Microsoft Outlook Technical Support

Microsoft Outlook is an email application developed by Microsoft with multiple features. This is a widely used application for sending and receiving emails along with useful features like managing calendars, contacts, task manager, note taking and also includes a web browser. Outlook is most commonly used in offices and workplaces. For, Outlook Technical Support follow our guidance

Major Outlook issues with Solution

Outlook Technical Support

Fixed: Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

This is one of the most common errors occurring in the devices using Outlook. It displays an error message “Unable to start Microsoft Outlook”while trying to open it.

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Fixed: Outlook Send & Receive Error

There can be several issues with sending/receiving emails. The received emails can also get stored in the spam folder if they’re found to be corrupt or infected.

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Fixed: Microsoft Outlook has stopped Working

When huge amount of mails, notes, bulky attachments, calendar entries etc., keep piling up, this may result in Outlook getting sluggish or eventually stop working. There can be other reasons too for the crashes.

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Outlook Test Account Settings Failed Solution

Outlook Technical Support – In MS Outlook there is a ‘Test Account Settings’ feature which you can use for sending a test message to your email account. In some cases, users can send normal messages to any email accounts successfully, whereas the test message fails in their case. It has been reported that some older versions of Outlook are unable to send the test messages since they do not appear to send the SMTP authentication, where the username and password are required when sending an email. It is recommended that you send the test message even though it may fail.

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Quick Solution for Outlook Mail Issues

Several common issues while using Microsoft Outlook include: slow performance, crashing unexpectedly, sending spam emails, Outlook PST corrupted, email not available in office PC. Our outlook technical support experts provide instruction manual on our website where you can refer them to troubleshoot these Outlook problems. These issues can be prevented if necessary steps are taken at the earliest. The following are the commonly occurring problems in Microsoft Outlook.

  •   Slow performance: Outlook may become very slow to use over time due to the large number of emails, attachments, calendar entries and other stuff keep piling up. You need to remove almost everything that is causing the PST to bloat up. Clean storage regularly to avoid slow performance in Outlook.
  •   Outlook crash: Outlook add-ins help in making the things work easier for you. But this will not be the case when any of the add-ins are found to be corrupt. Therefore it is advised to run Outlook in Safe Mode to check if the add-ins are causing the trouble.
  •   Outlook corrupt: A corrupt PST can frustrate you by not allowing access to the data within your Outlook. Microsoft has an in-built repair tool that can help locate the corrupt PST files. Open the Start menu and search “SCANPST.EXE” to locate the repair tool and remove the files.

Common Outlook Mail Problems with Solution

Outlook Server is Causing Trouble Issue

Server is causing trouble

Sometimes while using Outlook, you may see the errors like “The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action” or “Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened.” This means that you are not able to connect to the server. In the Menu bar choose File. Then click Account Settings. Under the Email tab, select your account and then choose Repair. Follow the instructions in the wizard. After completing the repair process, restart your Outlook.

Solved: Unable to access emails

You might be unable to access emails due to slow internet connectivity or an outdated browser. Clear your browser’s cache and try resetting the settings and update your browser version.

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Outlook Password Recovery/Reset

Outlook Technical Support – If you have forgotten your password and not able to enter your Outlook account, then you can go to Microsoft account password reset page to reset your password. Follow the prompts and get your new password.

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Problem from a New Device

When you are already logged-in to your Outlook from a device and want to log-in from another device, then you will get a message detecting some strange activity about your sign-in from the different device. To safeguard your privacy, you may be asked to enter a security code received in one of your registered mobile/email accounts. Enter the security code and sign-in. Sometimes your account maybe blocked when you sign from a new device. This is done to ensure your Outlook account is safe. You can access again by entering the security code.

Problem Guide

Takes too long to open

Outlook takes too long to open

Microsoft is a major application that many offices use to email and schedule a meeting or a task. There are various reasons for slowing down. When a computer starts, it will perform certain background applications like running an anti-virus scan and others. So if your try to open Outlook during that period, then eventually it may take a long time to start. Outlook may cause delay while connecting to the Exchange server. Outlook may cause delay even when the message folder is near capacity. Moving all your messages and attachments to a new PST might help.

Cannot access Outlook Customer Service

Outlook Technical Support – The Outlook’s Customer Manager is available only to the users who have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365’s Business Premium plan. If you are not able to open the application, then go to your browser’s settings.In Settings under Browsing history select Caches and databases. Select the cache files under and then restart Outlook. Try opening your account now.

Problems with account settings

Your account settings are out of date when you receive a message in Mail or Calendar indicating about the same issue. The most common problem in this issue is an incorrect password. In the notification bar at the top, select Fix account. There you may need to update your password if your password is found to be incorrect. Enter the new password and choose Done. If there is a problem with your server’s security certificate, then change the SSL settings and save them. Restart your Outlook and then check if they are updated.

Problems with Account Settings

Outlook App Cannot Connect to Server Android

If your android phone cannot connect the Outlook app to the server, then check your internet connection. This can occur with slow internet connection. Or try changing the email server settings.

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Unable to Activate two-Step Authentication

Sometimes you may have trouble while setting up phone number in Office 365 settings. Make sure to enter your phone number along with the country code to register your number.

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Outlook Problems with Incoming Emails

If you can send email but can’t receive email, then there are several likely causes to look into. These include email settings issues, your DNS settings and your email client settings.

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Fixed: Unable to Send Emails

Unable to send emails

Outlook Technical Support – Before you check your cause for mail-sending failure, first check whether your internet connection is stable. If you cannot connect to the internet you might not be able to send any emails. Create a new email profile. Configure all the settings for your new mail account. Set your new account as the default account. Use Outlook to send yourself an email(to your previous account). Then check in the previous account whether you have received the mail or not. If this doesn’t work, then set TCP/IP as your default internet protocol. Restart your computer and then check.

SMTP Setting Up for Outlook

Like most of the email clients, MS Outlook also uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) to process all the outgoing messages. SMTP sever for Outlook is essential for you to start sending emails. But before setting up your email remember that you will get guaranteed deliverability only if you go for a professional SMTP service. There can be some restrictions if you go with other normal outgoing servers. These server cannot provide the highest delivery rate.

  •   Open Microsoft Outlook. Select the “File” tab from the top and then click “info”.
  •   Click the Account Settings button and then select Account Settings.
  •   Choose the account for which you want to see the SMTP information and then select the “Change” option.
  •   Enter your server’s name in the “Outgoing mail server(SMTP)” field. Then click on More Settings button.
  •   Select the “outgoing server” tab. If you want to send your mails with an authentication then check the “MY outgoing sever(SMTP) requires authentication” field.
  •   Enter your username and your password and set the SMTP port to 25 in the ‘Outgoing server(SMTP)” tab. Click OK then Finish.
Setting Up for Outlook

How to Create or setup an Outlook account?

In MS Outlook, there are two ways in which an email can be delivered: POP and IMAP. The latter provides more stability and security. Most of the email services gives you access to IMAP functions. If you not, then you can manually enable the functions.

Go to the settings and then you can find an option to enable/disable IMAP. Then save your changes. After selecting an IMAP email service, you can view, organize, and handle your email from Outlook for all your compatible devices. After adding your email accounts in Outlook, the changes you make will be reflected in the other accounts.

Outlook Account Sign Up
  •   Now open Outlook. Click the “File” tab. Under the Info section, select the “+Add Account” button. Then choose “Manual setup or additional server types”. This will you to link any email account. Then select POP or IMAP. Enter you email account information.
  •   In the email section, enter your name and your email address at the top. In the Log-on information section, enter your username and password. Under the Server Information section, enter the details of your mail service. Click the Account Type menu and select IMAP from the drop-down box.
  •   Now to select the outgoing server, go to More Settings and click the Outgoing Server tab. Then make sure that the “My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication” is checked. Then choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server. These settings remain the same for all email services.

Guide: Configure Outlook for email account

Configure Email Account

You can send and receive mails in Outlook, once you’ve added your email account to Outlook. Add one or more email accounts to your Outlook profile which includes any third-party accounts. Some email services may ask you to turn ON the two-factor authentication.

Open Outlook, and click the File tab. Choose Add Account. In Outlook 2016, enter your email address and then click Connect. In Outlook 2013 and 2010, choose Email Account and then enter your name, email address and password. And select Next. Enter your password if prompted and click OK, then click Finish.

  •   To setup a two-factor authentication for Gmail, go to Gmail from your browser and go to Settings. Select My Account. Go to Sign-in and Security. Click Signing-in to Google. Under password and sign-in method, check whether the 2-Step Verification is ON or not. If not enabled, turn it ON.
  •   For Yahoo, go to Yahoo page and select settings icon. Choose Account info and select Account Security. You may need to sign in again. Turn ON the Two-step verification if it is turned OFF. Select Outlook Desktop from the Manage App passwords menu and select generate to get the app password.
  •   To setup two-factor authentication in Apple devices, got to Apple website and log-in to your Apple account. If the two-factor authentication is turned ON, then you will receive a security code on one of your devices. Enter the code to continue. Turn ON the two-step authentication if it is turned OFF.

Delete an Outlook account

Outlook Technical Support for deleting account. Before you close your Outlook account, Microsoft will make sure of two things. First:whether it is really you who wants to close the account or someone else is trying to misuse your account. You could be at loss if this someone closes your account maliciously.

Second: Microsoft wants to make sure that you won’t be leaving anything important behind which you might need later. After you close the account, Microsoft will keep your account active for 30 days. This is done in case if you want to access something that you left behind in your account.

How to Delete Outlook Account
  •   In the options menu, click on Close your account. You will be asked to sign in to your account. Double-check that you are signing into Outlook for the account which you want to close. If not, then choose Sign in with a different Microsoft account.
  •   Check that the page displays the correct account and then click the Next button. A list will be shown. You have to select the check boxes to acknowledge that you have read all the items. Pick a reason you are closing the account in Select a reason drop-down list.
  •   Finally select Mark account for closure to confirm. Note that after you close your account Microsoft will keep it stable for 30 days before permanently deleting your account. So you will have a 30day time period if you want to come back and and access something in your account.

Outlook Technical Support – Proxy Server Issue Solution

“There is a problem with the proxy’s security certificate. Outlook is unable to connect to the server” or some other errors. These errors might occur when Microsoft tries to connect to a server by using a HTTPs or remote procedure call(RPC) connection.This may occur when: your connection to the server requires a certification authority, the certificate can be invalid, the name of the site does not match with the certificate, you may not have trusted the certification authority at the root or maybe a third party add-in or its browser’s add-in is preventing access.

Proxy Server Error Guide
  •   You can try to resolve this issue by examining the certificate thoroughly. In the Internet Explorer’s address bar, type httpss://[server_name].com/rpc and press Enter and connect to the RPC server. Select the Details tab. In the dialog box, check for certificate’s subject and validation date.
  •   When the error says that your certificate is invalid or revoked, then go to the certificate dialog box and click Install Certificate option. Now click Next. Select the Place all certificate in the following store check box. Now click Browse and select Trusted Root certification Authorities and click OK.
  •   Then consequently click Next and click Finish and then click OK. If the above methods did not work, then try disabling the third-party add-in. So start Outlook in Safe Mode to help locate the problem. If Outlook starts successfully in Safe Mode, then the problem might be by third-party add-in.

Solved: Outlook PST file got corrupted Issue

Microsoft has an in-built repair tool called the ScanPST.exe which can locate the corrupt PST files. In the file explorer, enter ScanPST.exe to open the tool and start the scan.

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Combine multiple email accounts in Outlook

Outlook Technical Support – It provides the facility to combine one or more email accounts within the program. You can add email accounts from the Account settings under File tab. Select IMAP, POP3 or others to link multiple accounts.

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