How to Fix Outlook Send/Receive Error

Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”

  •   To Rectify this Outlook Send/Receive Error, select Start, access Settings, and then open Control Panel. Double-click the mail icon. From the mail Setup box, choose Show Profiles.
  •   You can set outlook to prompt you to choose a particular profile each time outlook is started from the General Tab. From the new profile dialog box, beneath Profile Name, provide a descriptive name for the new profile, and then choose OK.
  •   From the E-mail Account dialog box, choose a new email account in the e-mail options, and then choose Next. Select the kind of server that your e-mail account functions with, and then choose Next.
operation could not be found
  •   Furnish the required fields appropriately, including those that are on the tabs that appear after choose More Settings. After doing this, choose Finish to resolve Outlook Send/Receive Error.

outlook send/receive error

The Outlook Address Book and personal folder (.pst) files are included in each profile by default, excluding Microsoft Exchange Server. Personal folder (.pst) files are not included in each profile by default in Exchange servers.

Sending / Receiving reported error: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F)”

  •   This problem is triggered by the corrupted outlook profile. You can attempt to create a new profile to resolve the issue. From the Control Panel, Choose mail. From the Mail Setup- Outlook dialog box. Choose Show Profiles.
  •   Choose your current outlook profiles, and then choose Properties. From the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box, choose Data Files. Choose the Data tab from the Account Settings dialog box, and then jot down the name and location of the default file for the profile. Choose Exit to fix Outlook Send/Receive Error.
  •   Create a New Outlook Profile using the auto account setup. The Auto account setup will create IMAP account if both IMAP and POP3 are supported by the email server.
  •   If it supports both types, and you need to choose POP3, then you will have to do so manually. It can be used to create a POP 3 account, if only POP 3 is supported.
  •   You can assign the newly created outlook profile as the default profile, from the General tab of the Mail dialog box.Choose Always use this profile. From the drop down menu beneath Always use this profile, select the new profile. Choose OK to exit the Mail dialog box.
outlook data file cannot be accessed

In case you posses a number of non default .pst files and wish to add them to your outlook profile, Open Outlook, from the file tab, choose Open. Choose Open Outlook data file. Browse to the folder location that has your other .pst, choose it and then choose OK. The freshly included .pst file will be shown in the Navigation pane.

Sending reported error (0x800CCC80): “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”

sending reported error (0x800CCC80)
  •   If you encounter the Error 0X800CCC80 while sending email from Outlook utilizing a POP3 or IMAP account, it indicates the there is a problem with outlook mail configuration to fix Outlook Send/Receive Error.
  •   The Outlook Send/Receive Error can happen if the ISP mandates authentication prior to sending mail via SMTP but the outlook email account is not set to log on to the incoming server prior to sending mail.
  •   This issue can be resolved by using Outlook to repair the email account or enable the log on to incoming server before sending mail option for the email account.
  •   To do this from the Add New Account dialog box: choose the manual Setup or additional server types, and select Next. Choose Pop or IMAP and then Next. Provide the required information, beneath the User information, Server information and Logon information.
  •   You will be able to choose the Require logon by using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check box to log in utilizing the secure password authentication. After choosing and completing Test account settings, choose Next and Finish.

Outlook error code 8: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”

  •   To resolve the proxy server error 0x00000008: first, examine the certificate and jot down the entries in the valid to and subject field.
  •   The Valid to field informs the date up to which the certificate is valid. The data in the subject field should be identical to the site name.
  •   If you receive error message 3 along with the 0x00000008, then you might be required to install the trusted root certificate.
  •   Choose Install certificate when prompted on the Certificate dialog box. Choose Next to resolve outlook send/receive error. Click to choose the Place all certificate in the following store check box. Choose Browse. Choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and then choose OK. Choose Next. Choose Finish. Choose OK.
outlook error code

This issue might be triggered if one or more of the following conditions are met. The connection to the server needs a certification authority, the certification authority at the root has not been trusted, the certificate is not identical to the name of the site, a third party add-in or third-party browser add-in is blocking access.

Task reported error 0x8004210A – “the operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server”

receiving reported error
  •   In case this outlook send/receive error message is shown alongside a time-out error message, then the error could be rectified by increasing the server time-out setting in Outlook or Outlook express.
  •   For Outlook 2010 and later, open Outlook. From the files menu, choose Info. Choose Account Settings, and then choose Account Settings from the list.
  •   Click to choose the intended POP3 account, and then choose Change. Choose More Settings. Choose the Advanced tab. Gradually lengthen the server time-out till the time-out error is resolved.
  •   For Outlook 7, open Outlook. From the Tools menu, choose Accounts Settings. Click to choose the appropriate POP3 account, and then choose Change. Choose More Settings and choose the Advanced tab. Lengthen the server time-out till the time-out error is resolved.

Real Time Case of Email Error (Send/Receive)

  •   To resolve the Outlook Send/Receive Error, make use of the steps given here: First, ensure that the PC is connected to the Internet. Use your browser to check if the PC is connected to the Internet.
  •   Ensure that the outlook email account settings are properly configured. Erase any suspicious email messages from the inbox. Such email messages might prevent your receiving error message in Outlook.
  •   If the antivirus software installed in your PC offers email scanning functionality, extra configurations might be needed to employ outlook or outlook express together with the Antivirus Software.
  •   Configure the firewall software to allow outlook to access the Internet. The Outlook Send/Receive errors may also be resolved by repairing Outlook or Outlook express.
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