HP Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

pavilion 15 bs015dx configure

Pavilion 15 BS015DX Specifications

The HP Pavilion – 15-BS015DX is designed with 15.6″ touch screen for hands-on control. With the 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U mobile processor, this Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup laptop gives Dual-core processing performance. It delivers dynamic extra power with the Intel Turbo Boost Technology. You can Wirelessly transfer photos, music, and other media with this Bluetooth interface syncs with compatible devices.

  • Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) 7200U / 2.5 GHz.
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth.
  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Edition.
  • Battery capacity: 31 Wh.

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The 8 GB RAM is installed in this Pavilion – 15-BS015DX laptop.

intel processor

It is equipped with Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) 7200U / 2.5 GHz processor.

laptop battery

It supports 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

best laptop display

It is designed with the multi-touch touchpad.

Driver Configuration Support

The driver for every laptop is very important. It’s even more important to get the best driver for your laptop. Before downloading and installing the driver for your Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup, you need to first check if it is compatible with your device’s operating system. Using an incorrect driver may lead to laptop or harddrive failure issues. Getting an updated driver for your laptop can prevent crashes and at the same time increases the hardware and the system performance.


User Guide

The user guide for every laptop is essential in order to operate it error free. The manual includes all the basic instructions regarding your laptop. It also includes some common tips on handling your laptop in a better way. Getting an updated manual is more important. Using the manual instructions you can easily operate the laptop in a quick way. You can use the instructions that are given in manual to troubleshoot all the issues that occur with your laptop. It provides the information on installation of your laptop.


About Pavilion – 15-BS015DX Related Top issues

pavilion 15 bs015dx microsoft push button reset

Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Special Keys (Windows)

With the shortcut keys, you can easily navigate and execute commands in computer software programs. You can access the shortcut keys by using the Ctrl key, Shift key, command key or Alt key in combination with another key. The combination of hotkeys provides quick access to the particular program. The common keyboard shortcut keys are such as F1 to get help about the software. Other short cut keys are Shift + Delete to destroy a file and Ctrl + Esc to open the Start menu for Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup. Likewise there are many shortcut keys.

Microsoft Push-Button Reset (Windows 10)

If your computer boots normally, then you can use the reset through Settings. Search for and open the Reset this PC in Windows. Tap on the Recovery tab. Click on Get started under the Reset this PC option. Click on Keep my files to keep your personal files, apps, and customizations. Then click Reset. Confirm by clicking on Reset again and then begin the reset process. The Operating System(OS) gets reinstalled by your Windows computer and then the computer begins to restart.

Computer Locks Up or Freezes Guide

  1. If your laptop locks up or freezes, using Windows Update try to update drivers and software for your computer. Also, try to update the BIOS if lockups still occur on your device. This can resolve the Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup issue.
  2. If the issue is not resolved after updating BIOS, then try to check and clean air vents to prevent overheating on your device. Overheating can be caused by dusty or dirty air passages and vents. Cleaning might resolve it.
  3. If the issue persists, scan for and remove viruses and malware. Also, try to uninstall software to fix lockup or freeze problems. After uninstalling the software check if the computer locks up or freezes issue is resolved.

Computer is Slow

  1. If your computer is running slow, then try to reboot and check if the issue is resolved. Also, a computer can become very slow when more programs are running in the background. Try to close the programs.
  2. If the issue is still there, then try deleting the temporary files to resolve the Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup issue. The temporary files are stored on the hard drive when the computer runs programs. Try to free the hard drive space to resolve it.
  3. Bad, corrupted or fragmented hard drive can also create this issue. Scan for and eliminate the malware and viruses. Try to update the drivers to make the system work faster. After updating, check if the issue is resolved.

Other related laptop models

Creating and Using a Microsoft Recovery USB Drive (Windows 10)

To create a Microsoft recovery USB drive, connect a USB drive to the computer. In Windows, type create a recovery drive and select Create a recovery drive. Select Back up system files to the recovery drive. Click Next. Select the USB drive and click Next. Click Create -> Finish to complete Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup. To use the Microsoft recovery USB drive, turn off the computer, insert the recovery USB drive and turn on your computer. Until your system loads System Recovery, you need to press F11 as soon as your computer turns on.

pavilion 15 bs015dx testing battery

Testing for Hardware Failures

If you want to test for hardware failures, then search for and open the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows app in Windows. Click System Tests on the main menu. Click the System Fast Test tab and click Run once. Running this shows the component failure. You can also run the extensive test to diagnose hardware failures. You have to open HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows in Windows. Click System Tests -> System Extensive Test -> Run once.

Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows)

To test the battery, turn on your computer and click Component Tests. click Power -> Battery Check or Battery -> Run once and the battery test begins. Using HP Support Assistant you can check and calibrate the battery. Search for and open HP Support Assistant for commencing Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup process. Select My devices -> PC. Click Troubleshooting and fixes -> Battery Check. The results will be displayed by the HP battery check.

Laptop Shutdown Does Not Work

If the shutdown button does not work, then put your laptop into sleep mode and shutdown it. Try to replace Intel Management Interface driver as it might cause some shut down issues. If the issue is still there, then use shut down command to shutdown your laptop. Try to install the latest updates for Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup. Change power button settings and see if the shutdown works now. Use Win + X menu to shutdown your laptop. Try to reset your BIOS to resolve the issue.

pavilion 15 bs015dx shutdown does not work

hp pavilion 15 bs015dx black screen error

Computer Starts but Screen Remains Blank (Windows 10, 8)

If your laptop starts but the screen remains blank, then perform a hard reset to resolve the issue. Restart the computer after attaching an external monitor to test the display. Using a key press combination, recover the notebook BIOS. Try to reseat the memory modules and check if the issue is resolved. A variety of error conditions can be indicated by an LED lights. Check the LED light to analyze whether the issue is normal or critical. After analyzing, resolve the Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup issue with your laptop.

Computer Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware (Windows 10, 8)

  1. Before connecting to the Internet, setting up a firewall provides basic protection against security threats. To enable the firewall, search for and open Control Panel. Set View by. Click System and Security -> Security and Maintenance. Under Review recent messages and resolve problems, check the message.
  2. To make Windows more secure, Microsoft regularly provides critical updates and they are important for protecting a computer. Set the Windows Update tool to automatically check for updates daily if you have a broadband connection that is always on. The security updates are automatically sent by Windows.
  3. You have to make sure your antivirus software is set up and running properly. Click the software icon in the system tray area to check the security software. Try to install the antivirus software on your device to resolve the Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup issue. Also, try to update antivirus software. Scan the computer for viruses and malware after updating the antivirus software.
  4. You can use Windows Defender to scan for viruses and malware. If the issue still persists, then remove virus or malware by recovering the laptop. If the virus is there, then it could have damaged files and they cannot be repaired by anti-virus software. The computer might need to be fully recovered if the software cannot repair the damage.

Installing the Latest Version of Windows 10

The Windows 10 Update Assistant will help you to keep all the Windows 10 systems more secure. Moreover, this Windows 10 Update Assistant will provide the latest features and improvements for your device for Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup. It will download and start the installation of the latest version of Windows 10. If the latest update is not installed on the device then this update will be deployed to Windows 10 laptops. It does not support Enterprise editions. To check the latest version of Windows, tap Start > Settings > System > About.

pavilion 15 bs015dx windows update

Windows 10 Product Activation

Before it can be used, Microsoft requires Windows 10 to be activated to help prevent software piracy. In the System properties, just by entering the newly acquired activation key you can upgrade the machine. The OEM Activation 3.0 and Windows Product Activation is the two types of Windows 10 activation. Upgrading your version of Windows can also need a Windows 10 product activation. Installing certain device drivers and software on your device can also require an update.

Understanding and Using Windows 10

You need to back up your important files or updating your hardware drivers before and after upgrading to Windows 10. Press the Windows logo key + U on the keyboard to open the Accessibility features. To run from the Start menu, Windows 10 comes with apps designed specifically. In Windows 10 you can lock the screen, sign into Windows, customize the Start menu, find files, settings and apps and navigating with a touch screen for Pavilion 15 BS015DX Setup. There are various apps such as Cortana through which you can use Windows 10.