Toshiba Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup

toshiba portege prt12u

Portege PRT12U-00R002 Specifications

Toshiba’s new Portege PRT12U-00R002 is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop with sleek and stylish design. It has a touch screen display which can be rotated in a whole 360-degree angle. With this dual action hinge, the Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup can easily transform from a powerful laptop to a digital inking tablet.

  • 12.5-inch HD screen
  • Up to 13 hours
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • 256 GB M.2 PCle

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

Powerful 8 GB RAM with LPDDR3 1600 with a maximum memory support of 8 GB.

intel processor

Dual-Core Processor with Intel Core i-5 7th Gen with processing speed of 7200U of 2.5 GHz.

laptop battery

45-watt AC adapter with 3-cell, 44 Wh Lithium Ion Battery pack that can work up to 13 hours.

best laptop display

12.5-inch touchscreen with full HD display. Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Driver Configuration Support

You can download the required drivers for your laptop from our website. Click on the ‘Driver’ button to download the drivers and save the file. Double click the downloaded file and run the installation. After completing the Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup and installation, restart your PRT12U-00R002 laptop for the effects to take place. Update the latest drivers regularly from our website to continue the smooth performance of your device.


Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Top issues

Blue Screen Dump Error in Toshiba Portege PRT12U Laptop

A blue screen error can commonly appear on a laptop when you upgrade your Windows OS. The dump error may be displayed after fully upgrading your Windows. Disabling the Automatic restart on system failure may help this issue. Open the ‘My Computer’s Properties and then select Advanced System Settings. Then choose Advanced Tab and select Startup and Recovery Settings and then uncheck the ‘Automatically Restart’ option.

portege prt12u bluescreen problem

Gets sluggish in speeding a Portege ptr12u

Your PRT12U-00R002 laptop’s performance might have slowed down due to: many number of applications installed, an update or a driver not installed properly or even a virus affecting your system. Uninstall all the unused applications which will free some RAM memory. Install an Anti-virus program and run scans regularly to remove any malware content. Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup instructions support is offered in the manual and instructions page on our website.

Pop-up issues in Toshiba Laptops

Pop-ups can be annoying for everyone while using a desktop or browsing the internet. Windows itself sends some pop-ups your way. These occur when you have installed some programs intentionally or by mistake. Long after you have used these programs, they might ask for some renewal or some useless updates which doesn’t matter to your system. So uninstall these programs if you have no use of them to avoid desktop pop-ups.

The Toshiba Laptop is not updating easily, shows an error

Your Toshiba laptop might not perform the updates citing certain reasons. Restart the system and try installing the updates. Performing a clean boot might help to install the updates successfully. As mentioned earlier, any removable devices connected might cause problems during updates. So disconnect all the external devices like pen drives, USB ports or CD/DVDs and try performing the updates. Performing an in-place upgrade or a re-installation of Windows might help to overcome this cause. This requires the installation of all the updates. Insert the Windows OS DVD in the system’s DVD drive. In the Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup window, select Install Now. Since all the updates are necessary, select Go Online to obtain the latest updates. Agree to the terms and conditions. Then you will be prompted with the type of installation you prefer. Select Upgrade and complete the installation. Restart your computer.

no light indicates in toshiba prt12u

Browser Gets Freezes in Portege PRT12U

While on internet, your laptop may freeze for a while and display ‘Not responding’. If you don’t want to update Windows, then you can update your browser and check if it works. Else your browser freezes due to several applications running in the background. Close all the programs and try using your browser.

No light Indicates in Toshiba Laptop

If your laptop does not respond with any lights or doesn’t turn ON, then try doing a hard reboot for Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup. Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. With both these components removed, now press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Re-connect the battery and the adapter and try booting it up.

No Sound Heard on Toshiba Laptop

Make sure that the ‘Speakers’ icon on your task bar is not muted. See that any external speakers you have previously connected to your laptop are intact. Check your drivers name or model number in the laptop’s manual and download the drivers from our website and install them. Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup instructions support is offered in the manual and instructions page on our website.

no sound in portege prt12

Unable to install Antivirus defender in Toshiba laptop

  1. In On your Windows PC, keeping the Windows Defender active is a very essential thing to follow. Enabling the Windows Defender won’t be possible if you have any third-party security software installed already on your system.
  2. Remove your previously installed anti-virus software by following its uninstallation procedure. Remember to enable any other anti-virus software right after uninstalling your current security software because your system might be vulnerable to threat from the internet.
  3. To enable Windows Defender, press the Windows key + Q key on the keyboard. In the search box, type ‘Windows Defender’ and press Enter. Now select Settings and make sure the ‘Turn ON real time protection’ is enabled for Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup process.
  4. Make sure that you never disable the Windows Defender unless you want to replace it with another anti-virus software. Before installing another software, check its genuineness and reliability to ensure your PC’s safety.

Fix Network Problems in Windows 7 and Windows 8

In Windows 7, open Control Panel and select Manage wireless networks. Select Add to manually add your wireless network. Set your preferences and choose Next and Close.In Windows 8, go to Settings and click Network icon and check whether Airplane mode is turned OFF to process Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup.

Windows OS glitches in Toshiba laptop system device

The best way to fix any OS glitches in your Toshiba laptop is to re-install your OS. Glitches may have occurred if your OS was not properly installed or configured. There might even be a fault in your drivers or updates. Take a back up and re-install your OS.

fix network problems in portege ptr12u

Other Compatible issues in Toshiba Laptop Systems

Keyboard or touch pad may not work sometimes. So try disconnecting the power cord and the battery. Then press the power button for at least 10 seconds. Re-connect them and check if the components work. The Portege PRT12U-00R002 Laptop Setup review can be termed as good when compared to other Toshiba devices.