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Laptop Cooling Pad Setup Guidance

Gaming for long hours takes a toll on you physically and mentally. But, in the same process, you will also notice your laptop gaining too much heat because of using it for so long. You, as the user will also receive an enormous amount of heat considering the room temperature. It doesn’t mean that the laptop gets heated only while gaming. It is common for laptops to generate heat when used extensively, but you also need not worry or give much thought about that. With the help of laptop cooling pads, things can be made much simpler and also protect your laptop from hardware failures.

Follow the steps to do Laptop cooling pad setup.

Laptop cooling pad setup

  1. Unbox the laptop cooling pad from the carton box.
  2. The cooling pad does come with a USB cable to make the setup easier.
  3. Keep the cooling pad in one location and open the flip stand.
  4. Place the laptop on top of the cooler (use the extendable hinges to keep the laptop in one proper position based on your preference).
  5. Connect the USB cable from the cooling pad to the USB port on the laptop.
  6. Once the USB connection is made, locate and press the power switch on the cooling pad (the fan will start running).
  7. Based on different models, the power switch location varies, and the cooling pad will light up.

  1. Let the cooling pad run for a couple of minutes and you will feel the cool air coming from the cooling pad because of the fan.
  2. Now, you can just place the laptop on top of the cooling pad and continue your routine work.
  3. You will eventually notice the laptop generating less heat and eventually cool down faster than earlier.
  4. It is easier for you as the user, especially when you are gaming or using some high-end applications. Laptop cooling pad setup process completed successfully.