, if the PIN has been set in Chromebook, then you should enter your Google password once every 24 hours.

In this article, we’ll be seeing the steps how to unlock a Chromebook laptop, which means entering the PIN to unlock the laptop screen. If you have already set the PIN, carry out the steps to unlock the screes. Else, carry out the steps to lock the Chromebook screen using the PIN.

How To Unlock A Chromebook Laptop

Unlock Chromebook using PIN/Password:

  1. Go to the taskbar and click the Lock icon.
  2. If you prefer to use the shortcut keys, then press the Search and L keys together.
  3. Now, when prompted, enter the PIN that you have set. You can also enter your Google account password to unlock the Chromebook screen.

Lock Chromebook using PIN:

If you have not set the PIN lock, make use of these steps.

  1. Go the bottom right of the Chromebook screen and click the Settings icon.
  2. Click on Screen lock in the People section.
  3. Now, you need to enter your Google account password for authentication.
  4. Click Confirm after entering the Google account password.
  5. Select PIN or password > Set up PIN.
  6. Enter the PIN to lock your Chromebook and click the Continue button.
  7. Again, enter the PIN and click Confirm and see how to unlock a chromebook laptop.
  8. Now, the PIN lock will be enabled on your Chromebook.