Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Setup Guidance

Microsoft surface pro laptop

Microsoft Pro surface laptop Specs

Microsoft surface is a powerful laptop that can be used in multiple modes. This includes a laptop mode that can be enabled by using the built-in kickstand. A studio mode when you lower the kickstand so that you can write and draw. The tablet mode can be set up by closing the kickstand and removing or folding the cover. It supports wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • 128 GB, 256 GB, 512GB, or One TB Solid State Disk storage space.
  • 31.242 centimeter PixelSense display.
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Battery that offers up to 13.5 hours of video playback

Tech – Specifications


It can support up to 16 GB Random Access Memory.


It supports Intel Core 7th generation m3, i5 or i7 processor.

battery icon

It offers battery life that can last up to 13.5 hours of video playback.

Lap display

It offers a 31.242 CM Pixel Sense display with 10 point multi-touch.

Configuration Support

Driver Support

You can download the drivers for Microsoft Surface Pro from this website. Drivers are required to get the best out of all components available in the Surface Pro. When downloading drivers, make sure that they are compatible with your operating system version you are currently using. Installing drivers ensures that you are able to access all the features available on your Surface Pro. When you download the driver from this website, your browser might prompt you to choose Run, Open or Save. Selecting Run or Open will initiate the installer immediately after it downloads. Selecting Save will store the file in your computer, and you can launch the driver installer whenever you wish.

Choose Save. Your download will begin. You can see the estimated time left for the download to end in the Downloads bar of the browser. Once the download concludes, launch the browser from the Downloads bar of the browser or the Downloads folder of the computer. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process. If you have any queries, you can contact our technical support team on the toll-free number.


Manual Support

You can download the Surface Pro User manual from this site. User manuals are intended to meet the needs of the end-customer. It might include instructions to set up the Surface Pro, to keep it updated, to get online, to use additional components such as the Surface Pen, Type Cover, to connect displays and other peripherals, and to clean and maintain the device. It might provide tips to customize the Surface Pro to meet personal needs. It may also provide definitions of various parts of the surface along with their functions. This helps the user get acquainted with the various parts and their uses.

The information in the user manual is delivered in a straight-forward fashion. It does not employ unclear or ambiguous words. This helps the end-user understand the instructions. The user guide is categorized into various groups and presented in the Table of contents. It might contain safety instructions and cautionary advice to prevent any damage to the Surface Pro and hazards and injury to the user. It might provide troubleshooting advice for some of the basic issues that might occur while using the Surface Pro.

Microsoft surface pro laptop Top issues

Creating And Using A USB Recovery Drive

Restore or reset Surface

To Reset choose Start, choose Settings, select Update and security and access Recovery. Under Reset this PC, choose Get started and select keep my files or Remove Everything or Restore Factory settings. Choose one of the options according to your needs.

Surface won’t turn on or wake from sleep

To resolve this issue, press the power button once to switch on the Surface Pro. If the problem is unresolved, you can also attempt waking up the Surface Pro with any special keyboard shortcut. If the issues persists, you can try force shutting down the Surface Pro.

Creating and using a USB recovery drive

You can initiate the process of creating a recovery drive by searching for Create a recovery drive from your taskbar and choosing it. After using it to create a recovery drive, insert the USB recovery drive when the surface is powered down and plugged in. Press and keep pressing the volume.

How to find your wireless network password

  1. From Windows 10: Choose the start button, open settings, and select Network and Internet. Click the network to connect and choose Connect.
  2. Search for View Network Connections and in the search results, choose View Network Connections.
  3. In network connections, press and keep pressing the network name and choose Status and then select Wireless Properties.
  4. Choose the Security tab and choose Show characters. The password for the wireless network is shown in the Network security field.

Connect Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector

  1. You will need a cable or adapter that is compatible with the TV, monitor or Projector.
  2. The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a Mini Display Port. You can use a MiniDisplay port to a Display port if your external screen has a Display port.
  3. Depending upon the port you wish to connect to you might require either a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter or a Mini Display port to VGA Adapter.
  4. You can utilize a Microsoft Wireless Adapter to tether to a Screen utilizing Miracast.

Switching from Windows 10 S to Pro

Windows 10 S is a version of the Windows 10 operating system that lets you install applications only through the Microsoft store. It focuses on providing better security and speed. You can switch to Windows 10 Pro to remove the restrictions on installing apps. To migrate from Windows 10 S to PRO, choose the Start button, then open Settings, choose Update and Security, Select Activation. Beneath Upgrade your edition of Windows. Choose Go To Store. This will show a Switch to Windows 10 Pro Page from where you will be able to initiate the switch from Windows S to Windows 10 Pro.

boot suface from usb

What to do if Surface is running slower

If your Surface Pro is running slower, check for updates. Go to the Windows Update and check for updates. Another option is to reduce background tasks. Open the task manager and select the Startup tab. Disable any software that you believe is not required. Restart the system. You can also use the Performance monitor app to optimize your surface. Select Adjust for Performance. Make sure that the power mode slider is set to either Better Performance or Best performance configuration.

Boot Surface from a USB device

To boot surface from a USB device, you will need to make the USB device as bootable and then set the Surface to boot from a USB device. To make the USB bootable, you will need to create a primary partition on the USB driver, format it in fat32 format. After formatting Enter Active and press the enter key. Enter exit and press the Enter Key. Place the OS image you wish to boot in the root of the USB drive. Modify the boot order of the Surface Pro and move USB storage to the top of the list and Restart the computer. Surface Pro will now boot from the USB Drive.

Windows doesn’t start on Surface

Windows may not be starting when updates are installing. If the surface screen stays dark then it might be that Surface updates are being installed, you might have to wait. Big updates might need up to twenty minutes to install.

Install and use the Surface app

For Windows 8.1, you can download and install the Windows surface app from the Microsoft Store. You can use the Surface app to modify pressure sensitivity for your surface screen, select the version of OneNote that opens, disable windows button, modify audio settings, and access additional help and info.


Troubleshoot blue screen errors

  1. A majority of stop errors can be fixed by updating Windows. In the search box on the taskbar, provide Windows update, then choose Windows Update. From the Windows update page, choose Check for updates.
  2. Another option is to update the driver using Windows update. You can also update the driver from the Device Manager by right-clicking the device and choosing Update driver.
  3. Windows Defender performs periodic scans on your Surface Pro for potential threats and issues. Open Windows Defender Security Center, choose Device Performance and Health. You will see any issues with regard to update history or driver here.
  4. If you wish to scan the Surface Pro for malware, then you can utilize the Windows Defender Offline. Open Settings, access update and security, choose Windows Defender and choose Scan offline.
  5. Once the scan is over, open settings, choose Update and security, choose Windows Defender. From the history tab, choose All detached items and choose View Details.

Fix network connection issues in Windows 10

You can use the network troubleshooter to resolve connection issues in Windows 10. Search for Network Troubleshooter in the Windows 10 taskbar and choose Identify and repair problems. You can also try updating the network adapter to resolve this issue.

Why can’t I get connected?

Ensure that your Wifi is turned on. Ensure that Airplane mode is disabled. Attempt positioning your surface pro nearer to the router. Make sure you are connected to your network. Make sure that you are providing the correct password while connecting to your network.