HP Laptop Cooling Fan Settings

Overheating can cause several issues on a system. You can prevent the laptop from overheating is by increasing the cooling fan speed. Otherwise, you can reduce the fan speed to prevent the fast power draining of the system. Continue reading to know how to change the HP laptop cooling fan settings.

HP Laptop Cooling Fan Settings
  1. Power on the computer. If it is already turned on, then restart the laptop.
  2. When the laptop restarts, quickly press the F10 button to open the BIOS on the HP laptop.
  3. A blue screen opens up. From the different menus at the top, select the Power menu.
  4. The different Power options appear on the screen. Now, click the Thermal option.
  5. Following that, use the navigation arrows to set the fan in maximum speed and set the option on BIOS.
  6. In case you want to reduce the cooling fan speed, select the minimum fan speed.
  1. Otherwise, select the Ideal mode, which is, by default, ideal for the system.
  2. Reducing the power consumption on the system helps the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Settings to maintain normal room temperature.
  3. Open the Control Panel window and navigate to the Power Options.
  4. Select the Change Plan settings link and make the required change.
  5. Next, click the Change advanced power settings link and then select the Power saver option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Set the necessary settings and then click OK to save the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Settings.