HP Chromebook 11 P0B79UT#ABA Laptop Support

Chromebook 11

About Chromebook 11 P0B79UT#ABA

Make learning easy with HP’s one of most affordable laptops with powerful processors that gives you performance along with productivity. The HP Chromebook 11 is very lightweight yet gives a long battery life good enough to do much browsing and play games. Works well with people who love to browse the web.

  • Wide screen support display
  • Lithium ion battery with AC power
  • Runs on Chrome OS
  • On board DDR3L RAM

Tech – Specifications


Maximum 2 GB on board RAM with DDR3L 1600 support.


Dual-core processor powered by Intel Celeron N2840 with 2.16 GHz


3-cell Li-on battery with AC adapter up to 36 working hours.

Display icon

1366 x 768 resolution for HP Chromebook 11.6-inch wide screen display.

Driver Configuration Support

The drivers for your HP Chromebook 11 laptop are available on our website. Click the Driver button to download the latest drivers. Save the files in your drive and double click them to run the installation setup. Restart the PC after installation for the changes to take place. It is important to keep the drivers up-to-date. Update the latest version of the drivers from our website.


User Guidance – Chromebook 11 P0B79UT#ABA

You can refer to our User Manual to know more about the HP Chromebook 11 laptop. Under the User Guidance section, click the Manual button to download the User Manual for your device. In the manual, you will get to know about HP Chromebook 11 review based upon its specifications and performance. The manual provides you how to setup your laptop and diagnose/troubleshoot issues.


Related Top issues – Chromebook 11 P0B79UT#ABA

 Adjusting Touchpad And Keyboard Settings

Keyboard and TouchPad or ClickPad Troubleshooting

You can find problems with the keyboard or the touch pad when the system starts to beep while typing, or it may not respond or takes much time. If you are using an USB mouse, check whether its USB port is connected firmly to the PC. Try connecting the mouse to a different laptop and check whether it works with that system to determine if there is a fault with the mouse.

Adjusting Touchpad and Keyboard Settings on Your HP Chromebook (Chrome OS)

If you want to change the mouse pointer speed which moves on your screen, click the status area in the task bar and select Settings. Under the device section, you can find a speed slider where you can drag to change the pointer speed according to your comfort. If you drag the slider to the left, the pointer will become slower, and if you drag it to the right, then the pointer will move faster.

Other related laptop models

Performing a System Recovery (Chrome OS)

You will perform this major step only when you see any error message like “Chrome OS is missing”. Before starting the operation, make sure you have an USB flash drive for creating a back up. Internet access is required to create the recovery media. Download Chromebook Recovery Utility and start system recovery. Know more about system recovery from our HP Chromebook 11 review in the instructions manual.

Printing With The HP Print For Chrome App

HP Product Recycling

HP uses an innovative method called Closed Loop Recycling process which uses plastic that is recovered from original HP ink cartridges and with recycled bottles and hangers to create new and original HP cartridges. By doing so HP reduces environmental impacts that may occur due to its’ products disposal. HP only recycles products that cannot be reused.

Printing with the HP Print for Chrome App

Download the HP Print For Chrome program. This application can run only on Chromebook, Windows, Mac or Linux computer with a running internet connection. Before installing the HP Print for Chrome application, connect your printer USB to your Chromebook or computer. In the Chrome browser, open the application. Click ADD TO CHROME and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using Google Admin and HP Print for Chrome

Google Admin console allows an administrator to manage users and printers. To access this console, go to Google Admin. Remember that you can have access to the features only if you are an administrator for that PC. The HP Print for Chrome links with the Google Admin which allows the administrators to manage the way their users can use the printer.

HP Print For Chrome

Powerwash: Performing a Factory Reset on Your HP Chromebook or Chromebox (Chrome OS)

  1. You may have to reset your Chromebook laptop if your system does not work properly after installing a new app. If any file becomes corrupt or unusable you will see the message “Reset this Chrome device”.
  2. Before performing a reset, check for any updates that were not downloaded or installed previously. Your device although automatically checks fro updates to fix bugs and some add features which will keep the device safe. Check if updating works.
  3. Reset your chrome browser to factory settings. You can do this reset at any point of time. This browser reset might help if any third-party programs or any extensions might have changed the settings without your knowledge.
  4. If none of these work, then you are probably left with no other choice than complete reset. Go to Settings and choose Advanced. Click Powerwash. Click Restart and sign-in with your Google Account. After reset, this will become the owner account.

Bios Factory Reset In Chromebook

A factory reset is done when your system seems to be corrupt or does not function properly. This completely erases all of your data from the system. So it is better to check all other options before resetting your PC. Make sure to take a back up of your files on your cloud storage or any external drive. Log out of your Chromebook account and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r keys. Click Restart and then select Reset.

Troubleshooting Hardware Issues Using Diagnostics

Chrome OS has a tool for performing several tests called Chrome Shell. This consists of several diagnostic tests that can be performed on almost all the Chromebook models. The Chrome shell can perform several tests like testing the device’s battery health or checking the SSD storage health and several others. You can even test your Chromebook’s network adapter performance. To open Chrome Shell press Control + Alt + T keys.