HP ENVY 17 Inch Laptop Support

Hp envy 17inch laptop

HP ENVY 17-inch Specs

HP Envy 17-inch is a compact laptop. It actually resembles an Apple MacBook Pro. Use the high-quality audio with the volume dial . Its audio is equivalent to six speakers with subwoofer. Its stunning screen with LCD display grabs the eyes of the customer. Its slim screen indicates that the device is light in weight. It can be used among the gamers, moviemakers and photographers for its high resolution.

  • Intel Core i7 7500U
  • 3-Cell Lithium battery
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1TB HDD

Tech – Specifications


The HP Envy 17 laptop can handle all the performance, productivity. Light editing needs of its users.


The drop hinge design promotes better airflow for cooling and elevating the keyboard at a comfortable angle.


The 1TB hard disk drive supports mass storage and the speed of the system is amazing.

Display icon

The Battery life for the system last for about 5 hours and 6 minutes.

Driver Configuration Support

The HP Envy 17 laptop is installed with Windows 10 operating system. Make use of our website to download and install the drivers required for the system. You can also update the driver using Windows Update. Any updates for any drivers can be installed automatically. The outdated driver can lead to system issues.


HP ENVY 17-inch Laptop Top issues

Touch issue

 HP ENVY – 17-u220nr Starts but Screen Remains Blank (Windows 10, 8)

The Laptop encounters the screen remains black after the system is switched on when the system is updated to Windows 10 version. Performing a hard reset is one of the solutions to solve the issue. Unplug all the devices connected to the system and reset the removable battery. After a while, turn connect all devices and place the battery into its compartment. Then turn on the system. Test the display by connecting the laptop to an external monitor. All these are solutions to solve the issue.

 Keyboard and TouchPad or ClickPad Troubleshooting

Many users hear a beep sound while typing or in cases, it does not respond or is slow. This issues can be solved using certain methods. Reconfigure the system which is one of the fundamental steps to fix the issue. Open the Startup menu to check whether the integrated keypad is not working. If is not operating, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. If you are not able to open the startup menu, issue is with the keyboard hardware. You can use an external key board in such cases.

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 Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows)

You can test or calibrate the Battery using software or can be done manually. This test is done to examine whether hardware components on the laptop are working properly or there are any issues with the hardware. After installing the HP Hardware Diagnostics, switch on the system. Open the application. In the main menu, click Components Test-> Power->Battery->Run once. In case the test result is pass, then there is no issue with the battery. If the report fails, then it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

windows touch

 Testing for Hardware Failures

Use the Diagnostic software to test hardware components on the system . When you suspect issues with the hardware components, you can use this software to do the test. If you examine any issues while doing the fast test or the system screen an error message on the screen. Then, run the Extensive Test which displays the error code . This test takes more than 2 hours. Note down the error code and call our customer support team to fix the hardware related issue.

 Understanding and Using Windows 10

Recently launched Envy laptops come with Windows 10 operating system.The OS is user-friendly. There is various in-built app available in the system to make the user understand each and every feature. The various app available in the system makes your work easy. Use the One drive app to store all documents in the cloud. Use it whenever required. Start using the OS and enjoy the incredible features in it.

Locks Up or Freezes Guided Troubleshooter

  • Step 1 :It is suggested to update the printer drivers and software for the system using the Windows Update software.
  • Step 2 :Examine whether there are any updates for BIOS. If any, update the BIOS that can solve the lockups issue.
  • Step 3 :Due to overheating, lockups issue may occur. Utilize compressed air to keep the passage in system clean and dust free.
  • Step 4 :Scan the system frequently to check whether there is any malware or virus in the system. Install antivirus software to remove them.

 HP ENVY – 17-u220nr is Slow

  • Step 1 :Rebooting the system is one of the primary solutions for the slow performance issue.
  • Step 2 :Delete all temp files that are running in the system. Clear the Cache memory too for fast performance.
  • Step 3 :The Outdated driver can also be the reason for the issue. Update the driver and then restart the system.
  • Step 4 :Examine whether there are any corrupted files in the system. Scan and remove the virus to solve the issue.

 Windows 10 Product Activation

To avoid the software piracy, it is necessary to activate the Windows 10 prior to using it. If your laptop is installed with Windows 10, the activation process is simple and easy. Make the system connected to an Internet connection to start the activation process automatically. In certain cases, you need to activate the software again even though it is done beforehand. Update the Operating system by entering the activation key provided . Type the provided key in the System properties menu. Wait for the system to detect the latest version of the OS. After a while, it starts the installation process automatically.

Graphics image

  HP ENVY – 17-u220nr Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware

  1. There are certain symptoms that imply that the system is infected by virus or malware. When you turn on the system , it takes a longer time to boot up. Many unused icons are added up to the desktop during this virus attack. The applications stop responding while it is been used.
  2. Due to these virus attack, there can be loss of data, the unwanted addition of files to the system, blocked websites gets added to the favourite list, a pop-up of certain miscellaneous files.
  3. In case there is no antivirus software installed in the system. Install the licensed antivirus software which removes the malware automatically after the scanning process.
  4. Try to prevent the attack beforehand using the following steps. Make sure that you do not open the unwanted pop ups in the windows. Do not open the email attachments from an untrusted user.

 Installing the Latest Version of Windows 10

There are various methods to install the Windows 10 operating system. Using the Windows update, it can be installed automatically. Or performing the manual install option available in the Windows update. The latest version is installed to avail all latest features in the system. Ensure that the system has a minimum free space to start the installation process. If the free space is unavailable, then the installation is impossible.

 Creating and Using a Microsoft Recovery USB Drive (Windows 10)

Make use of the recovery USB drive to turn on the system in case of any issue. It contains all recovery tools to fix the Windows related issues and to reboot the system with all its data. Creating a recovery drive is nothing but making a back up of all files in the system. Copies of the created files is stored in recovery drive. It requires a 16 GB space and large capacity of USB drive is necessary.

Network issue

 Microsoft Push-Button Reset (Windows 10)

Most Windows 10 contains a push button reset feature that has clears the system by reinstalling the operating system. In Windows, find and open Reset this PC. Select the Recover tab. Select Get started under Reset this PC.In case you want to save the personal files, apps, select Keep my files-> Reset. This system reinstalls the operating system and the rebooting process gets started.In case you want to remove all apps, select Remove everything and proceed to the next step. After performing all steps, select Reset to confirm and commence the reset process again.