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Fix: Strange Or Garbled Image On The Screen

Any strange or garbled image on the screen might be caused by various reasons. Please follow the steps given below to decide if you can fix the problem or find out whether you have a bad monitor.

An Issue with your Windows OS:

First, restart your system. In case the display on your monitor is okay until your computer starts to load Windows, it means that there is a video resolution or driver problem.

  1. Confirm that the video drivers are up to date.
  2. Ensure that the video resolution has not been set to a very high value for your graphics card.

Any defective or loose cables:

If your video cable is defective or loose, you will see strange or garbled images on your computer screen.

  1. Whether it is a DVI, HDMI, or VGA cable, disconnect the cable that starts from your computer’s back.
  2. Confirm that none of the pins is bent or broken.
  3. When you have made sure that no pin is broken, you can connect the video cable again.

Interference issues:

Any electromagnetic interference (EMI) might also cause garbled images on your screen. To resolve this issue, ensure that no magnetic devices such as fans or speakers are placed close to the monitor.

Strange Or Garbled Image On The Screen

Bad Monitor:

If you have followed all the tips given above, but the problem persists, then you might be having a defective monitor.

  1. To confirm that the root cause of the issue is your monitor, try connecting it to another computer.
  2. In case there are strange or garbled images on the monitor this time also, then it means you have a bad monitor issue.
  3. But if you find that the monitor looks fine on this computer, then there might be some issue with the video card on your computer.

We have now seen the various reasons for strange or garbled image on the screen. We have also discussed some troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue.