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Fix: Laptop Cooling Pad Not Working

We will see how to fix the Laptop Cooling Pad Not Working on a laptop of 15 to 17 inches.

Laptop Cooling Pad Not Working

  1. First, make use of a screwdriver to open all the screws on your laptop.
  2. Next, remove the laptop’s upper cover.
  3. If you find any dust on the cooling pad, please remove all the dust from all the parts of the cooling pad.
  4. You will find a chip with a circuit. This chip could have been affected due to too much use or too much power. So, it would have stopped working completely.
  5. You can take the chip with the circuit to an electrician and request him to fix Laptop Cooling Pad Not Working it. But this task will require the spending of your money.
  6. Therefore, the next best way is to fix the cooling pad yourself.
  7. Let us now see how to fix your “not-working” cooling pad.
  8. Take out all the screws from the cooling pad.
  9. Now, you will be able to see two wires and two fans. Now, cut the ends of the two wires. Connect the gray wire with the other gray wire. And similarly, the black with the other black.
  10. Now, get hold of the USB wire. One end of this wire is for connecting it to your laptop. Cut off the other end and discard it.

  1. You can see four wires inside. One of them will be black and another white.
  2. The other two will be of different colors. Join the black and white wires together. Then, join the colored wires together.
  3. Next, join these wires such that one of them is connected to the all-black wire and the other with the all-gray wire.
  4. Now, get hold of another laptop or PC.
  5. Plug the USB wire from the first laptop to the USB port on the second laptop or PC.
  6. Now, you can see that the cooling fans have started working.
  7. This method is quite easy and cost-free. Now, you don’t have any need for the chip with the circuit.
  8. You can follow this method instead of spending money on fixing or repairing the chip with its circuit.
  9. Ensure that none of the wires touches the fans or the vent.
  10. You can now fix all the screws in their places and replace the laptop cover.

And that’s it!!!

Your Laptop Cooling Pad Not Working is now completely fixed, and it is now good as new!!!