HP Pavilion 14M BA013DX Laptop Setup Support

Pavilion-14M-BA013DX Laptop

Pavilion-14M-BA013DX Specs

With multiple modes, the hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx Laptop can meet the different needs of users. The hp pavilion x360 14m review appreciates the pavilion x360 14m’s 6 GB ram that makes sure that multi-tasking is smooth. The 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce 940MX (4 GB DDR3 dedicated) ensures that there is enough processing power to meets user requirements. The hp pavilion x360 14m review is favorable given its versatile features.

  • 14” Touchscreen display
  • 3-cell lithium ion battery
  • Windows
  • 500 GB HDD with 5400 rpm

Tech – Specifications


6 GB DDR4 SDRAM with a SO-DIMM 260-pin form factor and two slots.


Intel Core i3 (7th gen) 7100U / 2.4 Ghz, 3MB cache and 2 cores.


3-cell lithium ion battery with a capacity of 41 Wh with run time of 8.5 hrs.

Display icon

It features HD Standard viewing angle and edge-to-edge glass.

Driver Configuration Support

The hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx is an essential piece of software that lets the various components of your computer interact better with your operating system. Installing driver on your hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx lets you use all components. The common drivers that are usually installed in laptop include audio, webcam, touchpad, network, and graphics. You can download the pavilion x360 14m driver from this website.


User Guide

The hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx user guide provides basic information regarding the various features of the laptop. It provides information about the various parts of the laptop and their functions. It might also provide information on how to connect to a network, using entertainment features, using the touchscreen and power management options. You can download the user guide for pavilion x360 14m from this website.


Pavilion-14M-BA013DX Related Top issues


 Understanding and Using Windows 10 

Windows 10 features a redesigned start menu. To access the Windows 10 operating system start menu, choose Start from the desktop. This brings up the newly designed menu and the app tiles. Windows 10 comes with an Action Center that shows notifications. To access it, use the Windows + A key combination. You can also access it by clicking the Action Center icon. Windows 10 also features Cortona, the personal assistant. She aides in searching the internet, locating stuff on your pavilion x360 14m, and be up to date with your calendar.

You can also get a better tablet experience by activating the Tablet mode. It modifies the user experience to suit a tablet experience. The Start and Windows apps are full-screen so that they are more accessible for working on a smaller screen. The tablet mode can be enabled by using the Win + key combination action center, then choose Tablet Mode. You can also configure tablet mode by searching for and accessing Tablet Mode Settings.

 Updating the BIOS

  1. Updating the BIOS can resolve or improve the pavilion x360 14m’s performance or offer support for freshly installed hardware.
  2. However, an interruption during the BIOS update or the installation of a wrong update can render the motherboard permanently damaged and the laptop unbootable.
  3. Therefore it is recommended that the BIOS is installed only on the recommendation of the laptop manufacturer in order to resolve an issue, or improve the laptop’s performance. You might also need to update the BIOS in case you wish to modify the operating system or other configuration.

  Recovering the BIOS

  1. In case the BIOS on your hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx laptop turns corrupt, the laptop might display one of the following behaviors: hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx shows the error message BIOS application error 501.
  2. The laptop halts at a black or blank screen and you cannot access any of the startup options. The computer does not launch the operating system and the caps locks or num lock light flickers twice, or the computer produces beep codes.
  3. The laptop switches on but the internal/external display does not show any video, and the operating is system is not launched by the laptop.

Other related laptop models

Creating and Using a Microsoft Recovery USB Drive (Windows 10)

Connect a USB drive to the laptop. From Windows, search for create a recovery drive and choose Create a recovery drive from the search results. Use it to create a recovery drive. To use the recovery drive, switch off the laptop, insert the recovery drive into a USB port. Switch on the laptop. Press F11 immediately after the laptop powers up until the system loads system recovery. Choose the language for your keyboard.

Testing for Hardware Failures

Open the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic Windows app from Windows on your HP x360 laptop. From the main menu, choose System Tests. Choose the System Fast tab if you wish to run the fast test, or Choose the System Extensive test if you wish to run the extensive tests. After that choose Run once. The test will display the time left for completion and the test result for each component. You can make use of the failure id provided when a component fails a test to resolve the issue.

About UEFI And The Startup Menu

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is firmware code on a chip on the motherboard that offers additional capabilities, more than what the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). It can offer additional graphic menus and system information, basic diagnostics on both hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx land tablets. The startup menu lets you open UEFI application and the BIOS. To access it from a laptop, switch off and switch on the computer. Instantly hit the Esc key multiple times, around one time per second, until the Startup menu appears.

Shutdown does not work

If you are unable to shutdown the pavilion x360 14m, then try undoing any modifications that you have performed to your PC recently. It might be required that you uninstall a recently installed software or an update to resolve the issue. You can also attempt a system restore to last known proper configuration. Open the task manager and examine any possible triggers that might prevent shutting down the laptop and quit any suspicious application, and then shut down the pavilion x360 14m to check if it shuts down properly.

Computer Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware (Windows 10, 8)

  1. Your hp pavilion x360 14m ba013dx might be infected with virus if it shows the following symptom. It takes noticeably more time to boot, software programs do not start or are unresponsive. The system is sluggish. The internet browser the home page is modified and cannot be altered and the default web search engine is modified.
  2. To complete a virus scan in Windows 10, open Windows Defender Security Center. Access Virus and Threat Protection, choose Advanced Scan, choose Windows Defender offline Scan, and then choose Scan Now. Choose Scan. In case a User Account Control window appears, choose Yes. The laptop restarts and the scan starts
  3. Once the scan is complete, view the scan results.If threats were not detected, no action is required. In case threats were detected, select from the options that are shown such as Clean Threats or Start actions to resolve the threat.
  4. For Windows 8, Open Windows Defender. Choose Full, and then choose Scan now. Once the scan concludes, examine the scan results. In case no threats were detected, no action is required. If threats were detected choose the appropriate option such as removing, quarantining, or ignoring the threats.

Installing the Latest Version of Windows 10

There are multiple ways to install the latest version of Windows 10. Windows might automatically complete the update installation. You can also perform a manual install by opening Windows update by searching Windows Update from the search bar on the taskbar and choosing Check for updates. Once the download concludes, choose Restart Now. You can also install Windows 10 through a USB drive utilizing the Media Creation Tool.


Windows 10 Product Activation

Windows 10 product activation transmits an installation id number to Microsoft prior to the Windows windows being validated and then activated. Activation can be done online, by signing in to the computer as an administrator. Furnish the product key in to the product key field. Windows automatically validates whether the key provided is valid. In case a User Account Control is displayed, provide your password or give confirmation. Once the Thanks, you’re all done message appears, choose Close. You can also perform the activation over the phone.