Best HP Pavilion Laptop Models

The HP Pavilion laptop models is designed with a hinge that moves as fluidly the number of times you may open it and moreover, the hinge isn’t vulnerable to damage from the elements. This laptop is designed with liberating battery life. This laptop with dual HP Speakers and audio custom-tuned gives powerful audio experience. With the Multi-Task windows, you can enhance your efficiency. You can use the laptop as a monitor for your smartphone. The device speed makes everything you do feel fast and responsive. It lets you do multitasking with ease. It offers a flexible design with a great display and good performance. This is the perfect laptop for creative professionals and students.

Setup and Configure for HP Pavilion Laptop

Pavilion Laptop Configure

The complete setup and configuration are required for every laptop. You need to do BIOS setting for your device after you have purchased the HP Pavilion Laptop models. The communication between input and output devices is provided by this Bios setting. The setup information of the BIOS is maintained by the battery on the motherboard even after turning off your device. The complete setup for your laptop can be easily done by our experts who are available here. In no time they will configure your device and you can perform all your tasks in an easy way. Its quite easy and our technical team will set up and configure your device in less time. Get our support in setting up and configuring your laptop by contacting our technical team.

HP Pavilion Laptop Models

hp pavilion laptop models

Pavilion 14M BA013DX

Fully foldable multi-touchscreen laptop


hp pavilion x360 14m ba015dx

x360 14m ba015dx

Power-packed laptop with the high definition quality


hp pavilion 15 bs015dx

Pavilion 15-BS015DX

Dual-core processor and turbo boost technology


hp pavilion 14m ba114dx

Pavilion 14M-BA114DX

All-rounder laptop with hinge display


HP Pavilion Assistance

Here you can get the simple solutions for all your issues. Regarding your HP Pavilion laptop models, we provide you complete support and assistance. To troubleshoot all your issues in quick seconds our experts are available here. You can contact our technical team, if you need the support and assistance for your device. You can resolve any type of issues with our experts support in a way easier. Our team easily guides you in setting up and completing the installation for your device.

Driver Installation

For every laptop, a driver is very important. A compatible driver needs to be installed on each and every HP Pavilion laptop. Now, getting the best driver for your laptop is very easy. Get the driver installed on your laptop by clicking the displayed link. From this website, you can easily download the driver for your device. You can follow the on-screen prompts after you click the link and finish the driver download and installation for your HP Pavilion laptop. Get our experts help if you need any assistance on driver download for your HP Pavilion Laptop Models.

Latest Pavilion Laptop Issues

  1. To remove the virus on your HP Pavilion Laptop Models, you can use the Safe mode method. Switch off your device and then switch it on again. Continuously, press the F8 button when the screen appears. The Advanced Boot Options gets displayed. Press Enter after you select Safe Mode with Networking. While you are in Safe Mode, using the Disk Cleanup tool you should delete your Temporary Files. Doing this could even get rid of a virus and will speed up the virus scanning. The real-time and on-demand are the two types of scanners that can detect and delete computer viruses and malware. After you run the on-demand scanner you should run your real-time scanner. Sometimes you need to manually remove the virus. Reach us, if you need any assistance in eliminating the virus on your HP Pavilion laptop and get our experts help who are available here to give you complete support.

  2. The HP Pavilion laptop comes with the Microsoft System Configuration inbuilt software. To change the configuration settings it is installed. General, Boot, Services, Startup, and Tools are the variously available tabs on it. Type the msconfig on the search tab on your device. A list of available results appears. From the results, select the System Configuration icon. Until the System Configuration window appears you should wait. Installation of unnecessary software and services on the system or loading unwanted software can be prevented by this. The Boot tab is present on it and you should make a change in starting Windows. Active Directory repair, Minimal, Network, and Alternate shell are the various types of start options. The system not responding issue will be resolved with the help of Task Manager tool. Call our technical support team for more details regarding the HP Pavilion Laptop Models configuration.

  3. Most HP Pavilion Laptop Models support games. Make sure the installing games support the Windows operating system and hardware components when you are installing them on the device. Confirm that there is enough space on the hard drive before installing the game. After installing it, the system slows down the performance when there is less amount of space. So you need to first check if you are able to run the game on your device. You might face various problems with your laptop in certain conditions. When you are playing the game, you may not hear the audio, during the process the game might stop, going back to home page or quitting the game is not possible. Due to the outdated game, all these issues occur. If it is possible, upgrade the game and do not delay it. Uninstall and re-install the game on the laptop if you are facing the issue again and doing this will resolve the issue.

  4. Perform a hard reset on the system if the Keyboard and Mouse on your device are not working properly. Turn off your device. All the connected hardware or peripheral devices need to be disconnected. Take out the battery from its compartment after some time. At the same time press and hold the Mute as well as the Power button. Connect the AC adapter to the power source and your device after some time. Choose the Start Windows Manually option if the system Startup menu opens and then press the Enter key. Open the Startup menu by pressing the ESC key. Open the menu by navigating to the arrow keys. Your keyboard hardware is in proper condition will be indicated by this. Try to connect another external keyboard if the issue is with the laptop. If this keyboard works properly, then the problem is with the keyboard that is installed. Get our customer support if the issue still continues.

  5. Disable and enable the touchpad again if you are facing any issue with the HP Pavilion Laptop Models touchpad. Make the alterations on ClickPad click settings. Type mouse button on the Windows screen. A list of available results appears on the screen. On the control panel settings, select the Mouse option. Under the Clickpad settings tab, select Settings. Enable the box next to the clicking if it is not enabled and click the Settings icon. Choose one-finger, two-finger, three-finger options on the drop-down menu. Select the Configure option after the button is activated. Select the Close button based on the on-screen instructions. Click the Apply option to save the changes. After doing this, check if the issue exists still. Get our technical team support if the problem persists. Through remote support, they will provide you assistance regarding the problem.

  6. Disconnected status displays on the Network icon while connecting the laptop to a network. The reason might be due to IP address conflict, weak signal strength, unknown network name, corrupted driver, enabling the Airplane mode, etc. To attain the maximum signal strength, keep the device close to the wireless router. Assigning a unique IP address to the network name, resolve the IP address conflict. To avoid the confusion with the remaining networks, use a unique network name. Check whether the Airplane mode is enabled. If yes then disable it to scan the available networks on the surrounding area. Download failure occurs due to an unstable internet connection. The issue might also be caused by the partially downloaded software. Based on on-screen prompts download and install it again. Update it to the current version if the driver is outdated. Download and install the HP Pavilion Laptop Models best driver for your device from this website,

  7. When you connect the laptop for charging, it does not get charged even after connecting it for several hours. This issue occurs due to any physical damage to the battery, AC adapter, PIN port, charger port. Check if there are any obstructions on the port. These obstructions may lead to the charging issue. Do not insert any pin or other sharp materials into the charger port to remove the dust. This may lead to the charging issue. These pointed materials may damage the interior of the port. Handle all these components at most care. If you are supposed to replace them, examine if they are under-warranty period. Replacing them under warranty is done at free of cost. If you need any guidance for resolving the charging issue with your laptop, get guidance from our technical experts.

  8. BIOS is Basic Input/Output System that loads the operating system when you power up it. Prior to starting the system, it examines and tests each component installed on the device. When there is an issue with the BIOS, the loading time for the operating system is more. It also offers support for the newly installed devices. Due to the incorrect update or interrupted update can lead to the damage on the motherboard. Ensure that the update process for HP Pavilion Laptop Models BIOS settings is done properly. When you update the BIOS, it fixes most of the system related issues. If you are trying to update the operating system or other features, the existing BIOS may not support the new configuration. In such cases, updating it is also necessary. If you have any issues in updating the BIOS, avail quick guidance from our tech experts.

  9. In order to avoid the loss of file, you need to regularly back up your files to an external drive. Connect your external drive to the laptop in order to back up your file and then search for and open Backup settings. Enable the Automatically back up my files and then adjust backup settings by accessing More options. If you need to back up your files immediately, click on Back up now. If you want to remove some folders from backups, you can include them under Exclude these folders. The storage of data in your hard disk is something related to the data storage in your laptop. With the help of the progress bar, you can check the free space on your hard disk. Through this, you get a visual guide of already used data. You can use the external USB drives for extra storage. Get easy Guide, If you need any assistance for data storage and backup for your HP Pavilion laptops models.

  10. You can get the best driver for your HP Pavilion laptop models from this website. Once you click the link on this page, you will be taken to the page where you get the laptop driver. If you are facing any issue while downloading the driver then check if you are encountering the driver installation issue after upgrading your OS. Also, you need to check if the driver you are trying to install is compatible with your device. If it is compatible, then identify the problem using the Device manager. The reason that caused the problem to occur will be listed by the device manager. To open the Device Manager window, on your taskbar click on the Windows logo that is present on the extreme left-hand side. Enter devmgmt.msc in Start Search and select Enter. Resolve the issue after you identify the reason.

  11. Your laptop hangs up in the middle while you are using it. The screen in constant busy mode, unresponsive screen, and no movement of the cursor on the display are the symptoms of hanging up. Improper release of heat due to the blockage of dust on air vents, installing more external devices on the system, outdated drivers, the existence of virus, applications, and BIOS, etc are the main causes of this issue. From your laptop try to uninstall the devices. The issue is with the USB devices if the Windows is active. When available you need to upgrade the applications, software, and BIOS. With the help of a cloth, clean the dust on the air vents, for proper heat flow. To remove it from the system install a licensed anti-virus on the laptop to perform a full scan. Turning on the system in safe mode perform the full scan. It takes several hours for the initial scan to complete.

  12. The symptoms of the start-up issues are system does not power on or the bootup process does not begin. Check if the power supply is supplied to the laptop. When you are typing on the keyboard if you hear beep sounds then the reason might be the component failure on the motherboard or the improper connection of the hard drive cable. Reboot the device after you remove the external devices such as DVD/CD. On the AC adapter, power connector, and PIN, you should check if there is any damage. If there is any damage to these components, then enough power won’t be supplied to the HP Pavilion Laptop Models. It is suggested to replace it for free if they are under warranty. Resolve the issue by doing a hard reset. Power off your device, remove all external devices and cables. Connect the cables after some time and power it on again. The issue is resolved if the laptop is active.

  13. Various system related issues occur on updating the Windows operating system to its latest version. A black screen displays with static or non-static blinking after turning on the laptop. The existence of virus and operating the system on incompatible drivers are the main reasons for the problem. Check if the drivers are compatible with the version of hardware components and the operating system. From this website, download the compatible one. Start the download process by clicking on the link. Check if the issue persists after installing it on the system. Install the anti-virus software on the system to remove the virus from the HP Pavilion Laptop Models if the issue still exists. Using a VGA port or HDMI port tries to connect an external monitor to the laptop. The issue is with the display screen if it works properly. If it is under warranty-period, replace it for free. If you need any assistance with the blank screen problems, get laptop support from our Technical Experts..