Microsoft Outlook has Stopped Working

microsoft outlook has stopped working

  •   ‘Processing’ screen error – When Outlook stops responding, an error message named ‘Processing’, is displayed. To resolve this Microsoft Outlook has stopped working issue, close Outlook and open it again in safe mode.
  •   Close Outlook. Reopen Outlook in safe mode by following any of the below mentioned methods. Windows 7 – Open the Start menu. Type Outlook /safe in the search box and press enter.
  •   Windows 10 – Click Start. Type Outlook.exe /safe in the search tab. Press the Enter button. Windows 8 – Open the ‘Apps’ menu. Choose Run. Type Outlook /safe, then, select ‘OK’.
  •   Any dialog box open? – When you perform a new operation like delete/dismiss in Outlook, a dialog box pops up. This box requests for confirmation by the user, to proceed further.
  •   Outlook will not let you do anything, unless you make a choice. Choose an option, either Yes or No, in the dialog box. Make sure to close any open dialog boxes, else, go to the next step.
  •   Error due to bulk process – Ensure that Outlook is not forced to perform bulk operations. When you move a large number of items, Outlook tends to hang, but it works on the background.
  •   Observe the status bar at the bottom of the screen. The status bar will get stuck temporarily. Wait few minutes. Let Outlook to complete the process to solve Microsoft Outlook has stopped working issue. Restart Outlook for better results.
  •   Update – Make certain that Windows and Office packages are up-to-date. We recommend you to set Windows Update to automatically install the latest version of the software.
  •   Rebuild Office programs – Open the Control Panel. Select the Programs and Features tab. Right-click the installed MS-Office package from the list, then, click the ‘Change‘ option.
  •   Repair Outlook data files – The Inbox Repair tool can resolve issues by examining data files and fixing errors. Open ‘Repair Outlook Data Files’ menu and follow instructions onscreen.