Best HP Spectre Laptop Models

The HP Spectre laptop is designed to look sleek and powerful. It provides durability and artful refinement while remaining slim and lightweight. The ultra-slim Spectre laptop fuses liberating battery life with removable performance. This laptop provides excellent multitasking with improved speed. This laptop comes with a battery that is innovatively designed, and it lets us to fit more power in a thin profile, to provide more battery capacity. Enjoy the mesmerizing quality of this powerful laptop. The micro-edge display lets a larger screen fit into a smaller frame. It is designed stronger with more durable protection. With a preserving sound quality, SmartAmp technology provides maximum volume and performance. The HP dual speakers in this laptop come with PC audio perfection. This laptop is embedded with an IR sensor that lets your device to stay quiet and cool during intensive workloads.

Setup and Configure for HP Spectre Laptop


Every laptop needs a complete setup and configuration to be done for it. After you have purchased the laptop you need to do BIOS setting for your device. This Bios setting will provide communication between input and output devices. In spite of turning off your device, the battery on the motherboard maintains the setup information of the BIOS. Our experts who are available here will do a complete setup for your laptop. They will also configure your device in no time so that you can enjoy performing all your tasks in a simple way ever. Setting up and configuring the device is quite easy and our technical team will do that in less time. Contact our technical team via the Toll-Free number and get their support in setting up and configuring laptop.

HP Spectre laptop models

Spectre x360 2-in-1 15.6

Spectre x360 15 bl075nr

Ultra-Slim generates remarkable performance for the laptop.


Spectre x360 15-BL012DX 2-in-1 15.6

Spectre x360 15-BL012DX

Supports Multi-touch making your laptop effortless.


Spectre 13-V111DX 13.3

Spectre 13-V111DX 13.3″

Ultimately designed to give the best performance to the laptop.


Spectre x2 2-in-1 12.3

Spectre x2-12-C012DX

Gives all-day performance with a stunning look.


HP Support Assistance

Simple solutions for all your issues is available here. We provide you complete support and assistance regarding your laptop. Our experts are available here to troubleshoot all your issues in quick seconds. If you need the support and assistance for your device, you can contact our technical team via the Toll-free number which is available on this page. Our team helps in setting up, installation, and resolving any type of problems.

Driver Installation

A driver is very important for every laptop. Each and every laptop needs to be installed with a compatible driver. Now, it’s easy for you to get the best driver for your laptop. Click the displayed link and get the driver installed on your laptop. It’s very easy to download the driver from this website. After you click the link, you can follow the on-screen prompts and complete the driver download and installation. If you need any assistance on driver download for your laptop, call the Toll-free number and get our experts help.

Latest Spectre Laptop Issues

  1. If your laptop is turned on but the screen is extremely dim or has a red tint to it or you do not see anything on the screen, then this is an LCD and a backlight problem. It’s not very difficult to fix this issue. You can make sure that the LCD and the backlight is the one that is creating the issue, if your device is turned on but nothing is visible on the screen, if there is a red discoloration anywhere on the laptop screen, if the screen flickers from the moment the power is turned on, and if there are only faint images on the screen. Also, if a dim screen displays which mean that the screen is extremely dark and difficult to read also indicates that the issue is related to LCD and backlight. The backlight needs to be repaired to resolve the issue. You can also contact our technical team via the Toll-Free number that is displayed on this page to get your issue resolved quickly.

  2. The installation issues normally occur when your device doesn’t have enough space. To upgrade a 32-bit OS, or 20 GB for a 64-bit OS your device requires at least 16 GB of free space. You can also check the third-party drivers and download any updates to overcome the installation errors. If you are still unable to install, then remove all external storage devices and drives, docks, and other hardware from your laptop and check if the issue is resolved. As these aren’t needed for basic functionality. Also, try to check the device manager for any errors and resolve them. Remove the third-party security software and check if the issue gets resolved. Also, try to repair hard-drive errors to resolve the installation issues with your laptop. If you need any help in resolving the installation issues, give us a call at the Toll-Free number that is displayed on this page.

  3. You should clean the fans that provide cooling to the CPU and graphics card when your laptop is getting overheated. Before you attempt to do any cleaning, shut down the computer, remove the battery, and unplug the power strip. Using a cotton swab dipped in a drop of alcohol, carefully clean the fan. To clean the exhaust port, using a vacuum cleaner you should release the air. To overcome the heating issues you need to keep the Laptop on a Hard & Flat Surface. Laptop coolers are actually used to provide additional cooling for your device but then using the wrong cooler can actually make the issue worse. Be careful while getting the cooler for your device. If none of the above solutions worked out, then you can try the software fixes to resolve the overheating issue. If you need any guidance on resolving the issue, call us at the given Toll-Free number.

  4. A blank or black screen, distorted, color fade, geometric distortion, fuzzy, blurry, stretched, light leakage or bleeding, flickering, horizontal or vertical lines, dead pixel or bright pixel, light or dark patches are some of the symptoms that indicate the issue is related to the screen. Any damage caused to the LCD screen can cause performance issues. If there is any physical damage you need to repair it. Using the Windows Safe Mode you can identify if the issue is related to the operating system, device drivers, video settings, or a 3rd party software. Updating the device drivers and BIOS can actually resolve the screen related issues. For optimal video performance and to resolve common video issues it is essential to update the following device drivers. You can also call the Toll-Free number if you need any assistance in resolving the issue.

  5. The pivoting display is used for switching your laptop to a tabloid. Normally, the pivot in the laptop cannot be repaired on your own and so you need to maintain it properly. To properly maintain the pivot of your laptop, be careful while opening the laptop and do not stretch it backward from its normal position. Make sure that the unknown users do not overuse your laptop. You have to maintain the pivot without creating any damage to it, as replacing it is a big task and if it is under warranty you can replace it for free. But mostly the pivot of your device won’t be under warranty. So you need to replace it with the service center depending on your convenience. If you need any assistance in replacing the broken pivot of your laptop, give us a call at the Toll-free number and get our experts support.

  6. If you are unable to install the drivers for your device, then you need to check if the problem has occurred after you have upgraded your Windows operating system. Ensure the driver you are installing is compatible with your operating system. You are unable to install the drivers for your device even though is compatible, then use the device manager to identify the problem. The device manager lists out the reason that caused the problem to occur. Tap on the Windows logo on your taskbar that is there on the extreme left-hand side to open the Device Manager window. In the Start Search box, enter devmgmt.msc and then tap Enter. Once you identify the reason in the device manager, check and resolve the issue accordingly. You can also get our technical team support via the Toll-Free number that is displayed on this page to resolve the driver installation issues.

  7. Try to update and run your laptop’s virus scanner to remove spyware and viruses as they can use up your device’s CPU resources and slow down your laptop’s performance. Also, launch the System Configuration screen by clicking the Start button, entering msconfig and pressing the Enter key. Remove the check in the box next to every item you don’t need running on your laptop by navigating to the Start Up tab. Only the selected programs will start up when you reboot your laptop, freeing up resources on your machine. Launch the Add or Remove Programs screen to free up space on your laptop’s hard drive. Also, launch the Disk Cleanup utility to clean up your laptop’s hard drive. Launch the Windows defragmenter utility to consolidate files that increases the speed. You can also get our support via the Toll-Free number to increase the device performance.

  8. Before you attempt to upgrade your driver, make sure the driver that you want to upgrade satisfies the basic requirements. You should also check if the driver is compatible with the Operating system you are using for your device. Check if there are any updates for the driver for your device. You should update the driver only if it is necessary. If you are having a problem with your hardware then you may need to upgrade your driver. You may need to upgrade if the device is not working properly or the connection drops. Moreover, getting a right driver for your laptop is more important to overcome the issues. You can get the latest driver for your device from here. You can find the driver download link provided here. If you need any support in upgrading the driver for your device, call us at the displayed Toll-Free number.

  9. You can use the Safe Mode method to remove the virus on your laptop. First, turn your device off and then on again. When the screen appears, press the F8 button repeatedly. The Advanced Boot Options menu appears. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter. You should delete your Temporary Files using the Disk Cleanup tool while you are in Safe Mode. Doing this speed up the virus scanning and could even get rid of a virus. The two types of scanners are real-time and on-demand that can detect and delete computer viruses and malware. Run your real-time scanner after you run the on-demand scanner. Some virus may need to be manually removed. If you need any support in removing the virus on your HP laptop, call us at the Toll-Free number that is given on this page and get our experts help who is there here to provide you complete support.

  10. There are several things that can cause the Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your laptops. Verify the wireless connection is enabled and that the SSID and security key are correct. The Wi-Fi issues may also occur if the SSID and security key are wrong. You should also make sure the Internet is working properly. To resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issue, try resetting modem and router and check if the issue is resolved. If you are still facing the issue, try rebooting the laptop. Installing more than one firewall software on your device can create network connectivity issues with your laptop. Try to disable the firewall software and check if the issue is resolved. Also, try to reinstall wireless device and drivers to resolve the issue. Try a hard reset on the laptop to resolve the issue. If still, you face the connectivity issue, call us at the Toll-Free number to get your issue resolved quickly.

  11. If may encounter various issues with your laptop such as overheating, slow hard drive, the battery won’t hold a charge, need more memory, hard drive failure, bad keyboard, can’t connect to wireless network, and system crash. Cleaning out the air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner can resolve the overheating issue. Disk defragmentation can resolve the slow hard drive issue. If your battery won’t hold a charge, then doing a battery replacement will resolve the issue. Try to upgrade your RAM and try a ReadyBoost-enabled USB drive to troubleshoot the sluggish performance. If the loud clicking sounds occur when the laptop accesses data from the hard drive, replace the hard drive to resolve the issue. If you are unable to connect to the wireless network, then make sure wireless is turned on. Ensure that router is broadcasting network name (SSID). Get our experts support via the Toll-Free number to troubleshoot the problems.

  12. Usually, all the HP laptops come with a Windows operating system and so it has an installed in-built windows defender anti-virus software. You need not install it again but you may need to update it regularly. Also, if you do not need the Windows defender anti-virus software, then you can install any other anti-virus software for your device. Remember, you should uninstall the previous anti-virus software and then only you need to install the new one as installing more than one anti-virus software will create issues. New viruses are created and generated often and so the files and folders on the computer are at risk without the antivirus software. To uninstall the anti-virus, navigate to the control panel, on the screen tap Programs → Uninstall a program. Then right-click the anti-virus software and click Uninstall. Then the software gets removed. For help, dial the Toll-Free number.

  13. Regularly back up your files to an external drive to avoid file loss. To back up your file, connect your external drive to the laptop and search for and open Backup settings. Turn on Automatically back up my files and then click More options to adjust backup settings. Then click Back up now to back up your files immediately. If you need to exclude certain folders from backups, you can add them to Exclude these folders. The data storage in your laptop is something related to storage of data on your hard disk. You can also check the free space on your hard disk with the help of the progress bar. It gives you a visual guide of already used data. For extra storage, you can use the external USB drives. If you need any support for data storage and backup for your laptops, give us a call at the Toll-Free number.