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Solved: HP 15 Laptop won’t Boot Issue

If yourHP 15 Laptop won’t boot, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods.

Solution 1:

  1. Check whether you have drained out the battery on the HP 15 
  2. If the battery is not charged fully, connect your laptop to the electrical outlet using the power adapter and wait until it charges completely.
  3. After charging the laptop’s battery, press the Power button to turn on the HP 15 laptop.
  4. If the laptop fails to boot up still, remove the memory modules from the laptop and reseat them after a few seconds.
  5. Check for any dirt present on the memory modules.
  6. If you find any dirt, clean it gently without damaging the chips.
  7. Now, press the Power button to power up your HP laptop.

Solution 2:

  1. Remove the external drives, discs, battery, and memory modules from the laptop.
  2. Press the hold the Power button for 15 seconds and remove the power adapter from the laptop.
  3. Re-fix the battery into the battery compartment and connect the power adapter.
  4. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet and power on the laptop.
  5. Once the laptop boots up, open the Windows normally and reconnect the necessary peripherals.
  6. If the HP 15 Laptop won’t bootproblem remains unsolved, move on to the next method.

HP 15 Laptop won't boot

Solution 3:

  1. Connect your HP 15 laptop to an external monitor using a standard HDMI, VGA, or Display Port cable.
  2. Press the Function F4 keys on the HP laptop’s keyboard.
  3. If the connected monitor displays correctly, then the problem is with the graphic drivers of the HP 15
  4. Install the latest graphic drivers to fix the boot issue.
  5. If the monitor fails to display the laptop screen, disconnect the cable and move on to the next solution to fix the laptop issue.

Solution 4:

  1. Make sure that you have connected the laptop to the wall outlet using the power adapter.
  2. Press the Power button at the side of the laptop to turn it off.
  3. Once the laptop is turned off, press the Windowsshortcut keys and press the Power button for a second.
  4. Release all the three buttons and wait for 40
  5. If your laptop opens the BIOS Update screen, the HP 15 Laptop won’t boot issue will be resolved.
  6. Wait until the BIOS update is complete and restart your laptop.