Best Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models are ultra portable budgeted laptops providing performance and value on a single package. It offers best features for creators, professionals and gamers. Lenovo Laptops have undergone stress tests to meet reliability standards. Lenovo ThinkPad are the best Business Laptops that are reliable with high graphics quality. For gamers, Lenovo provides Legion with discrete graphics, vivid display and Ultimate audio quality. Lenovo IdeaPad series provides robust multimedia features. These IdeaPad laptops are affordable all purpose laptops. The Ideapad miix series are 2 in 1 (ie) perfect for work and play and it can be used as a touch screen tablet.

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Setup and Configure

lenovo ideapad laptop setup

To Setup and Configure Lenovo Ideapad laptop models, turn on your laptop by pressing the power button. For the very first time you should boot your device. Install the operating System (say Windows 7) by Inserting pendrive in USB port or CD into the CD tray. When the laptop boots, press Function key + F2 to Enter into the BIOS. Press the Power button and immediately press function key + F2. Change the System Date and System Time. Change the Boot Priority to Legacy First. Enable the remaining options. Now, save the BIOS settings by pressing Function Key + F10. The system will restart. Install the OS. The Lenovo Ideapad driver Support Installations is Completed. Connect to your network and update your drivers, if needed and if not you can start using your laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models

lenovo ideapad laptop models

Ideapad 320

 i7 processor having Advanced graphics power.


ideapad 300

Ideapad 300-17

Provides super-fast WiFi, HD+ display and graphics.


ideapad fba_606000000000


It has 1TB drive size Providing high Performance.


ideapad p500

Ideapad p500

500 GB Hard Drive 6 GB RAM.


ideapad 110

Ideapad 110

It has reliable processor, clear display and high storage.


Software Driver Installation

To do Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models driver Support installation, download the drivers. Click on Run or Save. Go to the respective folder and extract the file. Double Click the extracted file. Click Yes and Next then Install and finally click Finish.

Recent lenovo Laptop Queries

  1. For operating System recovery, Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models provides a preloaded software application called OneKey Recovery. You can make use of it to make a recovery partition for factory restore in future. Make sure that you have a backup for data in the C drive. Now, Press the Restore button. Select System Recovery Option. This will load the process. In the Onekey Recovery dialog box, Select Restore form initial backup. Click on Start and you will see a pop-up. Click Yes. The system recovery starts and you will see a notification when it ends. Now, Click on Done and the Reboot. Select Country, App Language, Keyboard Layout and Time Zone. Accept the License Agreement. Click on Restore Previous Settings. Connect to your network. Sign in to your account and the recovery process is completed.

  2. Lenovo ideapads are DOS(Disk Operating System) Laptops which means these laptops have no preinstalled windows or linux OS. Inrder to download the Operating Systems on Lenovo Ideapads, Login to your Microsoft account. Search for Windows 10 Software Download. Click on Download Tool Now. The Microsoft Media Creation tool downloads. Double click on the file and Accept the License Agreement. Now to setup your OS, select the Create installation Media radio button. Click Next and select language , Edition and Architecture from the drop down menu. Click Next and Choose the ISO file radio button. This will direct you to the Select a path dialog box. Select the file and the downloading starts now on your Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models. Install your windows OS and start using it.

  3. Booting from CD to your laptop is necessary to reinstall your operating system. Mostly, all Lenovo Ideapad Laptops come with the ability to boot from CD. To boot Lenovo Ideapad from CD insert the CD into your CD tray. Click Start then Shutdown then Restart to reboot your laptop. Press F1 or F2 key repeatedly to enter the BIOS. Press the Right Arrowkey to highlight the Boot section. Now, hit Enter. Press the Down Arrow key to highlight the IDE CD on Boot Priority Order. To move the IDE CD to the first priority order, Click on +. Press F10 to save the settings Reboot your computer. On your Lenovo Ideapad, Press any key to boot from the CD when prompted.

  4. Recovery can be done from a Partition that is virtually built into a Computer/Laptop. On your Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models, click on F11 to enter into the Recovery Partition. This Recovery Partition contains the Operating System and other softwares present initially. Now, restart your system and press F11 repeatedly. You will triggered to the OS loading page. You will see the Recovery Manger Welcome Page. Click on Next. Select System Recovery radio button. Choose Yes radio button and click Next. Choose Recover without Backing up your files and click Next. Select all check boxes in Factory Image Recovery. The it is 100% complete the recovery is finished, click on Finish. The software installation takes up for few seconds where windows re-installation happens. Setup the OS by accepting the license agreement.

  5. Lenovo supports Linux, VMware, Windows operating system. Running Linux OS on Lenovo Ideapads, provides a reliable and secured environment.To meet the workload demands, Linux offers servers like Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle Linux and Canonical Ubuntu Linux. You can install Linux OS from USB Disk or USB Flash Drive. VMware Operating System is used when a flexible infrastructure and visualization is needed. VMware provides VMware vSphere ESXi, VMware Solutions From Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models. VMware is guest Operating System and you can install this when you need to partition the Disk Space.The installation done via a CD-ROM or floppy disk. To meet the industry standards, use Windows OS. Log in to your Microsoft account and install the newest OS.

  6. Inorder to install an operating System from an external floppy Disc, Connect the external floppy disk to your laptop. Hit any key to start your booting process. The usual boot process is abandoned and instead you will see a blue screen with Microsoft DOS setup menu.To continue with the Setup process, hit Enter. Choose Configure first hard disk (recommended) by hitting the Enter. Now, you will see a caution window. Hit Enter to proceed with the OS installation. The System Configuration takes place for a while and will restart your system. Now Confirm your date/time, country and keyboard layout using arrow keys and press Enter. Hit Enter to install DOS in the default directory. After the installation process is complete, you will receive a message saying MS-DOS Setup Complete.

  7. Enter into the Boot Menu by clicking F12 and Select Boot Menu. It directs to the Boot Manager. Use Down Arrow Key to select option KingstonDataTraveler 2.0 and hit Enter. This will load the Windows OS. Now, you will see the Windows Setup dialog box. Select the Language and Time and click Next and then Install Now. Now Click, Troubleshoot your PC followed by Advanced Options. Under this, Click Command Prompt. Type diskpart and hit Enter the type list Volume and hit Enter. Select the Volume where the OS is present and type select volume 2 press enter and type active hit enter and then type assign hit enter and then type exit and hit enter. Restart your Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models and the issue is scanned and repaired.

  8. Heating issues is one of the main reasons for short battery life. Do a periodic check if your laptop fan is working properly or not. Do not leave your Lenovo Ideapad plugged in longer than needed . Over charging can damage the battery’s life. To maximize the battery power, Turn down the brightness of your screen. Prevent any updates running on battery power and change the settings so that these updates only run when plugged into a power source. Unplug the idle devices. Turn off Bluetooth when it is not in use. Change the Power Plan Settings to Balanced or Power Saver Mode. Lenovo Ideapad have InstantGo, a software that does all updates at the background during standby, extending the battery life.

  9. To change the Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models touchpad settings and features in Windows 8 or 10, Click the start button on the lower left on your screen. Click on Settings and then click on Devices. On the left menu you will see Mouse & Touchpad click on that. First You will see “Select your Primary Button” and then “Roll the Mouse Wheel to Scroll”. You can use the drop down menu to Change the settings. To change the features of the touchpad, Click on Additional mouse options. You will see a Mouse Properties Dialog Box. It has Button, Pointers, Pointer Options, Wheels, Hardware tabs. Click on that particular tab to modify your current settings. Finally, after changing the settings to your preference, click on OK and then Apply.

  10. Some of the common Wireless problems and their fixes are provided below. If you are facing that your Wireless is not authenticating your credentials, make sure that you are using the correct username and password. Troubleshoot and check if your wifi establishes a connection. The second general issue is that you wifi wont let you to type your password. To fix this issue, delete all saved passwords in either Windows Credential Manager or Mac Keychain. Now try removing the connection and setting it up again. If you face any expired or corrupted credentials, go to Start–> Credential Manager–> Windows Credential and delete all information belonging to that credential. If you are a Mac user, then Open Spotlight and type Keychain Access. Search and delete all data belonging to that credential.

  11. Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models have a separate partition that is used for recovery and restore. The Lenovo Ideapad 100, 11S, x, y, Z series all can create and run a recovery disc. If you are an Ideapad user, then you can use the Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Other lenovo users turn on your laptops. Go to Start and then select Control Panel. Click on Backup and Restore. On the left hand side pane, click on Create System Repair Disk. Insert a blank CD/DVD and select the drive and click on Create Disc. Now your system will restart. You will see a alert to select a boot device. Click on your device and the OS will start loading. Now, Click on System Repair. This will show the System Recovery Options click System Restore. The system reboots and recovers.

  12. Most of the Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Models review says that the majority of the Lenovo users has faced issues with touchpad. To resolve this issue,make sure that the touchpad is enabled. Toggle the key to select Enable option or you can use fn+F5 or fn+F6. Go to start then Settings.Select Devices and then Mouse and Touchpad. Now, select Additional Mouse Option, the Mouse Properties window will open. Click on the Device Settings. Enable your device and click OK and then Apply. Now, manually update your drivers. Click start –> Control Panel –> Device Manager. Right click on your device and click Update Driver Software. You can also uninstall the old drivers and install the new latest driver and then restart your system.