HP Pavilion 14M-BA114DX Setup & Configuration

HP Pavilion 14M-BA114DX

Pavilion 14M-BA114DX Specs

The name Pavilion implies it is a convertible laptop with 360-degree rotating chrome-plated durable hinges. The new HP Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX is available in a 14-inch display which has a more budget-friendly configuration in HP’s lineup. It comes with the familiar elements introduced such as HP Spectre and Envy lines and HP’s Micro Edge Display design.

  • 14.0-inch diagonal FHD display
  • Lithium ion with 10 hours of battery life
  • Windows 10 Home (1) OS – 64 bit version
  • 8 GB RAM with a Core i5 processor

Tech – Specifications


The installed size of RAM is 8GB and its memory is soldered along with DDR4 SDRAM technology.


Runs on Intel Core i5 processor 8th generation at a clock speed of 1.6 GHz/8250U with Quad-Core.


Lithium-ion 3-cell an excellent battery life of up to 10 hours with the capacity of 41Wh.

Lap display

14.0-inch full HD display with WLED backlight technology and enables a multi-touch screen.

Driver Configuration Support

Download the latest version of the HP printer driver from our website. Find your product in our page to identify your printer. Enter your model name as HP Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX and wait for a while. Select your model number from the list. Choose the language and operating system of your driver. Double-click on the category name that you have selected. Click Download and select Run to download the printer driver. Select Save and follow instructions to install the driver.


User Guide

You can refer our user guide for any issues on your HP Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX printer. Using the guide you can overview the computer setup features, maintenance and service guides. The procedure for installing device drivers as well as softwares are mentioned here. Find the information on HP Limited Warranty period with the user guide. The guide has security notice and recovery steps which is necessary for your printer.


Pavilion 14M-BA114DX Related Top issues

Touch issue

Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Special Keys (Windows)

Discover the keyboard features in Windows where you can navigate, perform tasks to function quicker and easier. Keyboard shortcuts are nothing but the combination of the keyboard keys that activates specific functions when you press at the same time. Hotkeys contain Alt key mingled with a letter key (an underlined letter in the menu) to access the menu. Special keys are certain keys you may not be familiar with the keyboard can perform special functions.

Keyboard and TouchPad or ClickPad Troubleshooting

On your Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX, you may notice the keyboard and touchpad or clickpad is not working as you expect. It reflects a beep sound when you type letters. Sometimes the keyboard responds very slow or stops working and the touchpad buttons do not work at all. You can troubleshoot these issues by removing the AC adapter and battery. Press the power button and hold for 60 seconds. Connect the AC adapter and press Esc button several times. Click F10 and reboot your system.

Updating the BIOS

  1. Search for msinfo32.exe in Windows and select BIOS Version/Date under System Summary category to find out the current BIOS version number. Write down the BIOS version number to find your processor type.
  2. Verify and compare your processor to the BIOS information before you install the BIOS update. Select Processor under System Summary category. Note down the information about processor of your computer.
  3. Find out the product number on the sticker at the bottom of your laptop. Go to our website and enter your model number and OS of your computer. Click Submit and select BIOS from the list. Download and Save to update the BIOS.

  Recovering the BIOS

  1. Switch off your HP Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX notebook and plug-in to the power source using AC adapter. Recover the BIOS using a key press combination. Press and hold the Windows logo key and B key together to open the BIOS update.
  2. If the emergency recovery fails, try downloading the replacement BIOS file. Enter your product name and serial number on our website and click Find. Click Change in your selected OS tap on BIOS and click Download.
  3. Create a BIOS recovery flask drive using BIOS Update and Recovery page. Connect a blank USB flash drive to your notebook and navigate to downloaded BIOS file. Tap Create Recovery USB Flash Drive and click Next and then Finish.

Other related laptop models

Creating and Using a Microsoft Recovery USB Drive (Windows 10)

A recovery drive can troubleshoot the problem of your computer in case of a problem. Connect the USB drive to your Pavilion x360 14M-BA114DX and search for Recovery Drive in Windows. Select Create a Recovery Drive and Select your USB drive from the list. Click Next, then Create and Finish to create a Microsoft recovery USB drive. Switch off your laptop and insert a recovery USB drive into the USB port. Switch on your laptop and press F11 immediately. Click Troubleshoot and select System Recovery.

Creating And Using A Microsoft Recovery

Testing for Hardware Failures

You can test hardware components on your laptop and identify hardware failures when you suspect something wrong in your system. Diagnose your hardware issues using the Fast Test application. If you don’t find any error but your computer still has hardware issues, run the Extensive Test. Write down the failure ID if the test fails and have it available to contact our Support team or refer Test Logos on the main menu.

Understanding and Using Windows 10

Windows 10 has an effective backdrop where you can easily change the Start screen and do graphics update frequently. Back up your important files before and after upgrading to Window 10. You can find special features in Window 10 such as Tips, Get Help, Accessibility feature, Cortana, Tablet mode and many more. Explore apps like Alarms and Clock, Groove Music, Movies and TV while using Windows 10.

Shutdown does not work

Troubleshoot the shutdown issues by changing the power settings from the Control Panel in Windows. The power settings control your computer that how and when it should go and come out of sleep/standby mode. Examine whether you are running on the most updated software and check for Windows Update or Updates from HP in your laptop to resolve this issue. Perform a scan using Windows Defender to detect a malware by Real-Time Protection on your computer.

Graphics image

About UEFI And The Startup Menu

 About UEFI and the Startup Menu

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a firmware code from your motherboard chip that performs extra functions beyond Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). UEFI provides an extra graphics menu, system information, and basic diagnostics to your computer. You can access UEFI and BIOS applications using Startup Menu. When you run a UEFI application, use the arrow keys and Enter key to navigate the menu.

Computer Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware (Windows 10, 8)

  1. Use Windows Defender or any other firewall and enable it to protect against the security threats before connecting to the Internet. Use any one firewall to avoid interruption. Select System and Security from the Control Panel and check for Review recent messages and resolve problems.
  2. Set the Windows Update Tool to check for daily updates. Search for Check for Updates on the taskbar. In Windows 10, the updates are installed automatically. In Windows 8, it opens the page which has updates are available and you need to click Install Updates.
  3. Check the configuration of your virus scanner and make sure you don’t run the antivirus software with a free trial version. Renewing your subscription may protect your system. If not, install the antivirus software to protect your files and folders on your computer.
  4. New viruses are often created and released. You need to update the antivirus software regularly to eliminate the new viruses. To update, open the antivirus software and select Update or Live Update and follow the instructions. Perform a scan to detect viruses and malware.

Installing the Latest Version of Windows 10

A New version of Windows 10 is provided to your computer through Windows Update. For installing an update you require a minimum free space on your hard drive. You can either perform an automatic or manual install. If not, try to install from a USB drive using Media Creation Tool. Download the Media Creation Tool and create the installation media. Backup all your data of your computer and install Windows 10 on your laptop. The setup process allows a clean installation of Window 10.

Installing The Latest Version Of Windows 10

Windows 10 Product Activation

Microsoft requires Windows 10 activation to prevent software piracy. All our computers are pre-installed with Windows 10 where you can set up your computer and activate automatically once you connect to the Internet. You can activate Windows 10 in two ways: OEM Activation 3.0 (the product key is installed on the motherboard) and Windows Product Activation (when upgrading Windows 10). One of the quickest and easiest ways to activate your Windows 10 is activated through online.

HP Product Recycling

We won an award for recycling our products and environmental practices around the world. We favor the environmental impact on each product’s design. The recycling programs and the product return are available around the world. We promote an environment and socially responsible recycling of our products and supplies. The recycling programs may vary according to your Country/Region. You can also get tax benefits when you donate used computer.