HP Envy 17t Touch Laptop Setup Suppport

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About HP Envy 17t Touch

The HP Envy laptop 17t Touch is a premium device with cutting-edge performance and high-end design with multitasking functionality. The laptop is equipped with the next-generation processors, 8 million pixel display with a bold aluminium design. The fast bootup and powerhouse speeds are a added advantage. The 16GB RAM and the ‘NVIDIA GeForce MX150’ graphics card makes the laptop a powerful and highly efficient device.The technical specifications are :

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • 3-Cell, 55.8 Wh Lithium battery
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS
  • 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD

Tech – Specifications


The HP Envy laptop 17t Touch comes with a 16GB RAM that makes the laptop efficient and hassle-free usage.


The 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor offers Quad core technology with the processor speed upto 4Ghz.


The 3-cell, 55.8 Wh Lithium prismatic battery helps to work continuosly for upto 8 hours.

Display icon

17.3” diagonal FHD IPS WLED backlit multi touch-enabled Edge-to-Edge glass (1920 * 1080).

Driver Configuration Support

We provide service regarding the driver configuration support. The HP Envy 17t touch best value laptop comes inbuilt with the Windows 10 Home 64-bit Operating System. Download the driver software update for Windows 10 from our website. Install and run the downloaded software. Follow the onscreen instructions. Finish the setup. You can clarify your doubts with our customer support team by calling through the Toll-Free number.


HP Envy 17t Touch Laptop Top issues

Screen does not respond to the stylus

The HP Envy 17t touch laptop is accompanied with a stylus pen. It is a tool used on the touch screen devices. When the laptop does not respond to stylus, then the tip surface area is damaged. To resolve this issue, use an active(digital) stylus. If the stylus is good and the problem persist, update the driver software for the touch option with your current Operating system or perform troubleshooting by following the on-screen instructions.

Touch issue

Touch screen responds inaccurately

Resolve this issue in HP Envy 17t touch laptop by configuring the touch screen. Open the settings and search ‘Calibrate the screen for pen and touch input’. Click the ‘Calibrate’ button’ displayed on the screen. Follow the steps on-screen to perform calibration. Tap ‘Yes’ when asked to save the ‘Calibration data’. Now, backup all your data and perform a hard reset on the laptop. The settings are restored to default and the laptop functions as a fresh device.

Touch screen function changed after upgrading to Windows 10

The common problems in the HP Envy Laptop 17t Touch with Windows 10 are : Edge swipe and four-finger swipe does not work. This issue is by default in the design of Windows 10. This issue is applicable to all touch-enabled laptops with Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 supports only the ‘three-finger swipe function’. Swiping left/right switches between the application, swiping Up displays the applications and ‘task view and swiping Down shows the desktop.

Other related laptop models

Screen does not respond to touch, or responds intermittently

Open the ‘Device Manager’. Click and expand the ‘Human Interface Devices’ submneu. Right click the device named ‘HID-compliant touch screen’ and select ‘Enable’. Check for updates and reinstall the touch screen device. Or, perform a hard reset on the laptop to clear the memory and reestablish the connection between the BIOS and the hardware. Update the BIOS and the graphics driver. If the problem is not resolved, implement the touch screen component test by referring our Hardware diagnostic guide.

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HP Envy 17T Display problem

Adjust the display resolution HP Envy 17t Touch best value laptop – Type ‘Change the screen resolution’ in the search field. Click the tab below the ‘Resolution’ option, choose the recommended resolution and tap ‘Apply’.

Update the drivers – Download and install the latest display drivers. Shrinkage – When an external display is connected to the laptop, the screen is reduced to the lower resolution with black borders. To solve this problem, right click on the laptop’s screen and open the ‘Graphic Properties’. Check for graphics driver and BIOS firmware update.

How to fix 17″ Envy touchscreen going dark/blank after login

If the laptop displays a blank screen, test the defective display initially by connecting the laptop to an external monitor using HDMI cable. Turn on the power in both the devices. If the external monitor only displays a screen, update the BIOS, the graphics driver and the CPU chipset. If both the devices dsiplay a blank screen, perform troubleshooting for the ‘Startup problem’. If the problem still exist, diagnose the LCD display.

Graphics Not work after windows 10 Update

The HP Envy 17t touch best value laptop is equipped default with Nvidia graphics card. Open the system submenu and find Nvidia graphics card drivers option and delete all the files and software related to Nvidia. Uninstall the ‘Nvidia’ graphics card. Now, go to Nvidia official site and download the latest version of the graphics card. Use the ‘Auto Detect’ feature so the Nvidia automatically suggests you the latest driver. Install the driver software. Reboot the system and the graphics card works correctly.

Graphics image

How to Identify and Repair Malware or Virus Infected Systems

  1. Virus infected systems : Longer boot time, applications and browsers stop responding, slow internet connection & too many ads showing up, hard disk failure, automatic restart or shutdown of the system and misleading e-mail messages from unknown address.
  2. Firewall protection : Open ‘Control Panel’ and select the ‘System and Security’ submenu. Click the ‘Security and Maintenance’ option. Under this option, select the ‘Review recent messages and resolve problems’ tag and check for the threats or virus infection.
  3. If the ‘Firewall’ is disabled, enable it by selecting the ‘Turn on now’ option. Frequently check the updates provided by the Microsoft. Click the ‘check for updates’ option in the ‘Windows Update’ page. If any driver update is available, the Windows 10 automatically updates the drivers.
  4. Install an anti-virus software. Open the software and select the ‘Scan now’ option. The software scans the entire system and resolves the malfunctions. You can also set the ‘Scan automatically’ option at repeated time intervals. If the anti-virus software is outdated, update the software with a licensed version.

Wireless connection was not working

Update the wireless network drivers – Open the ‘Device Manager’ menu. Double click the ‘Network Adapters’ & right click the installed wireless adapter and select ‘Update driver’. Tap ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’ If any update is found, install it. If the problem continues, perform troubleshooting using the ‘Windows network and Internet Troubleshooter’ – Right click the wireless icon and select the ‘Troubleshoot problems’ option. The network diagnostic starts the troubleshooting problem. For brief explanation, refer our User Manual.

Fix Network Connection Issues in Windows 10

Reset the hardware of the HP Envy Laptop 17t Touch– Disconnect and reconnect the laptop from the power source and all the peripheral devices including the router. Press and hold the ‘Power’ button continuously for 15 seconds. The laptop is reset. Turn on the laptop. The Windows automatically connects to the wireless network. If the issue is not resolved, perform troubleshooting.

Network issue

Fix Network Problems in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 7 & 8 : Perform troubleshooting – Open the Control Panel and click the ‘troubleshooting’ option. Double click the ‘Network and Internet’ submenu and select the ‘Internet Connections’ option. Click the ‘Advanced’ option and select Next. Now, click the ‘Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet’ tag. The problems will be resolved once troubleshooting is done.