How to Repair Outlook Data Files?

The data files of Outlook are mostly in .pst or .ost format. All the emails, contacts and other information are stored in this format.If you are unable to open the Outlook Data file due to an error message on the screen. This issue happens due to the abrupt closing of the Outlook, large file size or improper shut down of the system. With the help of the Inbox Repair Tool(SCANPST.EXE), to perform how to repair Outlook data files easily. Delete the offline Outlook Data file if you are using an Exchange email account. This creates an offline Outlook Data file when you open it next time. Based on the file size, the repair process takes several hours to complete. Follow the steps below to start the process.

Quick Steps for Outlook Data Files Repair

  •   End the outlook mail on the laptop. Move to the root file of the Office folders. It is located on the C: drive-> Program files. On the list of files, open SCANPST.EXE tool.
  •   Find the Browse option to choose the Outlook Data File you intend to scan. Locate the corrupted data file. At the time of scanning, a new log file is created. Choose Options.
  •   Append the results to the existing file. Select the Start option to commence the scan process. If you see errors on the screen, select the Repair Outlook Data Files option to begin the process.
  •   Inbox Repair Tool may run several times to fully repair the personal folder files. It cannot repair detected problem often. In certain cases, it may be permanently deleted .
  •   While the repairing process is in the middle, the backup file is created automatically. Rename the file by right-clicking on it for an easy reference in the future.
  •   Once the repair process is completed, open the outlook again with the associated profile. After repairing the process, you can view a Recovered Personal Folders in the pane.
  •   The Folder contains the default Outlook folders or lost and Found files on it. Even though the repair files recreate them, they can be empty. The file format may vary after this.
  •   Get the folders and files that are recovered after the repair outlook data files process from the Lost and Found folder. It is not mostly available in the structure. Creating a new file can be done.

How to Repair Outlook Data Files

  •   After creating the new files, drag and insert them into Lost and Found folder into a new data file. After transferring all files, delete the Recovered Personal files from the laptop.
  •    ScanPST identifies and rectifies the issues in the internal data structures of a .pst file. This file is a database file. If certain data are unreadable, it removes them automatically.
  •   If you are able to access the Original Outlook Data file, it is possible to recover additional files from the corrupted or damaged .pst file. The tool generates a file with the same name.
  •   But the extension of the file can be in .bak. It is located in the same folder as of that of the .pst file. You can repair outlook data files from the .bak files that tool cannot recover.
  •   Create a copy of the .bak file and rename it with a .pst extension. Such as bak.pst. Import this format files and then try to move the additional items to the new .pst file. For more info related how to repair Outlook data files OR Outlook Issues contact us.