HP Spectre X360 15-Bl012dx Laptop Setup

hp spectre x360 15 bl012dx

HP Spectre x360 – 15-bl012dx Specs

The Spectre X360 UHD screen is spectacular and battery life is excellent because of power savings from the graphics. The color of the laptop look rich and bright, and details are beautifully crisp. When the screen is folded back, provides a 15.6 diagonal measure screen. The Core i7 processor and the discrete graphics are more modest.

  • Intel Core i7-8550U.
  • Windows 10 Home 64 and 10 Pro 64.
  • Intel 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Up to 12 hours and 45 minutes.

Tech – Specifications


With its 8GB of DDR4/2133 RAM, it has the benefit of a higher clocked CPU.


With an Intel Core i7-7500U processor, you can speed up your day-to-day tasks based on the needs.


The Spectre x360 15 is compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connections.

Display icon

It is a good looking laptop. As a 360 degree 2 in1, the Spectre x360 15 offers the typical four usage modes.

Driver Configuration Support

It doesn’t matter what the device is. Without a driver, the device will not function properly. With drivers being updated frequently, it improvises security updates, it fixes the bug and provides an enhancement to the performance and feature. This is to keep your laptop up to date. To get the driver for your laptop, just click on the driver option on this website. Specify your laptop model and download the suitable driver.


HP Spectre x360 – 15-bl012dx Laptop top issues

Not Respond To Touch

Screen does not respond to touch, or responds intermittently

Once you find that your laptop’s touch screen is not responding, the first process, you need to do is rebooting the laptop. If you still face an issue, you can use the Windows calibration tool. Still having a problem? Try to reinstall the updated driver for your laptop. If not, update the driver for the laptop so that some of the basic errors will be fixed automatically. For any queries, ring us at the toll-free number that is displayed on this website.

Flickering screen issue in HP spectre x360 15′

While working on the laptop, if you find that the laptop screen is flickering, disable Display Power Saving Technology in the Intel Graphic Control Panel. If you still find an issue, try updating the latest driver and reboot the laptop. It might be the power problem. Try to replace the cable with a new one. If the issue doesn’t resolve it, there might be a defective cable between the screen and the motherboard. You will need to have the cable replaced with good technicians.

Other related laptop models

After logged in laptop Black screen only display issue

After logging into the laptop, if you still find the blank screen on your laptop, try to reboot your laptop. Rebooting the laptop will resolve most of the issues. To test the display, attach the external monitor and restart the computer. Uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver. If the issue doesn’t resolve it, contact our technical support team at the toll-free number to get an instant solution for your issue. Our technical experts are here to help you.

Windows Upgrade Suddenly Stopped

Wireless connection was not working

Most of the laptop has the option to turn on or off the wireless connection. Check the wireless option to verify if the wireless signal is on. Turn on the wireless connection, wait for 10 seconds, observe any changes to the wireless connection icon in the notification area. Move your mouse over the wireless connection icon in the notification area to view the current connection status. If the issue still persists, power off and on the laptop and now enable the wireless connection on your laptop.

Windows upgrade suddenly stopped.

While upgrading the Windows OS, if the upgrades stop suddenly, use the tips that are given below to resolve the issue. Ensure that your computer’s date and time are accurate and that Internet Explorer language option is not empty. While checking your year, date and time, also verify the Internet Time and Time Zone. If you still find an issue, restart and try Windows Update again. For any queries, feel free to contact our technical support at the toll-free number that is displayed on this website.

Graphics Not work after windows 10 Update

If you find that the Graphics doesn’t work on your laptop after Windows 10 update, try to scan the graphics card driver and then update your graphics card. Restart the laptop. In some cases, Windows Update will incorrectly update the onboard/integrated graphics card and activate it while deactivating the separate stand alone card. Verify in Device Manager and check if you have an integrated card and make sure that it is enabled. For more information, contact us at the toll-free number.

Graphics Not Work

How to Identify and Repair Malware or Virus Infected Systems

  1. Unplug your PC from the Internet and do not use it until you’re ready to remove the malware. Boot up your laptop into Safe Mode. In the Safe mode option, only the minimum required programs and services will be loaded.
  2. Booting in safe mode will prevent from the malware that is set to startup when Windows starts. If you boot your laptop into Windows Safe Mode then you will find that your laptop runs faster in Safe Mode.
  3. If the laptop doesn’t run faster, then there is a malware infection in your laptop or you might have a lot of legitimate programs that normally start up with Windows. You have to exclude the temporary files prior to starting any other steps.
  4. By Doing this could speed up the virus scanning, as well as it will clear the downloaded virus files. You can do this via the Disk Cleanup utility or from the internet options menu. For any help, ring us at the toll-free number.

Fix Network Connection Issues in Windows 10

If you’re having an issue getting connected to a network and can’t get onto the Internet, here are some basic tips that you can try in Windows 10 to resolve the issue. Disconnect the power cable from the router and then from the modem. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then connect it back.

Fix Network Problems in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Some of the programs like firewalls, antivirus applications, VPN clients, and various malware might cause Internet connection issues. When there are Internet connection issues in Windows 7 and 8 make sure there are no firewalls installed other than the Windows Firewall. In case other firewalls are in use, consider uninstalling them and activate the Windows Firewall.