Samsung Sm T670nzkaxar Laptop Setup Support

Samsung Sm T670nzkaxar

About samsung sm t670nzkaxar laptop

Samsung T670 Galaxy is a tablet which offers an 18.4” inch display with a big screen experience within in your reach. Navigate to the movies or music by swiping the finger over the screen. With its powerful speakers, sharp and clear sounds are experienced. The tablet is light-in -wight so it is easily portable and additional equipment is not necessary. Experience the immerse touchscreen to control the shows or movies by tapping and swiping.

  • Multi-user mode
  • Octa-core 1.6GHz
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Memory card slot is available

Tech – Specifications


2GB RAM is supported. Insert a memory card into its slot and extend up to 128 GB.


Octa-core 1.6GHZ processor that offers faster and enjoyable experience on a tablet.


Li-ion battery with 5700 mAh . Use this battery up to 8 hours. It is a rechargeable one.

Display icon

18.4 “ inch display screen offers a big screen similar to that of a laptop with crystal clear picture.

Configuration Support

Driver Download

For a tablet or phone, drivers are inbuilt in it. You receive notifications when there are any updates in the drivers or firmware. To do the updating, follow the instructions. Turn on the tablet. Move to the Settings available in the tablet. On the Settings menu, scroll down to the About Device option. On that, you can view the Software Updates icon on it. Tap the Auto-Update and show notifications. This is done to do the update process automatically and to notify the available updates. Prior to starting the updating process, ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on. If it is in off state, the update cannot be done.

In case the Wi-Fi connection stops in the middle of the process, the update is not completed. You need to start the process again. Click the Update icon. When you click it, it displays the size of the file and amount of space required. In case space is less, you need to delete certain files and temp files in the tablet and then start the update process. After update process, rebooting is done automatically. You can use the latest features after the process.


Manual Support

The User manual is available as a hard copy in the shipment box. Use the guide for the setup process and for the connection process. It acts as a helping hand for all the users. Most users are not clear on how to use the device. It provides detail information regarding the tablet. You have lost the hard copy , no worries our website contains the soft copy of it. Search the manual download option on our website to get it. After downloading, move to the gallery to open the Downloads folder. You can refer to the manual in future. If you are unable to download, consult our technical team to solve the issue.

samsung sm t670nzkaxar laptop Top issues

hard reset in galaxy book

soft reset galaxy book

A soft reset is done to solve the rebooting/resetting intermittently, keypad not responding , the device locks up when you type the wrong PIN number. It is similar to that of restarting the desktop computer in case of any issue. This does not affect data stored in the device. In case the battery level is low, data loss may happen. Press and hold the power button for a second. Touch the Restart option and Click OK. In case the device is not responding, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

hard reset galaxy book

The hard reset should be done in certain circumstances. The circumstances are slow running of the device or not responding to your touch. The hard reset process is different from rebooting a device. It resets the device to the default settings and wipes all your data stored in it. Ensure that to back up all your data stored in the device. Do the hard reset from the settings menu or recovery menu. Moving to the first option? To start it, move to the Settings-> Backup-> Reset. Choose Factory Reset-> confirm device reset. In case you opt for the second option, power off the system. Press the Power and volume button at a time to move to the Recovery menu. Delete all data by selecting Yes. Now reboot the device.

Other related laptop models

samsung galaxy book keyboard not working

When you are connecting the tablet to an external keyboard, it operates . In certain cases, it stops working abruptly. Here are tips to solve the issue. Ensure that you reboot the phone. Issues may occur when the tablet is operating for a longer time period. If you are not able to reboot the tablet normally, do a soft reset by pressing the Power button and volume Button simultaneously for at least 12 seconds. You can also select the Home key if necessary. After rebooting, key in the PIN. Now, charge the phone for around 30 minutes. After seeing the Samsung logo, release the keys for about 30 to 60 seconds. Clear the cache memory and then do the factory reset.

Samsung Galaxy Book Won’t Turn On

samsung galaxy book won’t turn on

Examine whether the battery is fully charged. If not, charge it until the charged notification display. After charging, turn on the notebook. If the issue persists, here are solutions to solve it. Examine whether the charger is functioning properly and any physical damage to the device. Look for the charging port. Check whether there is any water damage or corrosion. In case the device won’t power on, press and hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds. Try to use the charging cable that came in the shipment box. In case the issue is with the charging port or cable, it is required to replace it with a new one. Prior to purchasing it, verify whether it is proper working condition.

galaxy book not connecting to wifi

When you are Tablet is not connecting to the Wi-Fi , verify whether all apps in it is up to date. If it is not installed, move to the Play Store to update all installed apps. Afterward, navigate to the Settings-> Software Update. If there are any available updates for your Android system, it is necessary to update them. Updated software and apps can result in fixing the bugs in the tablet. Now reboot it to safe mode. Block all the third party apps installed in it. If the Wi-Fi works after blocking, uninstall the apps . In case the issue is not with the apps, unblock all of them. Make an attempt to connect to a different Wi-Fi network . In case the issue persists, call our technical support team.

samsung galaxy book recovery

Use Samsung Galaxy Book recovery to restore to the factory default settings. It deletes all personal information from the device. Make certain you create a back up prior to performing a factory reset. Move to the Start-> Samsung-> Samsung Recovery. On the Samsung Recovery tab, factory Image and then choose Recover. Press Recover again. Click OK and make use of the on-screen instructions.

samsung galaxy book recovery

factory reset samsung book

  1. A factory resetting may help to solve the unresponsive screen, touchscreen problems, noises from the devices, audio issues. While doing the process, it deletes the necessary information from the device. So perform a back up before doing it. Try to store all the data in an external storage device.
  2. The data removed are Google account details, system and app data, app settings, downloaded apps, media. In case any third party apps are installed, deactivate the Automatic Restore option. After that, turn off the device by pressing the power button. Press the Volume up button and Power button at a time.
  3. Release the buttons when you view a Samsung logo on the screen. Make use of the Volume Up button to choose small android with an arrow icon. Make use of the Volume Down button to choose Recover Console icon. After a while, press the power button. On the Recovery Console screen, choose Wipe Data Reset.
  4. After that, press the Power button. Once the Wipe Data is completed, choose Reboot System Now . Now the system starts to reboot. After that, start the initial setup process for the tablet. It takes a little longer time to complete the process. Wait for a while for the device to become active.

Display screen is frozen

Unresponsive display screen occurs when the apps are not compatible with the new system. This happens after the firmware update. This unresponsive screen can be the reason for the system crashing. Do a forced reboot procedure is a very simple and easy that solves the issue. After the rebooting process, start the phone in safe mode. Deactivate the third-party apps for a while to verify whether the issue is with them. You need to delete all cache data in the tablet.

On the Home screen, touch Apps. Search for the Settings. Click the Settings icon. Under the Settings menu, click the Applications option. Select the Application Manager . On the top of the screen ,select All. Find out the apps that create the issue. Tap Clear Cache to remove all the cached files. Tap Clear data and then click OK to remove downloaded data, log in information ,settings. Try to uninstall the third apps from your tablet to clear the issue.

Samsung Display Screen Is Frozen