HP Elitebook Laptop Models

HP Elite offers a wide range of laptops designed for business, entertainment and premium use. It has a built-in operating system .Windows 10 Pro is pre-installed it. The slim and compact HP Elitebook laptop models are easily portable,. The pivot display available in it converts the laptop to tablet. 7th and 8th generation Intel processor are available which improvises the system performance. Use the battery for up to 15 hours. Use this laptop in five modes: Laptop, tablet, media, conference, tent. The inbuilt security features secure all your confidential documents and manage them with ease. They are Energy star certified that conserves the power usage without compromising the performance.

Setup and Configure for HP Elite Laptop


Setup and configure the BIOS settings on HP Elitebook after purchasing it. BIOS acts a bridge between the input and output devices. All the information regarding the setup process is maintained by the motherboard on the HP Elitebook laptop models. When there is a forced shutdown, the changes are stored on the motherboard. When the laptop is powered up, it retains the settings. All these settings for the BIOS are done by our technical support team. They are experienced team who provided instant solutions when you face any issue while performing the configuration settings . Get the technical assistance from our team through the remote support.

Elite Models

HP Elitebook laptop models

Elitebook 840G1 

Ultra-productive with enterprise security


hp elitebook 725 laptop

Elitebook 725 G3

Streamlined efficiency and high performance


hp eliteBook 8460p laptop

EliteBook 8460p

Ultrathin design and powerful management


hp eliteBook 8470p laptop

Elitebook 8470p

Powerful processor with an antiglare display


HP Support Assistance

We provide simple solutions for your HP Elitebook laptop models. Complete support is provided to all issues occurring on the laptop. Call our technical support team at the toll-free number. Our technical experts solve all issues within a fraction of seconds. Get the information regarding the version of the operating system, driver details, RAM size, etc from us. All these details are provided through remote assistance. Refer the manual which is available here.

Driver Installation

While purchasing the laptop, Windows operating system is pre-installed on it. But the drivers required for the OS needs to be installed. Get an installation CD during the purchase. It contains the drivers required. Place the CD on the system drive. Click the setup file to commence the installation. If the drivers are not updated, click the link below to commence the download process. Install it based on the on-screen instructions.

Latest Elite Laptop Issues

  1. A virus is a software program that is created to replicate by itself. This spreads all over the systems. The reasons that might affect the system are opening the attachments from unknown mails, downloading software from untrusted sites or malicious online ads displays on trusted websites. The signs of a virus-infected system are slow performance, loss of data and system crash. To remove the virus from the system, install the anti-virus software on the system. The HP Elitebook laptop models are pre-installed with Windows operating system. This OS contains an inbuilt Windows Defender software. It performs a full scan regularly on the system to remove the virus. If you wish to install a new antivirus software, disable the Windows defender and then install it. For more guidance, call our toll-free number.

  2. Microsoft System Configuration is one of the inbuilt software used on the laptop . It is installed to change the configuration settings. The various available tabs on it are General, Boot, Services, Startup and Tools. On the system, type the msconfig on the search tab. View a list of available results. Select the System Configuration icon from the results. Wait till the System Configuration window displays. This helps to prevent the installation of unnecessary software and services on the system or from loading. The Boot tab available on it, change the way the Windows starts . The various types of start options are Minimal, Alternate shell, Active Directory repair, Network. The Task Manager tool available eon it helps to solve the system not responding issue. For more details regarding the configuration , call our technical support team.

  3. Most HP Elitebook laptop models support games. When you are installing games on the system, ensure that they support the Windows operating system and hardware components. While installing the game, make sure that there is enough space on the hard drive. When there is less amount of space, the system slows down the performance after installing it. So be sure that you are able to run the game on the system. In certain cases, you may face various issues with the laptop. While playing the game, the audio cannot be heard, the game stops in the middle of the process, suddenly returns to the home page or quitting the game is impossible. All these issues occur due to the outdated game. Upgrade the game when it possible. Do not postpone it. If you face the issue again, uninstall and re-install the game on the laptop this solves the issue immediately.

  4. If Keyboard and Mouse are not working properly for a while, perform a hard reset on the system. Switch off the system . Disconnect all hardware or peripheral devices connected to it. After a while, remove the battery from its compartment. Press and hold the Power as well as Mute buttons at a time. After a while, connect the AC adapter to the system and power source. If the system startup menu opens, choose the Start Windows Manually option and then press the Enter key. Press the ESC key to open the Startup menu. Navigate to the arrow keys to open the menu . This indicates that the keyboard hardware is in proper condition. If the issue is with the laptop, try to connect another external keyboard. This keyboard works properly, issue is with the installed keyboard. If the issue still continues, call our customer support team.

  5. If you are facing any issue with the touchpad, disable and enable it again. Do the changes in ClickPad click settings. On the Windows screen, type mouse button. View a list of available results on the screen. Select the Mouse option on the control panel settings. Select Settings under the Clickpad settings tab. If the box next to the clicking is not enabled, do it and tap the Settings icon. On the drop-down menu, choose one-finger,two-finger,three-finger options. Once the button is activated, select the Configure option on HP Elitebook laptop models. Based on the on-screen instructions, select the Close button. Save the changes made by clicking the Apply option. After performing the step, examine if the issue persists. If the issue still exists, call our technical team. They provide you assistance regarding the issue through remote support.

  6. While connecting the laptop to a network, disconnected status displays on the Network icon. It can be due to weak signal strength, IP address conflict, unknown network name, enabling the Airplane mode, corrupted driver, etc. Move the system close to a wireless router to attain the maximum signal strength. Resolve the IP address conflict by assigning a unique IP address to the network name. Use a unique network name to avoid the confusion with the rest of the networks. Examine if the Airplane mode is enabled, disable it to scan the available networks on the surrounding. Unstable internet connection leads to download failure. The partially downloaded software is also the cause for the issue. Download and install it again based on on-screen prompts. If the driver is outdated, update it to the current version . Get the updated driver from this website and start the installation.

  7. When you are charging the HP Elitebook laptop models, it does not display full charge status even after charging for several hours. This is due to the issue with the battery, charger cable, AC adapter or charger port. Examine if there is an issue with all these components. Do a component test using the tool available on the laptop. Test the battery for the laptop. If the report fails, the issue is with the battery. Replace it with a new one. If the component is under warranty period, replace it for free. Take the battery out of its compartment. Install it again after a while. Examine if the issue occurs again. In certain cases, the faulty motherboard can be the cause for the charging issue. Check if there is any physical damage to the motherboard. The physically damaged motherboard should be replaced with a new one. For further guidance , call our technical support team.

  8. BIOS is Basic Input/Output System is to identify, test and start basic system components. Resetting the system is a very easy process. Switch on the laptop by pressing the Power button. During the start process, Press F8 key to open the BIOS settings. After moving to the BIOS settings screen, use the arrows to navigate to the menus. Locate the reset to factory settings option. By following the on-screen instructions reset the BIOS to factory settings. If the option is unavailable, BIOS is stored on ROM. Provide a constant power supply to the HP Elitebook laptop models to make necessary changes to it. Unplug the AC adapter or remove the battery from its compartment. Dismantle the laptop and the battery is accessible easily that is located on the bottom. After a while, re-assemble the laptop and connect the adapter to its slot. Now, resetting the BIOS is done.

  9. Overheating of the laptop is one of the major issues that occur frequently. This issue damages both the laptops and its internal components. It slows down the laptop and affects the applications on it. Sudden shut down occurs while you are working important on it. Accumulation of dust or debris on air vents blocks the air flow . The improper placing of the laptops obstructs the airflow through the air vents. Malfunction of the internal fan increases the over heating issue. The internal fan cools down the heat generated by the system. Installing new hardware increases the usage of more resources which in turn increases the heat on the system. Overcharging the system over a long period of time cause the laptop to heat up. All these are the reasons for the overheating issues. For solutions, call our technical support team at toll-free number.

  10. Do a regular backup of data to an external disk. This is done to avoid the data loss when any issue occurs. To restore the data, connect an external device to the laptop. Ensure that it has a 4 GB free space in it. Transfer all files and folders from the system to the USB drive. On the HP Elitebook laptop models, find the Backup settings option. Select it and enable the Automatic back up my files and then choose More settings to make changes to the back up settings. Select the Back up now option to start the process immediately. Storing the data on the hard disk is mentioned as Data Storage. Based on the size of the hard disk, the storage of files varies. Examine the free space on the drive and add documents or photos to the disk within the available space. When more data is added exceeding the space, the issue occurs. For more guidance, call our technical support team.

  11. The driver is one of the necessary component required for a laptop to function normally. When you install an external device to the system such as a mouse or keyboard, drivers are required. In certain cases, the laptops have inbuilt drivers for the installed devices. If you are required to install a driver, click the link on this website to activate the external components . While installing the driver, do not turn off the system and maintain a stable internet connection. It is suggested to use compatible drivers. Incompatible drivers lead to communication issue between the operating system and hardware components. When the downloaded file is in .zip format, extract it to individual files and then commence the installation. Update the driver frequently to avoid bugs and to avail all latest features . An Update is done when the notification appears on the screen.

  12. While you are using the HP Elitebook laptop models, it hangs up in the middle . The symptoms of hanging up are an unresponsive screen, no movement of the cursor on the display, the screen in constant busy mode. The causes of the issue are installing more external devices on the system, outdated drivers , applications and BIOS, improper release of heat due to the blockage of dust on air vents, existence of virus, etc. Uninstall the external devices from the system. If the Windows is active, then issue with the USB devices. Upgrade the software, applications and BIOS when available. Clean the dust in the air vents with the help of a cloth for proper heat flow. Install a licensed anti-virus on the system to do a full scan to remove it from the system. Do the full scan by turning on the system in safe mode. The initial scan takes several hours to complete.

  13. The system does not turn on or the bootup process does not start is the symptoms of the start-up issues. Examine if the system receives power from the power supply. Hearing beep sounds while typing on the keyboard is due to the improper connection of the hard drive cable or due to the component failure on the mother board. Unplug the external devices such as DVD/CD and reboot the system. Check if there is any damage to the AC adapter, power connector, PIN. Damages on these components do not supply enough power to the laptop. If they are under-warranty, it is suggested to replace it for free. Do a hard reset to resolve the issue. Turn off the laptop, disconnect all cables and external devices. After a while, connect the cables and turn it on again. If the HP Elitebook laptop models is active, the issue is resolved. For more issues, call our toll-free number.

  14. Ensure that there is 15% free space on the system. Examine the free space on the hard drive with the help of the progress bar. It offers a visual representation of the free space on the laptop. Outdated drivers, BIOS , graphics drivers can also result in the issue. The existence of virus, spyware uses more resources that slow down the laptop’s performance. Remove the unused applications to free up the disk space and also delete the temporary files on the system. Run the Disk Cleanup to clean the hard drive on the laptop. De-fragment the hard drive. The small file size is allocated in different locations. This uses more space to store the data. Allocating these files properly increase the speed of the system. Remove the virus by installing an anti-virus software on the system. For more assistance, call our customer support team.

  15. Updating the Windows operating system to its latest version encounters various system related issues. After turning on the laptop, a black screen appears with static cor non-static blinking. Operating the system on incompatible drivers , existence of virus are certain reasons for the issue. Examine if the drivers are compatible with the version of operating system and hardware components. Download the compatible one from this website. Click the link to start the download process. Install it on the system and check if the issue persists. If the issue still exists, remove the virus from the laptop by installing the anti-virus software on the system. Try to connect an external monitor to the HP Elitebook laptop models using a VGA port or HDMI port. If it works properly, the issue is with the display screen. Replace it for free if it is under warranty-period.