Outlook Not Receiving Emails

This article explains how to troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook when your Outlook Not Receiving Emails. First try to discover whether you are able to connect your system to the Internet. If you are not able to connect to the Internet, this might be the reason for not receiving the email. Contact your ISP in case if you want. Try to send an email and check whether the problem is solved, after restoring the Internet connection. If your are still not receiving an email after restoring your Internet connection, go to method 1.

Method 1: Create a new e-mail profile

Step 1: Open the Mail Setup dialog box

  •   Open the Start menu and select Run option. In a Run window, type ‘Control’ in the Open box and click OK.
  •   This article outlines troubleshooting steps and try to perform one of the following based on the version of Windows running on your computer.
  •   In Windows XP, select User Accounts in the Category View. In that Window, click Mail. Or else double-click Mail when you are not in the Category View.
  •   In Windows Vista, click User Accounts in the start menu. When the Window opens, click Mail to open the mail settings.
  •   In Window 8 or 10, go to the Start screen and click the Mail tile to open the Mail program. On the keyboard, press Windows key + I to open the settings to resolve Outlook not receiving emails error.
  •   Depending upon your computer operating system, the Mail Setup dialog box opens after completing the steps above.

Step 2: Start the New Profile wizard

  •   Close the Outlook window, if it is running. In the Control Panel, open the mail item and select Tools menu.
  •   Select Show Profiles from the mail setup dialog box. Select the Add symbol to get start with the New Profile wizard.

outlook not receiving emails

Step 3: Create a profile

new profile creation
  •   Type Test in the Profile Name box, and click OK to add the new email profile. Now select Manually configure server settings check box and click Next.
  •   In the Internet Email Settings dialog box, fill the boxes and ensure the Account Type is set to POP3. Click Next and complete by tapping Finish.

Step 4: Set the default profile

  •   In the Mail dialog box, select the new profile that you created in previous step under When Starting Microsoft Outlook, Use This Profile box.
  •   Select OK after choosing your profile. This will be your default profile when you start an Outlook to resolve Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue.
  •   Now try to send an email using Outlook after setting the default profile. Check whether your Outlook receives any mail.
  •   If the Outlook successfully receives an email, the troubleshooting ends and you have completed resolving the issue.
  •   If the Outlook do not receive the email, after creating a new profile, you have not completed resolving the issue. So try method 2.
  •   If you utilize Dial-Up Networking for connecting to the Internet, this article will not be able to guide you further.

Method 2: Set TCP/IP as the default protocol

Step 1: Open the Network Connection Properties dialog box

  •   If you are running Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Vista, click Start menu and select Run to open the run window to fix the issue that Outlook Not Receiving Emails.
  •   If you are running Windows 8, move your mouse pointer to any corner to pop out the Charms Bar. Type ‘Run’ in the box and select Run from the results.
  •   If you are running Windows 10 in your computer, click the Search or Cortana icon in the task bar and type ‘Run’to open Run window.
  •   Type ncpa.cpl in the box of the Run window and click Enter to open the Network Connections window.
  •   Right-click on your Internet connection and select Properties. Check the status of your connection that you use says Connected.

Step 2: Verify that the connection uses TCP/IP

  •   Set TCP/IP as your default protocol to connect to the Internet, on the General tab. Make sure to click the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box.
  •   If it is not selected, you may face Internet connection issues. Again select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box.
  •   Click OK to complete. If your system prompts to restart your computer click Yes and wait for a while.
  •   Try to send an email using Outlook and check whether it receives any mail in order to verify the connection using TCP/IP.
  •   You have successfully completed troubleshooting the Outlook Not Receiving Emails problem and now you might receive an email from Outlook.