HP Laptop Cooling Fan not Working Error Solution

If the cooling fan on your HP laptop ceases to work, the error is known as the “90B” error.

Sometimes, the issue might be caused due to dust accumulated in the vents. So, power off your laptop, blow air over the vents, and clean the exterior of the laptop. Restart your laptop and check if the HP laptop cooling fan not working error has been resolved.
If the 90B error still persists, HP recommends making use of the following methods to resolve the issue:

HP laptop cooling fan not working error

Method 1: Update BIOS

  1. First, look for any pending BIOS updates for your HP laptop.
  2. You will be able to find the latest BIOS updates on HP official site.
  3. Navigate to the HP Support Assistant page and then download the HP Support Assistant software.
  4. Now, install the downloaded software (if necessary).
  5. It is now time to run the software. In the HP Support Assistant window that appears, click the My Devices tab.
  6. Locate your laptop and then click on the Updates button.
  7. Choose the Check for updates and messages option (or button) in order to download the most recent updates.
  8. In case you can find any latest update, check your BIOS update box. Next, click on the Download and Install button.
  9. When your update has been installed, you can close the HP Support Assistant window.
  10. Finally, reboot your laptop and then check whether your issue has been resolved.

Method 2: Hard Reset

  1. To hard reset your HP laptop, you first have to turn it off.
  2. Detach the external devices from the laptop (if there are any). In case you have plugged in using a power cable, remove it now.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  4. Now, allow the laptop to rest for one or two minutes.
  5. You can now reconnect the power cable to your laptop and the electrical outlet.
  6. Finally, power on the laptop and then check whether the problem has been solved.
  7. We have now discussed a couple of methods to fix the HP laptop cooling fan not working error or the 90B error.