Fixed: HP Laptop Error 90b

Sometimes, HP laptop users complain about loud fan noise. In this case, they
will see this HP Laptop Error 90b code displayed on the laptop screen.

System Fan (90b)

The error generally happens when you start your laptop, and its system fan begins
to spin faster. This problem is usually related to the heating system.

Follow the steps given below to fix the HP laptop error 90b:

HP Laptop Error 90b

Updating your BIOS

  1. You have to find out whether your laptop has any pending BIOS update. If yes, visit
    the HP website and find the latest BIOS update for your laptop.
  2. Navigate to the HP Support Assistant page.
  3. Now, download the HP Support Assistant software. If you find it necessary, install
    the software.
  4. Run the HP Support Assistant software.
  5. Click the My Devices tab. Under My Devices, locate your laptop.
  6. Click the Updates button.
  7. To download the latest updates, select Check for updates and messages.
  8. In case you find any update, check the BIOS update box. Then, click the Download and
    Install button.
  9. When you have installed the update, close the HP Support Assistant software.
  10. Reboot your laptop. Check if the issue has been resolved.

Performing Hard Reset

  1. Try hard resetting the laptop. This will reset the thermal values.
  2. To hard reset your HP laptop, turn it off.
  3. Remove the external devices connected to the laptop (if any). In case the power cable is plugged
    in, remove it.
  4. To reset, press and hold the Power button on the laptop for 15 seconds. Keep the laptop for a
    minute or two without touching it.
  5. Plug in the power adapter to the electrical socket.
  6. Next, plug the power cable into the laptop.
  7. Turn on your HP laptop and check for improvements.

Cleaning Air Vents and CPU Fans

  1. Even after trying the above steps, the issue might persist. It might be due to your laptop’s
    exterior vents. The vents might have accumulated dust, resulting in higher temperatures. This
    will result in the HP laptop error 90b.
  2. You may encounter the same error code if the thermal paste applied to your CPU has dried up.
  3. When you have shut down your computer, check the exterior vents.
  4. Blow air in the open vents to get rid of the dust.
  5. Try cleaning the CPU fans and replace the lid.
  6. Restart your laptop. Check if the problem has been resolved.
  7. In case the problem persists, try removing the old thermal paste. Reapply the paste.
  8. Again, restart your laptop and check whether you have resolved the issue.