Outlook App Cannot Connect to Server Android Device

Sometimes you may encounter annoying issue regarding the outlook for Android app. Your in-app support may request you for bug fixes and submit the request. To solve the error that Outlook App cannot connect to Server Android, first make sure that you have the latest version of Outlook app. Open the app and tap Settings. Select your account and tap Reset Account. Repeat the same for your multilple accounts. Contact technical support or talk to your Office 365 admin, if you have an account for a work, school or exchange-based accounts for business purpose. You won’t get a call back or receive an email from pour support team. You can easily communicate with our team using the message functionality in the app. You may receive a notification on the Settings and Contact Support icons.

  •   Check whether your account is added to your Outlook app. If it is your first time, tap Get Started. Or else, add your email account using Menu.
  •   To join your account, go to Menu, and select Settings in the app. Tap Add Account and click Add Email Account and select your mail account to add to resolve Outlook app cannot connect to Server Android issue.
  •   Tap Continue, after entering your email address. It will automatically redirects to a password sign in screen.
  •   Type your email account password and click Sign In or Next. Depending on your email provider the sign in screen may look different for you.
  •   If you don’t get the password sign in screen, tap Setup Account Manually. Select Exchange on the email provider page and toggle Advanced Settings on.
  •   If available, enter your server setting details and then tap the Checkmark icon. Or ask your IT admin for your server information.
  •   If the problem still persists, use eas.outlook.com for incoming server settings and smtp-mail.outlook.com for outgoing SMTP server settings.
  •   Toggle Advanced Settings on and type your password and settings of your server. Click the checkmark to complete the procedure for Outlook app cannot connect to Server Android.

outlook app cannot connect to server android

  •   Verify yourself using any method you set up such as 6-digit code, phone number, or Microsoft Authenticator app.
  •   Tap Activate twice. Now the Outlook requests you for permission to access your calendar, contacts, etc. Tap Yes or Allow to enable it and Finish the process of Outlook App Cannot Connect to Server Android.
  •   Your Android device is now ready to use Outlook. For more information, go to Settings and refer Help & Feedback option.