Complete Guide for Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup

Samsung 9 np900x4c Specs

Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup is an ultra-thin notebook with 15” inch matte display. It is spectacular design with an excellent battery life. It is quite comfortable to use and easily portable to and from the office on a regular basis. Use the Bluetooth as well as the wireless connection option. Use the laptop even in dark room with the help of the backlit keyboard. It supports various ports. Connect USB, SD card and HDMI cable to these ports without slowing down the system performance.

  • 15.0” inch display with LED HD+
  • 8GB RAM is supported
  • Windows 8 operating system
  • Intel Core i5-3317U

Tech – Specifications


It has an inbuilt 8GB RAM and supports upto128 GB extended storage capacity

intel processor

It has an Intel Core 5th generation processor with a turbo speed of 1.7GB

laptop battery

It has an 8-cell Lithium-ion battery with a battery life up to ten hours.

best laptop display

15.0” inch LED HD+ display with a screen resolution of 1600*900

Configuration Support

Driver Download

A Driver is a medium between the system and operating system. Every external device connected to the system needs a driver . The keyboard and speakers contain an inbuilt driver in the system. When you purchase the system, the operating system is pre-installed on it. They also provide an installation CD that includes the compatible drivers for the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup laptop. If the installed drivers are incompatible, it leads to the driver as well as connection issues. Place the CD on the computer’s disc drive. Wait till the list of files displays on the screen. Select the setup file and double-click on it.

Wait till the installation completes. Agree to the terms and conditions on the screen. Select the Finish option to complete the installation process. If the installation fails in the middle, download the driver from this website. Choose the suitable driver based on the version of the operating system. Click the link to start the process. After the process gets completed, select the setup file in the Downloads folder. Install it based on on-screen prompts.


Manual Download

A User Manual offers the setup and connection procedures for the Samsung Notebook. It provides an illustrative description of all connection process. If you are unable to understand the instruction, use the pictorial representation for the process. When the system encounters any issue, use the troubleshooting steps to solve them. Download the user manual for the Samsung notebook from this website. Click the link to get the manual downloaded. Use the manual from the DOWNLOADS folder. Most manuals are available in .PDF format. If you have any issue while downloading the manual, get solutions from our tech experts to fix it.

samsung 9 np900x4c laptop Top issues

Samsung Np900x4c Laptop Stuck On Starting Window

Black display

If the black display occurs at the time of the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup process, it takes a certain time to complete the process. If the installation stops in the middle, shutdown the system and restart it again after a while. Unplug external devices connected to the system. After a while, connect the devices again and then do a fresh restart. In certain cases, due to fast restart, the black screen occurs. Turn on the system in Safe mode. Try connecting to an external monitor using a VGA port.

Samsung Laptop Stuck on Starting Windows Screen

When you turn on the system, the Windows screen gets stuck . If you face this issue, start windows in safe mode. After w while, reboot it normally. Use the Windows CD to perform a system repair. Create a backup of all data which is the system restore method. Examine if there is any hard drive issue. If the issue is with the hard drive, replace it with a new one. Check if there is any error in the CMOS battery. The existence of virus should be examined. If the system is virus-infected, scan it in a safe mode. If there is no Antivirus installed, download and install it. The scanning process starts once the installation is completed. It takes several hours to complete.

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Samsung laptop hard drive failures

Samsung laptop wont turn on

Samsung laptop wifi wont turn on

How to connect mobile

When the hard drive in the system malfunctions, there are symptoms to identify it. Stored files in the system get lost or unable to access it. The system freezes out that can be solved by a simple Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup process. The downloaded or installed files in the system get corrupted . This is a gradual hard disk failure. It is suggested to create a backup of data in the system. When the system makes certain noises, do not try to do a hard reset it can result in various issues. Wait till the system start to reboot. In certain cases, the system cannot detect the hard drive or it fails to boot or stuck in the middle of the process. This is mainly a manufacturer’s issue. If it is under warranty period, replace it with a new one. Overheating of the system decreases the lifespan of the hard drive. Examine if the fan is in proper working condition and delivers sufficient cooling to the system. It can be due to the improper ventilation or fault in the CPU. Replace the faulty fan with a new one. When the system BIOS is unable to recognize the hard drive due to sudden power drop. Maintain a proper power connection to avoid such issues.

If the Samsung tablet does not turn on, examine the power supply. It is suggested to use the power supply cable that is shipped in the box. The drained battery does not turn on the system. If there is no full charge in the battery, the system does not turn on. Charge the battery fully and examine if the system turns on. In case the issue still continues, try to connect an external display to the system using a VGA port. If the display works, the issue is with the display screen. Remove all the drives or memory cards connected to the system. More external devices connected to the system slows down the system performance. Examine if the system is virus-infected. If so, install a licensed antivirus software in the system. After the installation, scan the system to remove the virus from it. The initial scanning process takes hours to complete. Start the system in a safe mode during the scanning . After the process, reboot it normally. Verify if there are any faulty or incompatible hardware in the system. If any, replace it with a new one. If all the above solutions do not work, do a hard reset. Keep a note that by doing the hard reset process, data in the system erases.

You are trying to connect the system to a wireless network, various issue occurs during the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup connection process. Examine if the wireless icon is turned on. If no, press the Wireless button. An outdated driver in the system may be the reason for the issue. Try to update the driver. Enable the notification in your notebook. When the notification displays, update the driver immediately. In certain cases, after updating the Windows operating system to its latest version, the issue occurs. May be the updated OS is not compatible with the installed drivers. In such cases, it is suggested to update the drivers too.If the system is connected to a public network, there are certain restrictions in it. Ensure that the system is not connected to a guest network. Verify if the firewall settings. Modifications should be done in the settings to start the connection process. Check if incorrect network name and password are mentioned in the respective tabs. If yes, type the credentials properly. Disable the firewall software for a while. If the network icon shows connected status, the issue is with the firewall. Make necessary modifications in the firewall settings and then enable it.

For connecting the system to a mobile, there are various modes. Check if both the devices have a Bluetooth connectivity. If they are compatible with this connection, enable it. After a while, confirm the connection by entering the passkey on the screen. Tap Yes to confirm the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup. After connecting, share or transfer the photos or data from the laptop to the mobile and vice versa. Use the detachable USB cable available in the mobile charger. Connect one end of the micro USB connector to the mobile’s charger port and the other end to the system’s USB port. After a while, the mobile name displays on the screen. Select and double-click on it to start the connection. Mobile tethering hotspot method is one of the methods to connect the system to the mobile device. Enable the hotspot on the mobile device. Activate the Wi-Fi option on the system. After a while, a list of available networks in the surrounding displays on the screen. Choose and select the network name from the list. This enables the network connection. When the network name is not enlisted, type the network name and password. Now the connection is established.

Samsung Notebook Trackpad Issues

Examine if the trackpad is locked. On the Windows 10 system, open the Device Manager. Select the touchpad option under the Mouse and other pointing devices menu. If the trackpad does not function properly, examine if it is disabled or due to outdated drivers. Verify if the trackpad is enabled by pressing the Function+F5 key at a time. It turns on automatically if it is in off state. The issue occurs due to the outdated drivers. Update the driver from this website. For installing drivers, use the SW update software. If it is not properly installed, uninstall and install it again. If the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup issue still continues, get guidance from our experts to fix it.

Samsung 9 Np900x4c Notebook Trackpad Issue

Samsung Notebook Camera Issue

A camera installed on the laptop is a plug and play device. No additional drivers are required for this device. If the issue is with the camera, it can due to the hardware itself and glitches in the software. Uninstall and reinstall the software with the help of the camera. Examine if the issue is with the camera. On the Windows system, move to the control panel and view the Device Manager option. Locate the Imaging devices on the list of available programs. Right-click on the webcam and choose the Uninstall option and click it. Select the OK option to uninstall the device. After the process is completed, reboot the system.

Samsung Notebook Monitor Color Issue

The monitor displays distorted colors or strange colors. It can be due to physical damage, resolution settings or driver issues. Turn off the system by pressing the Power button. Press the X key to start the system setup. Search for the issue on the screen . If the issue persists, then it can be a hardware problem. Corrupted video driver can result in the monitor color issue. To open the video settings, select the Display option. Choose the Adjust resolution option on Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup. After making necessary changes, save it by pressing the Apply option. To check if the issue is with the system or display, connect an external monitor to the system.

Laptop Turns On But Does Not Boot

Examine if any CD or DVD is inserted into the system. If yes, take it out of the disc drive. A large amount of data stored in the DVD can result in slow bootup process. In certain cases, forced shut down may help the issue. Press and hold the Power button for at least 30 seconds. The system screen blinks while doing this process. Switch on the system normally. Press the F2 key to access the BIOS Setup Utility for Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup. In the BIOS screen, Press the F8 key to load the configuration settings and press the enter key to save the changes made. After making necessary changes in the BIOS Settings, press the Exit now option. Reboot the system again.

Samsung 9 Np900x4c Laptop Turns On But Does Not Boot

Samsung Laptop Factory Reset

  1. Factory Resetting is done to restore to the default settings. This process is done when the Windows is no longer booting or the system has severely damaged or due to the attack for virus, malware in the system. While doing the factory reset, data stored on the laptop is permanently deleted.
  2. Turn off the system by pressing the Power button. After a while, start the Windows again. Press the F4 key. Based on the instructions mentioned on the screen, the laptop runs the system restore option automatically. When the process is over, rebooting is done.
  3. In certain cases, admin Password is required to do the factory reset process. If the system is installed with Windows 10 operating system, admin password is not necessary. Press the Power button and Shift key at a time to start the reboot process. Choose the troubleshoot option.
  4. On the screen, select the Reset your PC option and click Next for Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup. Wait till the rebooting and resetting process to get completed. On the screen, select the Just remove files option. Press the Reset option.

How to Share my Laptop Screen with Samsung TV

Use the HDMI cable to share the Samsung notebook screen with Samsung TV. Plug in one end of the cable to the Samsung Notebook HDMI port and the other end to the Samsung TV. On your TV screen , select the HDMI as the input mode. Wait till the laptop screen starts to share the screen with the Notebook. Download and install the Samsung Smart View app to share the contents on the Samsung notebook with the Samsung TV.

Samsung Screen Mirroring Laptop

On the Windows 10 system, move to the Settings option. Choose the Devices and select the Connected devices option. See the list of available devices on the screen. Select the device from the list. After clicking it, the Samsung Smart TV screen starts to display on the Samsung 9 Np900x4c Setup. Choose the any of modes of sharing option under the Display Settings on the Samsung Smart TV.

How To Share My Samsung 9 Np900x4c Laptop Screen With Samsung Tv