Toshiba Portege PT15AU Setup and Configuration

portege pt15au configure

Portege PT15AU Specifications

Toshiba Portege PT15AU is used as a business as well as an educational laptop with spectacular features and extensive battery time. With the anti-reflecting touchscreen , it can be used in open space. The display of the laptop can be detached and enjoy using it as an ultrabook. The smooth finishing offers a comfort zone to work on this Portege PT15AU Setup laptop.

  • 12.5 inch display
  • Intel Quadcore A10-4655
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • 4 GB RAM size

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

It comes up with a 4GB RAM size and can be extended up to 8GB.

intel processor

Connectivity options are Wireless and Bluetooth options.

laptop battery

The battery life for the system is more than eight hours.

best laptop display

This 12.5-inch display is detachable and has a full-HP IPS panel.

Driver Configuration Support

A Driver is used in most systems for the better performance and to avoid frequently occurring bugs in the system. Install the driver in the system by downloading from our website. While downloading, examine if it is compatible with the operating system. Update the driver frequently. In case there are any updates available, do it immediately. Without a Portege PT15AU Setup driver, no peripheral devices or systems works . Install the driver based on the on-screen prompts and then complete it.


Portege PT15AU Laptop Top issues

Blue Screen Dump Error in Toshiba Laptop Devices

A blue screen dump is an error screen that appears prior to the system rebooting process. There are various reasons for the issue. In case the operating system is no longer working properly or overload of documents in the RAM. Check if the recently installed drivers have any issue. In certain cases, the hardware may not be compatible with the system. In such cases issue occurs. Install the compatible one in the system. If the driver is not properly installed, the issue occurs. Install it properly.

portege pt15au blue screen error

Gets Sluggish in Speeding a Toshiba Laptops

When the laptop is slow in performance, try to perform de-fragmentation or partition to the hard disk. Saving an unused data or storing the information more than once can lead to the Portege PT15AU Setup issue. Delete the temporary files from the system. Type %temp% on the search tab. This all files creates an unused space in the system. Under the System Tools menu, choose the defragment the disk option. This allocates separate space for the files. This solution increases the work efficiency and performance.

Pop-up Issues in Toshiba Laptops

You can view pop-up menus once the system is connected with an active Internet connection. Disable the pop ups with the help of your browser. If you installed the Chrome browser, move to the Chrome menu. In the search bar, type Pop-up. Select the Content Settings option. Under the Popup screen, examine if the pop-ups are blocked. If not, the option is blocked. Select the Pop-ups option again. Disable it . In certain cases, due to the virus, the issue occurs. Scan the system to remove them.

Portege PT15AU is Not Updating Easily, Shows an Error

When updating your operating system to its latest version, the systems stuck on the update screen. This is one of the common issues most system faces while updating. To clear it, unplug all external devices connected to it and reboot the system. Examine if the system is working fine after the restart process for Portege PT15AU Setup. If the issue continues, start the system in safe mode. Make sure that you update one application at a time in case there are multiple updates available.

Check if the updated version is compatible with the system. If not, the issue may occur. In case it is compatible, do a system reset. The system reset restores to the default settings in the system. Prior to restoring, back up all files in the system to an external hard disk and then do the reset process. Perform a hard reset to the system. Unplug all external devices from the system. Turn off the system for a while. Connect all devices and then turn it on. The, start the update process again.

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Slow Performance in Toshiba Laptops

Unwanted programs running in the background of the system slows down the laptop performance. Delete the additional programs from the system as the extensive usage of applications clogs system memory. The stored files on the system are saved on scattered locations. The small and unusable spaces create an unused software. Select the System Tools option and click Accessories of the Start menu for Portege PT15AU Setup. De-fragment the disk organizes the file closer on the disk, freeing up space and increasing the system performance.

no light indicates in portege pt15au

Browser gets freezes in Toshiba laptops

Make sure that you do not open multiple tabs while browsing. Access the Task Manager. Reboot the system. If the restarting process is not done automatically, press and hold the Power button for few seconds. This is a forced shutdown method. Clear all the history from the browser. Press the Settings button. On the Drop down menu, click History. On the screen, tick Clear all history. Uninstall and reinstall or update the browser.

No light indicates in Toshiba Laptop

Try to do a hard reset in the system. The hard reset is unplugging all power cables from the system. In case the system is in charge, unplug the AC adapter for a while. Press and hold the Power button for a second and then reconnect all the cables and devices to the system for Portege PT15AU Setup. In case your hear fan sound, then the system starts to function properly. In case the issue still continues, get guidance from our technical team.

No sound heard on Toshiba Laptop

Uninstall and then reinstall the sound card driver software. You can get the user manual for the Portege PT15AU Setup from this website. On the manual, get the exact model number of the sound card. Download and then install the driver for the sound card. In case the driver is corrupted, it does not react to the sound commands of the device. With the help of the external speakers, examine if it is properly working. In case the issue persists, call our customer support team.

portege pt15au laptop sound error

Unable to install Antivirus defender in Toshiba laptop

  1. There are various reasons for the installation issue in the system. Installing more than one antivirus can cause this issue. It is necessary to uninstall the previous one before installing the new app. On the Control panel, find the Programs and features tab. Click it and find the installed software . Uninstall it.
  2. Examine if the latest version of the Defender is compatible with the Windows OS. If it is not compatible, you face various issues with the system. To get the details regarding the software and compatible details, visit our website. If it is compatible, try to stop the installation and then install it again to complete Portege PT15AU Setup process.
  3. Unstable internet connection can also lead to the installation issue. Check if the network connection is stable. Turning off the system in the middle of the installation process can also be the reason. Make sure that you do not turn off the system. Keep the router close to the system for maintaining the stable connection.
  4. In certain cases, a virus may not allow the software to install in the system. Virus conflicts with the software to stop the installation process. One of the other reasons is that the updated drivers may also do not allow the software to be installed in the system. Clear all the issues by calling our technical team.

Fix Network Problems in Windows 7 and Windows 8

When you connect the system to a network, examine if all drivers in the system are up to date. If not, update it to avoid the Portege PT15AU Setup issues. The improper functioning of the router can also be the reason for the issue. In case the issue persists, replace with a new one.

Windows OS glitches in Toshiba laptop system device

Ensure that there is at least 15% free space on the hard drive. In case there are any updates in the BIOS and graphic driver, update it. If there is any virus in the system, scan the system with the help of the Antivirus software. Corrupted Windows files can be the cause of the issue. Delete it to clear the issue.

portege pt15au network error

Other Compatible Issues in Portege PT15AU Laptop

Certain installed software may be incompatible with the system. The software cannot be opened due to incompatibility. Use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter tool available in the system. This recognizes the Portege PT15AU Setup issues and solve it immediately.