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Fixed: Laptop Turns On and Off Repeatedly

Problematic Scenario:

  1. Your Laptop turns on and off repeatedly.
  2. You are able to turn on the laptop as usual. The LED lights on the device light up.
  3. After that, the device can run for a few seconds. But it shuts off again (automatically).
  4. The fan in the laptop runs for a short while.
  5. There is no display on the laptop screen.
  6. You do not know what to do in such a situation, and you do not know the reason behind the problem.

Laptop turns on and off repeatedly

Solution for Laptop Turns On and Off Repeatedly Issue:

  1. First, check whether your laptop is damaged. You might have dropped it down accidentally somewhere. This might have resulted in the failure of the hard drive.
  2. There is also another reason behind hard drive failure. At some point in time, if your laptop has shut down suddenly, the hard drive would have made an emergency stop.
  3. Therefore, checking for physical damages should be the first step in troubleshooting the issue.
  4. The next step is to check your hard disk by using it on another computer/laptop (that functions normally).
  5. If your laptop shuts down after booting up from a cold state, it means that it is not an overheating problem.
  6. The next thing that you need to do is remove the battery. Once that is done, try to boot your laptop using only your power supply.
  7. Now, if you find that the device can boot up and run, it indicates that the battery is almost dead. So, it is not getting recharged properly.
  8. Next, open the laptop and ensure that there is no disconnection issue. You can do this by reseating the memory DIMMs in the device. Here, DIMM is the short form of Dual in-line memory module.
  9. If you cannot find any disconnections, then pull the hard drive out of the device and then reseat it too.
  1. If you find that the Laptop turns on and off repeatedly problem persists, then check the fans in your laptop. See whether they are clogged. At times, your cat or dog’s hair might have gotten inside the fans and caused the clogging.
  2. Removing the hair and cleaning the fans might help.
  3. If you have checked all the above causes, then finally, check for a short circuit.
  4. On your laptop’s motherboard, a short circuit might happen because of two reasons:
  5. An unstable electrical network
  6. A battery that does not work properly
  7. The short circuit that results from the unstable electrical network might lead to the burning of the motherboard capacitors. Now, this is a serious problem.
  8. In such a situation, you might not be able to repair the laptop on your own. So, it is better to take it to a nearby reputable service center.
  9. We have now analyzed the problematic scenario and listed the tips and techniques to resolve the issue.
  10. Try all the above instructions one by one. If you can eliminate one problem, go to the next one.
  11. Taking your laptop to a service center should be your last resort.