Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop Setup and Configuration

samsung np530e5m x02us configure

Samsung Np530e5m X02us Specs

The Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop is designed with the 15.6” HD touch display that provides a brilliant and intuitive experience for the users. With the anti-glare, the browsing, streaming, and working are always comfortable. This laptop with an impressive look is embedded with all rich features that gives the output at a much faster speed. It is embedded with the 7th Gen Intel Core™ i5-7200U mobile processor. This reliable laptop comprises of 8GB DDR4 memory; 1TB hard drive; NVIDIA GeForce 920MX 2GB.

  • 2.5 GHz Intel Mobile CPU.
  • wired protocol-10/100 Ethernet
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The laptop is embedded with 8 GB DDR SDRAM.

intel processor

It is equipped with a 2.5 GHz Intel Mobile CPU.

Battery Capacity

It supports Wireless Protocol-802.11ac and wired protocol-10/100 Ethernet.

Laptop Display

It is a mid-size laptop with a 15.6 HD touchscreen and Intel Core i5-7200U processor.

Laptop Configuration Support

Driver Download

Latest driver should be downloaded and installed on every laptop. Getting a right driver for the laptop is even more important than getting the driver for your laptop. The drivers allow the hardware of your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop to communicate with your OS software. To overcome issues, it’s really important to maintain an updated driver for your laptop. In case, your laptop is installed with an outdated or corrupt driver, it results in system errors and crashes. Also, it causes your hardware or computer to malfunction.

The issue may get even worse than its actual occurrence range if you install wrong drivers for your laptop. Here, you can get the best and compatible driver for your Samsung printer. Click the link and get the driver for your laptop. If you are facing any issues while downloading the driver, get the samsung notebook support from our technical experts.


Manual Support

The updated and recent version manual for your Samsung laptop is available here. Get the manual downloaded on your laptop and with its guidance begin to use your laptop easily. It includes the complete procedure on how to operate the laptop easily. Click the link to download the laptop manual. You can get the samsung notebook support for downloading the manual for your laptop. Our experts guide you on downloading the best manual for your laptop. The manual includes tips and instructions on handling your laptop in a better way.

Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop Top Issues

Black display

If the black screen appears when you turn on your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop, check if there is any virus on your device. You can also run the malware software if you don’t need the stored data. Power on your laptop and press the F8 key continuously until a menu appears. Choose Repair in the displayed menu. Continue to tap Ok and Next till you reach the option Recovery Management. Your laptop will be restored to factory defaults.

windows starting screen

Samsung Laptop Stuck on Starting Windows Screen

If your Samsung laptop stuck on starting windows screen, then try to start windows in safe mode and then restart windows normally. Try to do a system repair by using the windows CD. Also, try the system restore method. If the issue still exists, then try to check and fix hard drive errors. Also, check CMOS and CMOS battery. Try to resolve the issue by removing the video card driver. Try to scan your laptop for viruses in safe mode. Also, try to uninstall antivirus software and try to reinstall Windows OS. If you need guidance on quickly resolving the issue, get guidance from our technical experts.

Other Related Laptop Models

Hard drive failures

Laptop wont turn on

Wifi wont turn on

How to connect mobile

Due to many reasons the hard drive failures may occur in your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop. Sometimes due to firmware or manufacturer defaults the issue may arise with the hard drive. At times your system fails to boot or hangs or your system will not be able to recognize the hard disk in the middle of the booting process. Also, if the manufacturer fails to test the product before selling it, then this problem may arise with brand new hard disk. Sometimes you might face issues such as clicking noise is arising from the system hardware or fans moving too slow or not at all or the desktop gets overheated soon after turning on your device. These issues might be caused because of some fault in CPU fans or improper ventilation that may also result in the hard disk crash. The electronic failure or power surges can also cause the hard drive issues. The mechanical or internal failure can also cause these issues. The hard drive issue can also occur due to corrupted files.

You need to check few things if your Samsung laptop is not switching on. Initially, make sure that there is enough power in your laptop’s battery as if there isn’t enough charge in your battery, the laptop may automatically turn off. If this is the case, then you need to retry after replacing your battery. Check your charging lights or indicators to find out if your laptop is getting power and charge. Also, you should check the AC to DC converter and if it is abnormally hot, replace it. It will be dead and cold sometimes. If you find any any nicks or cuts on your power cord, it should be unplugged from the AC power and repaired with electrical tape. But then replacing it is more better. Many computers store carry power adapter cords that are cheap.The Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop lid switch needs to be checked, as sometimes you would have power but your screen might not get on if it is broken. This button is located close to the lid hinge which looks very small that is used to turn on or off your screen. In case, they are broken you should fix or replace them.

You can use the network troubleshooter to resolve the issue if you are facing any issue in turning on your Wi-Fi. With the help of Windows you can resolve the problem. You should run the Network troubleshooter to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. If the problem exists still, then make sure the physical Wi-Fi switch on your laptop is enabled and also confirm that your Wi-Fi is enabled. Ensure the airplane mode is not enabled in your PC. Have your router close to the PC. If you don’t find the network name, then the access point or router may not be set to broadcast the network name. You need to connect it manually if this is the case. The network will be added to your list of networks once your computer is in range of the network and then will automatically be available to connect. Also, try resolving the issue by resetting your modem or ISP. Check if your modem or ISP is creating the problem. Check your network adapter if the issue is still there. After using the network troubleshooter, run the networking commands.

There are two ways in which you can connect your mobile to your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop. The first way is using the mobile broadband service. This method is expensive and is used occasionally. The second way is creating a tethered connection. Using this method you can let the laptop to use the internet through your mobile. The tethering feature is enabled in most of the SmartPhones that are coming up now. This feature lets you to share your phone’s 3G data connection with your laptop. Your SmartPhone also works in the same way as a wireless router works on a home broadband connection. Before you start using the tethering feature, you should make sure that your mobile service provider enables tethering and also check if there is charge. Choose Settings and select Wireless & Networks if you are using an Android mobile. Click on Tethering & Portable Hotspot and select Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot. You can connect your laptop to the network marked AndroidAP though it is not a secure connection. Get guidance from our technical experts, if you are facing issue in connecting your mobile to your laptop and our experts will easily assist you through out the process.

Samsung Notebook Trackpad Issues

If there is an issue with your trackpad and if it is not working properly then, check if the touchpad is disabled. Also, check if the touchpad drivers and software are updated. If not, then update and reinstall them. Installing a right Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop driver is very important. First, make sure that your touchpad is turned on by pressing the Fn +F5 keys. Doing this will turn on the touchpad if it has been disabled. Repeating it, again and again, will turn the touchpad on or off.

Notebook Trackpad Issues

Samsung Notebook Camera Issue

Normally, your laptop’s camera is considered as a Plug and Play device, It means that there is no need for any drivers to operate the camera and the PC should recognize the device automatically. If the problem occurs with your camera, then it could be due to a software glitch or a problem with the hardware itself. Before determining that the problem is with your camera, always uninstall then reinstall the software using the camera or try a different program.

Samsung Notebook Monitor Color Issue

Sometimes it is very difficult to troubleshoot the Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop screens than the desktop screens. Compared to desktop screens, laptop screens are more subject to physical problems. You could be dealing with physical damage if your screen is distorted or displaying strange colors. First, you need to analyze if the issue is with distortion or strange colors on your laptop or if the problem exists in every mode on the computer. If the issue still exists with your Samsung laptop screen, then get guidance from our experts to get your issue resolved quickly.

Laptop Turns On But Does Not Boot

When you turn on your laptop, if it doesn’t boot then this issue is more commonly related to a Windows update. For suppose, your device begins a Windows update and while the update is happening it goes into sleep mode. Remove if there are any CD’s, DVD’s, or Flash Drives from the device. Force the laptop to shut down. Power on the laptop and press F2 to access the BIOS Setup Utility. Press F9 to Load default configuration now and tap Yes. Press F10 and exit now.

samsung np530e5m x02us boot

Samsung Laptop Factory Reset

  1. All the stored data gets erased when you perform a factory reset on your device. If the data stored in the device isn’t much important or if there isn’t much data then you can do the factory reset on your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop.
  2. Press and hold on Esc key to do a factory reset on your device. Switch on your Samsung laptop. Remember, until your laptop begins with restore system you shouldn’t release your hand from the Esc key. Find Samsung Recovery solution program and run it.
  3. Otherwise, go to menu window. The Samsung provides a system restore program called as Samsung Recovery Solution. Mainly used for Samsung password recovery, etc. Then to restore Samsung factory settings, press F11. There is another method to do a factory reset on your device.
  4. 4. Keep your laptop on and tap F4 or F7 at the same time. Automatically, the system restore program gets run by Samsung laptop. Without any password, you can access Samsung laptop when the program runs over and reboots Samsung laptop.

How to Share my Laptop Screen with Samsung TV

You can easily connect your laptop to your Samsung TV. All you need is a right cable or streaming hardware. Using them, you can connect your laptop to your TV. Get our experts guidance to share your laptop screen with your Samsung TV and in no time you will be watching from your laptop on your TV. If you need guidance on how to share your laptop screen with Samsung TV, get guidance from our tech experts.

Samsung Screen Mirroring Laptop

Mirroring your Samsung Np530e5m X02us Laptop to your Samsung screen is quite simple. There are many in which you can perform this both wired or wirelessly. The wired methods are more reliable and easy to use. Modern TVs and computers should support HDMI, and you can make use of it. You can get our experts guidance and easily mirror your laptop with your Samsung screen. If you need guidance on how to mirror your laptop with your Samsung screen, get easy support from our tech experts.

samsung np530e5m x02us mirror device