Latest HP Envy Laptop Models

The HP Envy is a laptop series that offers premium configuration. It offers an eight million pixel display that provides one of the best video viewing experiences. It also provides audio that is built in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen and works with HP Audio Boost and SmartAmp Technology. The HP envy laptop review is positive for it support for dual display that ups your productivity level. The HP envy laptop review is that it is a good laptop whose design matches the great configuration and makes sure that the laptop stands out in the crowd. It comes with an aluminum chassis and a sleek design. The lifted hinge is a useful feature that allows a more comfortable typing position and better circulation of air into the laptop.

Setup and Configure for HP Envy Laptop


Unpack the other items from the box. Place the HP envy laptop in proximity to an electricity outlet. Attach the AC adapter to the notebook. Power up the computer. Subsequent to the HP logo, an Hi there screen will appear. Choose your Country/region, desired app language, keyboard layout and time zone and choose next. On the screen that says Here’s the legal stuff screen, read the terms and conditions and choose Accept, if you agree. If required, connect to a network. Then, configure settings, create a local account, complete register and protect and choose next, After the installation from the desktop choose next on any feature introduction to complete the initial setup.

HP Envy laptop models

ENVY 17t 17.3

Envy 17t 17.3″

More power with more screen size


ENVY 17 M7 17.3

Envy 17 M7 17.3″

Made for media consumption


ENVY x360

Envy x360 Convertible

Portable and stylish laptop


ENVY 17 j027cl 17.3

Envy 17-j027cl 17.3″

High performance laptop



Envy 17-inch

Premium laptop with great design.


HP Support Assistance

The HP Envy 17 laptop can turn sluggish, slow down or turn unresponsive. It is quite possible that this is due to a software or hardware issue. It can be an aging hard drive that is causing your system to slow down or a malicious piece of software that is preventing your system from operating at full capacity. You can take the assistance of our technical team to resolve the issue.

Driver Installation

You can download the required drivers for your HP Envy laptop from this website. Installing the driver for the various components of your HP envy laptop ensures that all features present in the laptop are accessible. For any queries, you can contact our technical team on the toll-free number. Once your download is complete, you can launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Latest Envy Laptop Issues

  1. The following are possible signs of a virus or malware infection on your HP Envy 17 Laptop: The HP Envy 17 Laptop has become noticeably slower and day to tasks are taking a long time to complete. The system freezes and crashes. You receive pop-ups and advertisements from unknown software that you did not install. Your laptop is behaving strangely or unusually. Your internet browser is redirecting you to sites other than the one you entered on your address bar. Another possible sign includes being prevented from modifying your wallpaper or desktop settings. You might have to run a virus and malware scanner to detect the virus or malware. You might need to run a dedicated virus or malware scanner to detect and remove certain threats.

  2. If the hinge is broken, then you might have to send it to the manufacturer to fix it. Fixing it by yourself might void the warranty of the product. The following is an outline/summary of how to replace the hinge manually. Make sure that you are grounded. You will need to keep the screws removed during the process safe to use them again. Put the laptop face down. Take the battery, center panel, disk drive in the given order. Next you will need to remove the keyboard and the face plate. Next, you will need to remove the Pry the edge of the screen frame to remove the hinge on either side out. Replace/repair the hinge and then replace all the components to their respective position in the reverse order.

  3. Here are possible HP envy touch screen laptop configurations that you can perform: Search for updates in the search box. Choose Check for updates. The next important setting to configure is the size of the text, apps and other items to your convenience. You might want to also configure Cortona by hiding her from the taskbar. If you do not wish to use the default browser that is provided in the operating system, then you can download and install the browser of your choice and set it as default. The other settings that can be configured depending upon your needs include restore point, displaying extension and hidden files, disabling the lock screen and disabling user account control. Make sure the tweaks made to the operating systems are compatible with the hardware present in the HP envy laptop.

  4. Here are some tips for optimizing your gaming appearance on your HP Envy laptop running Windows 10. You can modify the HP envy laptop power settings to high performance, you can alter the Wireless Adapter Setting to Maximum. You might want to disable sleep and also deactivate USB selective suspend to make sure all USB devices are always operational. You can also use Windows 10 Game mode by pressing the Win key plus G to access the Game Bar. From the Game bar open settings, select the General tab and choose the Game Mode check box. If your HP envy touch screen laptop comes with a Graphics Card, then you can also modify the settings for the Graphics Cards to ensure a better gameplay experience.

  5. Some of the screen issues and their possible causes are explained below. You might need to replace your screen to fix these issues. If you notice discoloration, lightening, darkening, in any part of the screen, it might be due to the entry of liquid into the display panel. If there are white spots or lightened localized areas it might have happened because of a sharp object or edge coming into contact with the screen with force. If there are dark spots in particular areas, then it might have been caused due to a sharp object striking the display. In case there are Black splotches or blotches with white areas reveals, this might be due to the cracking of the internal glass which has let liquid crystal into that are black. If this occurs, the areas devoid of liquid crystals turn bright white.

  6. If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi network on your HP envy laptop, make sure that you have disabled Airplane mode on the internet. Make sure that you are not out of the router’s range. In case the network you wish to connect to is a closed network, then you might have to manually connect to the network from the OS. Examine your firewall to see if it is preventing you from connecting to a new network. Verify if you are using the correct password. WiFi passwords are case sensitive. Check if wireless connectivity is disabled from your desktop. Update the driver through Device Manager. You can also attempt checking and resetting hardware. You can also try uninstalling and reinstall the wireless network adapter driver.

  7. Detach all peripherals from the HP envy touch screen laptop. Power up the HP envy laptop then connect one peripheral at a time. To perform a hard reset, power off and remove the HP Envy laptop from any docking station. Detach all peripherals. Detach the AC adapter from the HP Envy laptop. Detach the battery from the compartment. With the battery and power cord detached, press and keep pressing the power button for about fifteen seconds to remove any residual electrical charge. Fix the battery and the power cord back into their position. Do not tether any peripheral device that you detached. Press the power button, if a start menu shows up, choose Start Windows normally and hit the Enter key. After Windows opens, replug one peripheral at a time, till all external devices are attached. After a hard reset, it is recommended that you update the Windows OS and the drivers.

  8. If your touchpad is not working it might be due to an out of date touchpad driver. Here are some possible fixes to resolve the issue. First, update the driver. From Windows Device manager, open the touchpad and choose the driver tab and choose update driver. In case windows fail to find an updated driver, check for an updated driver from the manufacturer’s website and complete the upgradation according to their guidelines. If this does not fix the issue, uninstall the touchpad driver and restart your HP Envy laptop. The Windows operating system will try to reinstall the touch pad driver. If the issue still persists, you can try resolving the issue by utilizing the generic touchpad driver that is bundled with Windows.

  9. Common battery issues include batteries that discharge quickly and failure to charge. These issues might be caused due to hardware faults or software settings. One of the possible solutions is to change the power mode from the operating system. Your operating system might come with the option to choose how the HP envy laptop may function when the under different power configurations. It is very much possible that your laptop might be set to a configuration which drains power. To modify these, you can change the power settings to a desired profile that helps conserve power. Another common tip that helps conserve power is to reduce the screen brightness of your HP Envy Laptop. For further queries, contact our technical team on the toll-free number.

  10. The BIOS is a crucial and important low level software of the HP envy touch screen laptop. The BIOS checks if all attachment are in positions and are functional and then it loads the OS into the HP Envy laptop’s memory. It is recommended that you update the firmware only when it is recommended by the BIOS manufacturer as a solution to a problem affecting your HP envy touch screen laptop, optimizing the HP Envy’s performance, and modifying the software and hardware configuration in such a way that it is not compatible with the current BIOS version. In case you install the wrong BIOS firmware or the upgradation process halts due to some reason, it might render your laptop incapable of booting.

  11. Here are some possible symptoms that might occur due to overheating. Your operating system or game turns unresponsive during operation, the laptop fans run noisier because they are working more to release the heat, the laptop boots to a black screen and does not login to Windows. Even if Windows is accessible, it fails to respond after it opens. Your HP Envy laptop might suffer due to overheating, because of dust lodged in the laptop, a new hardware component is installed which could cause the power supply to perform harder and produce excessive heat. It can also be due to the cooling fans becoming slow and wearing out. The room temperature can also cause the laptop to overheat. Preliminary solutions include cleaning the fans, ensuring there is proper space for ventilation.

  12. It is important to make periodic backups of important data on your HP Envy laptop. This helps in case of inadvertent loss of data. It is also pertinent that you have a restore facility enabled so that you can revert the system back to its working conditions and see if that helps fix any recurrent issue. Depending upon the type of system restoration, you are undertaking, your data, applications, drivers and modifications to the system might get erased. It is therefore necessary to keep backup. You can use Windows 10’s inbuilt feature to reset or restore your HP Envy laptop or use HP Backup and Recovery Manager to perform a system restoration. For assistance, you can contact our technical team on the toll-free number.

  13. HP Envy laptops can be optimized for better performance. If your HP Envy laptop has considerably slowed down it might be due to lack of processing capacity or exhausting the capacity of installed resources such as RAM. To resolve this, you might need to uninstall unrequired programs and perform other optimizations. This includes tweaking the laptop’s setting to reduce unwanted usage of memory and battery. Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall or perform a clean installation to restore the laptop to a state of optimal performance. You can get our assistance to help install operating system and the drivers for your laptop. We can also provide assistance on updating the drivers and software required for best functioning of your laptop.

  14. In case you recently upgraded your operating system and are unable to access certain features or peripherals, this might be due to a driver issue. Drivers need to be compatible with the HP Envy laptop and the operating system version that you are currently using. In certain cases, Windows will automatically recognize a component or a peripheral which will provide access to their feature. If it does not you will have to manually install the driver website and download and install the HP ENVY driver accordingly. If you have already installed the driver and it is not working properly, to rectify the issue, you might need to update the driver to fix the issue. For any further queries, contact our technical team on the toll-free number.