Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup and Configuration Guide

Chromebook Xe510c24 K01us Configure

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Specs

The Samsung XE510C24 k01US Setup laptop gives an amazing performance with high quality and speed. It is designed with various security features that safeguard your device from threats. It is designed thin and light making it comfortable for the users to use it. This laptop is more reliable. This laptop is user-friendly and easy to carry. The resolution of the laptop is high and convincing when compared with other laptops. Moreover, its design is eye-catching and since it is portable, you can carry it where ever you need without any trouble.

  • Intel Core m3-6Y30
  • Google Chrome OS
  • Networking 802.11
  • 39 Wh

Tech – Specifications

RAM Capacity

It is designed with 4GB LPDDR3.

intel processor

It is embedded with the Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor.

laptop battery

It supports Networking 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.0. connectivity.

best laptop display

The Samsung XE510C24k01US laptop is designed with 12.3 inch 4:3.

Configuration Support

Driver Download

A laptop generally requires a driver so that it can perform the tasks that you need in a more efficient manner. The driver is a tiny programs that are installed on the laptop to enable the communication between the hardware of your device and the operating system software. Maintain your device with an updated software so that you can prevent crashes and increase your laptop’s hardware performance. In case your laptop is installed with a corrupt and outdated driver, various issues may arise on your laptop such as failure of hardware, errors on the device, or crashes. Be careful while you install the driver for Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup.

The issue might get severe than its expected level if the wrong driver is installed on your laptop. More than getting a driver for your laptop, it’s quite important to get an updated and compatible driver for your device. You can download and install the driver for your device from this website. The driver download link is there on this page, tap on it and get the updated driver for your device. While installing, follow the on-screen prompts and complete the installation.


Manual Download

The laptop’s manual is more important that it provides complete instructions about your device. The instructions in the manual guides you on setting it up, handling it efficiently, and moreover it also provides solutions to troubleshoot the issues that occur on the device. The manual for your Samsung laptop is there on this website, tap on the displayed link and get the user guide downloaded on your device. After downloading the user manual from this website, use it to operate your laptop easily. Even if you face any issues with your laptop, you can make use of the solutions that are described in it to resolve the problems on your device. It holds simple solutions and instructions for your device.

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Laptop Top Issues

Samsung fix black screen

Black display

If you are facing issue with your laptop and a black screen appears while turning it on, then check if there is any virus on your laptop. The issue might even occur if there is a virus on your laptop. If the stored data on your device is not required then resolve the issue by running the malware software. Power on your Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup Laptop. The F8 key should be continuously pressed. The screen displays a menu. On the menu, tap on Repair. Until the Recovery Management option is found, continue to click on the Ok button and the Next option. Once done with this, your device gets restored to factory defaults. Check if the issue on your laptop is resolved after restoring it to factory defaults.

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Screen Flickering

If the Samsung xe510c24 k01us laptop screen flickers when you operate it, then doing a hard reset for it might resolve the flickering issue. Doing a hard reset for your device will restart your Samsung xe510c24 k01us hardware. The files in the downloads folder might get delete. Since the hardware is reset, the flickering issue might get resolved. To perform a hard reset, power off your laptop and tap on Refresh + Power button. Check if the flickering issue is resolved after performing hard reset on your laptop. Try to restore your laptop if the problem still exists. The Chrome OS will get restored after doing this. Doing this will troubleshoot the problem on your laptop if the issue is related to the software conflict.

Chromebook login loop

Internet Connection Problems

How to Factory Reset

Chromebook Recovery

On your Samsung xe510c24 k01us setup laptop, sometimes you might face the login loop issue when you attempt to login to your laptop. In the new laptop, if you are logging in for the first time or after updating the Chrome OS if you are logging in, then you might face this issue with your laptop. You can try the solutions that are given below if your laptop encounters with a login loop issue. Try to restore to default settings by performing a power wash for your laptop. After doing power wash check if the issue is resolved on your device. For performing a power wash, click on Settings, then click on Show advanced settings and finally choose the Powerwash option. The stored files on the laptop will be completely removed once the power wash is done on your laptop. But the files which are present in the Google drive won’t be removed. Use the guest login method to resolve the issue. Initially, switch on your Samsung laptop and then enter your laptop using the guest login method without inputting any of the credentials on your device. On your device, when the browser displays, type chrome:help in the URL field. Tap on the About Chrome OS once you finished typing it. After that, tap on the check for updates. Tap on the Apply updates once you have checked the updates. Your device should be restarted after doing this. Check whether the issue with your laptop is resolved once completing the above steps.

If you are trying to connect your Samsung xe510c24 k01us setup laptop to your internet connection but you are unable to do it, then check if the Wi-Fi on your device is turned on. Before attempting to connect your device to the internet connection check if you are using the compatible Wi-Fi network. In order to check whether the Wi-Fi is turned on, turn on your laptop. Then click on the account photo. Choose the No Network. If it displays connected and shows your network name, then your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Tap on the switch to enable the Wi-Fi if it is not turned on yet. Check whether the network you are trying to connect is compatible with your laptop. Open networks that do not require any password are the networks that easily connect with the Chromebooks. Secure networks that use a password also easily connect to this laptop. The Dynamic WEP, WPA-PSK, WEP, WPA-Enterprise, WPA-PSK, or WPA2-Enterprise settings are supported by it. Using the WPA2 is better than using the WEP or WPA. If the network you are trying to connect is not compatible with your Chromebook laptop, various internet issues might result with your laptop. For using the network, your administrator needs to know your MAC or IP address. If you have not given, then you should give it to the administrator. To get the Mac or IP address, log in to your Chromebook, choose your account photo, choose the Wi-Fi network, choose Information. The Mac and IP address are available there.

When you do a factory reset on your laptop, it begins to work like a new one again. Whatever files are there in the Downloads folder gets erases along with the information on your Chromebook’s hard drive after doing a factory reset. Before you attempt to do a factory reset for your device, the files on the Google Drive or an external hard drive should be backed up. This is because, when you do a factory reset, the files won’t get erased on the Google Drive or external storage device. The shortcut keys can also be used in doing a factory reset on your laptop. Initially, log off from your Chromebook, and tap and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r. Tap on the Restart button. A box appears and in that tap on the Reset option and then login to your Google Account. Continue with the instructions that display on the screen. After your Chromebook has been reset, it should be set up again. Using the settings menu, you can do the factory reset on your Samsung laptop. Login to your Chromebook laptop and choose the account photo of your’s and tap on the Settings option. At the bottom, select the Advanced option. In the Powerwash section, choose the Powerwash option. A box will appear and in that choose the Restart button. Then login to your Google Account. Follow the on-screen prompts and once your laptop is reset, set up your laptop again.

You need to do a recovery on your Samsung xe510c24 k01us Setup laptop if it is not properly working. When you do the recovery for your device, the OS gets uninstalled and then reinstalled on your device. If there is any problem with your laptop, then doing a recovery might resolve the issue. Performing the recovery method on your device clears various problems that arise on it. Back up all the necessary files that you require before you do a recovery on your laptop. Once all the files are backed up, using your fingers hold the escape key, refresh button, and the power button. Your screen immediately shows that you are there in recovery mode. Install the Chromebook Recovery Utility when the screen appears. After the OS is downloaded, place it on a fresh and wiped out USB or SD card. Load it in the Chromebook. Until the Chromebook boots up from the flash drive or card, you should wait and then follow the on-screen instructions that pop up on your device. Once the Chrome OS gets installed successfully on your device, it prompts you to take off the USB flash drive or SD card. Once this recovery process gets complete, your laptop restarts and reboots automatically. After the recovery method is done on your laptop, check if the problem that you were facing on your laptop is resolved.

How to Adjust Brightness on Samsung Chromebook ?

If this is the first time you are using this Samsung Xe510c24 K01us laptop, then you will find the Accessibility button on the welcome screen, tap on it. Immediately, your account picture displays. Here you should click on Status area. In the bottom of the page, there is a Show advanced settings option, so tap on it. In the Accessibility section, make the cursor little bigger for better visibility. The high contrast mode needs to be enabled. Press Ctrl + Alt + Z and enable spoken feedback and also enable the stickey keys. If you want to make your screen look bigger, press Ctrl + Alt + Brightness up or Brightness down. Enable the on-screen keyboard. Once the accessibility features are enabled, adjust them in the keyboard. Press the left brightness control key to reduce brightness.

how to adjust brightness on samsung chromebook

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Wont Turn ON

Various issues may arise on your laptop if there is any physical damage to it. Make sure there are no scratches or dents on your Samsung Chromebook laptop. Check if there are any traces of water or moisture on your device. If you are still facing the issue on the laptop or if it still in the unresponsive condition, charge your device. Even the drained battery can cause the issue to arise. When your laptop is getting charge, the LED indicator lights up. Close the Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup laptop and open it after few minutes. If the issue on your laptop persists, close the laptop and charge it for another 10 minutes. After charging, open the laptop, and if it does not power up, press and hold the Power key for atl east 8 seconds.

Samsung Chromebook Hard Drive Replacement

If your Samsung Chromebook does not contain the HDD panel, then replacing the HDD is better. If you want to replace the hard drive, switch off your laptop and unplug the power cord from it. Remove the battery from your device if it is removable. If it is an unremovable battery, then look at the bottom of your laptop. You will find a reset button, press it. Flip your laptop in such a way that the laptop’s bottom should face up. On the HDD compartment, there is a screw, it should be removed. Take out the compartment lid after lifting it. The two screws that are holding the HDD in place should be removed. Place the new hard drive in the compartment. Change the screws and then press and screw the compartment lid.

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How to Delete Apps from Samsung xe510c24 k01us ?

If a particular app on your laptop is no longer needed, then you can simply delete it from your device. For uninstalling the apps, see the bottom of your screen. You will find a launcher. Select the apps list, and immediately the apps will be shown on the screen. Look for your app in the shown list. Once you have found it, right-click the icon of the app that you don’t need anymore. A list of options display. Choose the Remove from Chrome option and the app that you want to erase gets deleted from your Chromebook laptop. The same above process can be repeated to get rid of the apps that you don’t require on your device. Similar to the apps, you can also remove the extensions on your Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup laptop.

How to Print from Samsung Google Chromebook ?

If you want to print from a Samsung Chromebook, launch Google Chrome on your laptop. Choose the Menu button and select Settings. In the search field, enter cloud print and tap on the Manage Cloud Print devices option. Google Account gets connected to the Google Print service. Tap Manage Your Printers and tap on Printers from the menu. Once it is set up, you can print using it. To print, tap on the menu icon in the Chrome Web browser. Select Print and tap Change. Pick the destination printer and change the settings. On the left side, a list of options appears. Select Print and the item that you need gets print.

How to Update Samsung Chromebook ?

Your Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup laptop automatically checks for new updates and downloads it. Keep your laptop powered on with an internet connection in order to get the updates. When your device downloads a software update, near your account photo, look for the update icon. For finishing the update, click on Update and then select the Restart to Update option. The laptop restarts. Power on your laptop and enable the Wi-Fi on it to check the available updates. Click on your Account photo and click on Settings. Select Menu and click on About Chrome OS. Select Check for Updates under Google Chrome OS. After your Chromebook finds it, automatically the software update will begin to download.

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Update

Antivirus Para Samsung Chromebook

Antivirus Para Samsung

Your Samsung Chromebook laptop doesn’t require any antivirus to be installed on it as it does not let any viruses to occur. The Chrome OS that is installed on your laptop is designed securely to provide protection for your device from exploitation. The Chrome OS is embedded with an important security feature known as process isolation. Since this feature is embedded in your laptop, no information can be accessed by the hackers on your laptop. Because the Chrome OS does not allow viruses, malware or ransomware to get download or run, it won’t be affected by them. Even the presence of ransomware on your laptop won’t create much damage. Have to create a strong password and use it on every site. Do not open spam emails and links.

How to Install Linux on Samsung Chromebook ?

  1. Enable the developer mode in order to install the Linux on Samsung Chromebook. Your local data gets deleted after doing this. The things which you didn’t store in the cloud should be backed up. The developer mode can be enabled by pressing and holding the Esc and Refresh keys combinedly. Hold the two keys together and press the Power button. Your Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup laptop gets reboot into recovery mode.
  2. If the Recovery Mode appears, tap on Ctrl+D. It will instruct you whether to enable the Developer Mode. Tap on Enter to proceed. A new screen appears and reboots. Then enabling the developer mode process gets complete. Once completed, it indicates with the red exclamation point on the screen. Leave it until it reboots into Chrome OS.
  3. You can install Crouton after you enable the developer mode. Download Crouton and then save it to your Downloads folder in order to install Crouton. Tap on Ctrl+Alt+T. Then type Shell and run sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce. Crouton gets install on your Samsung Xe510c24 K01us laptop. If instructed, type username and password. Run sudo startxfce4 after you have completed.
  4. Optimize your Linux desktop for your Chromebook once you have installed the Crouton. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward, so that you can switch between your Chrome OS and Linux. To open the desktop, press Ctrl+Alt+Refresh. To exit the Linux desktop, just as you do on a normal PC, you can simply log out of it.

Samsung xe510c24 k01us Firewall

  •   The built-in firewall comes with the Chrome OS on your laptop. From all the external threats, this firewall protects your laptop. With this built-in firewall, for the entire network, your laptop can perform as a primary line of defense.
  •   The basic settings of the firewall can be configured by logging on to your Chromebook. After you log on, tap on the Menu from the desktop screen. From the set of displayed options, tap on the Administration menu.
  •   In the submenu, search for and click on Firewall. Type the password if instructed. If the Firewall Configuration-Startup window pops up, tap on the Enable Firewall Automatic starting radio button.
  •   Do the corresponding alterations in their respective options. In the Firewall Configuration – Summary window, tap on Next and tap on Finish. The configuration is done for Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup.

Samsung Chromebook Firmware Update

  •   When you update the Chrome OS, it not alone troubleshoots the issues, but also maintains your laptop more secure and includes features in your device. When your laptop is turned on, the available updates are automatically checked and updated.
  •   If there are any new updates, then you will be prompted about it immediately by your laptop. Moreover, when an update is ready for install, it will be indicated with an up arrow in the system status area.
  •   If the update needs to be installed on your device, click on Up arrow and click on Restart. In case you want to check for any updates manually, tap on the status area in the lower-right corner and proceed to the next step.
  •   Tap on Settings. A page gets open. In that page on its top, tap on About Chrome OS and in the About window. Choose the Check for and click on Updates button. The Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup OS gets update.

Samsung Chromebook Virus Protection

If you find any malicious extension on your Samsung Chromebook, in the Chromebook settings disable the extension syncing. Then reset your laptop and check if the issue is resolved on it. Select the Settings option and then navigate to People. Select the Advanced Sync settings button. In the drop-down menu, select Choose what to Sync option. The extensions should be unchecked and then click Ok. Once you find the Show Advanced settings option, choose it. After you find the Reset settings option, tap on Reset, and now the extensions got disabled.

samsung chromebook virus protection

Samsung Chromebook Password Reset

The Samsung Xe510c24 K01us Setup login password can be reset. In order to reset, open the Google webpage. The sign in option is there on the upper right corner of the screen. Select that Sign in option. Select the Add account option. You will find an email box, type your Google account in it. Choose the Need help button. A list of options appears on the webpage. Out of all the listed options, tap on the I don’t know my password option. Sign in to the Google account and enter the last password that you gave if you remember it. In case you don’t remember it, then click on the I don’t know button. Immediately, you will receive a verification code. Input the verification code in the corresponding field and reset your password.